1. justme says

    I can’t tell you how much I hate the word “mistruths”. I have only EVER come across it when an LGBT source is reporting a lie told about the LGBT community. I have NEVER read this word ANYWHERE else in any other context.

    Please, please, please don’t write like you’re a Victorian grandmother and please, please, please call a lie a lie.

  2. Joseph L. says

    Interesting.. when you call Jerry Brown’s office you get a phone tree specifically mentioning SB48, and you dial a number if you’re for or against it. There’s no live person, no taking of information, that’s it! Easy enough to do :)

  3. Russell says

    Wow. It was worth cringing through the bigot-of-the-moment to hear Leno deal with him. Leno didn’t try to rip him to shreds. He just guided the discussion back to a sane space and calmly explained. Same with the mother who called in. Leno was perfect. He was senatorial. Boy, we need more like him everywhere in government whether LGBT or S. Wow.

  4. CJ says

    This post claims that “Senator Mark Leno, the bill’s sponsor, takes apart Thomasson’s arguments.” Really? Are we talking about the same YouTube video? Leno did nothing to refute the garbage that Thomasson spouts to justify his opinion. Rather than explain the fallacies and misstatements in Thomasson’s position, Leno focused on the virtues of the legislation. Maybe Leno eventually “took apart” the arguments, but it sure was not presented in the clip.

  5. Brian says

    Please DO take your kids out of school! It’s bad enough that these grown up right wing fools are spreading their lies and distortions in the public arena…we do not need their equally misinformed kids bullying our kids in public schools! Where do you think these entitled teen bullies are learning their rhetoric from?

    Here’s an idea: just have your kid’s’ SisterMom home school them. That’s the only way to insure that you can brainwash them completely before they get out in the real world.

  6. Abel says

    It’s hopeless. Brown won’t sign. California will remarginalize gays, Prop 8 will be upheld and NOM will crow. Hate Rules. Hate Triumphs. It always has. It always does. The parent who called in is just a typical abusive parent.

  7. MKE says

    What that mother who called in at the end really said: I don’t want my kids learning about tolerance because if they grow up to accept gay and lesbians they might remember all the bigotry I showed them during their childhood and think less of me… Yup that was it.

  8. says

    That, “I’m gonna take my kids outta public school” nonsense is nothing more than a friggin’ bigot who wants to teach her kids to hate. Good – get your little monsters out of public school so that other “normal” kids will be safe.

  9. says

    My belief is you need to fight fire with fire. Leno should have torn Thomasson a new arse, instead of playing the politically correct politician. He should have called him a liar and went after each of his arguments, in turn explaining the bill. The same with religious bigots. They use the Bible as a weapon against gays, we, just like MLK did, need to use the Bible back at them (trust me, you can find something in the Bible to use against the wingnuts, especially the women bigots, adulterers, haters, etc…quotes everywhere). FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE, or we can continue to backpedal, be nice, reserved, and lose.

  10. petrof says

    I have mixed emotions about this bill. Should book publishers be forced to include certain things? This sounds too much like the crazy rightwingers’ demands every year.

  11. Urmensch says

    These homophobes have their own version of the ‘Gish Gallop’ that the creationists use, which is to bombard with lies, half-truths and bogus ideas, all the time knowing that it takes too much time to properly address and refute each point.
    They talk of studies but you never know if they are peer reviewed and hold up to scrutiny or are just cherry-picked and biased.
    It is very frustrating.

  12. Russell says

    Leno knows the only way to counter the Gish Gallop, as this clip demonstrates. He and Dan Savage should give seminars to government officials.

  13. wimsy says

    The sole reason for opposition to this bill is bigotry. If the bill called for recognizing Italians (Christopher Columbus) or Native Americans (Jeronimo et al), or backs (MLK) or women (Emilia Earhardt, etc), there’d be no issue. The effort here is to keep gays marginalized because homophobes don’t like us because we’re not like them and don’t confirm their world view. Sally kern wants us back in the closet; Thomasson wants us to shut up.

  14. wtf says

    Actually I thought Leno was excellent; I especially appreciated his handiwork at redirecting the conversation back into sanity in regards to the private sexual lives of American politicians. That bit of finesse was lovely, and should be memorized by anyone who ever needs to argue about these types of issues. He hit the nail on the head: it’s all sex, all the time with these people. But of course, they’re the ones constantly screaming “YOU PEOPLE ARE OBSESSED WITH SEX” lol.

  15. truthisliberty says

    Sexual rebellion will never be eternally rewarded. Mr. Leno is a leader of error. The blind follow the blind into a ditch. Living in sin is the choice of the wicked, to force others to except such evil, is indeed the work of Satan. Laws are being passed to justify rebellion by deceivers. What the godless call progression, God’s word calls transgressions. There is no tolerance for Jesus by those who walk on the broad road of sinful pleasure. Jesus who said a man will leave his father and mother for his wife. To honor people for their sin is a shame to any nation. Homosexuality isn’t about love, its about lust. Pride comes before destruction, as God who is hated by the pride filled. Listen to yourselves to how you scoff rebuke. May God bring you to repentance in Jesus name…as no homosexual shall enter the kingdom of God.

  16. truthisliberty says

    Proverbs 11:2

    Pride leads to disgrace,

    but with humility comes wisdom.

    Who are you to sanctify rebellion? Are you beyond judgement? Homosexuals are sinners who desire to be put on a pedestal In God’s eyes its the same thing as honoring hitler.
    Romans 1:24

    So God abandoned them to do whatever shameful things their hearts desired. As a result, they did vile and degrading things with each other’s bodies.

    All’s genuine Christians were doing is warning you from your wicked way’s.
    To ridicule, mock the truth shall only bring damnation on yourselves. The schemes used by Leno to seduce and corrupt the young are futile.

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