1. BA says

    Life is hard for Madonna, being the world’s top selling female recording artist. Ever. A feat she accomplished mostly during a time where people had to actually leave their homes to buy music.

    I did appreciate the Gaga mockery though.

  2. james says

    @BA I totally agree. Also why is that we keep trying to rename new female artists “The new Queen of pop”? I mean we don’t do that to Michael Jackson (alive or dead), he is still the King of pop to basically everyone.

  3. Mack says

    I totally agree, there’s never room for new artists to climb the musical landscape or any other landscape for that matter. I mean, who was that Shakespeare guy trying to replace hieroglyphics! Johnathan Frazen, might as well sell hot dogs on the street corner. And why oh why did anyone ever paint after? And once Erwin Panofsky switched from tempera to oil paints, why in the heck did anyone dare to reach for a brush? Oh, and he painted images of people, so that Michelangelo guy was totally ripping him off! Pollack, Warhol? Puleaze!!! Meryl, why did you bother if Bette came before you? Ella and Diana needn’t ever have had a career, you know, and the same thing goes for Joplin and Aretha! No, we’ve had Madonna, and all that came before her and all that may come after deserve no radio air play. We should freeze dried her 15 years ago and just toured her around with her soundtrack playing behind her.

    Artists have their time, music changes (hey, I’ve never cared much for rap, but to an entire generation it was musical art, and I’d not deny them that), and room must be made for new artists to inspire new generations.

  4. sugarrhill says

    BA, I love Madonna and all, but she is not nor has she ever been the top selling female artist, Ever. That title clearly belongs to Mariah Carey.

  5. CARIBTONY says

    Madonna may be the top SELLING female artiste of all time BUT she can NEVER be ranked as one of the top voices of all time (Mariah), nor can she claim to be the most awarded female artiste (Whitney).

    Kinda like Walmart – they are the top earning company in the world but is not known for quality either.

    Madonna should be recognized for her past accomplishments, the way she reinvented herself in the 80s and 90s to remain relevant, and for her impact on culture in the last centurey, but as of late she has shown her nasty side since the Evita snub by the Oscar Committee.

    I used to love Madonna but she has shown recently that she used the GLBT community to get to where she wanted and then ditched them once she got it. She’s about as relevant now as Donna Summer or The Village People.

    Troubling part is I think Lady Gaga is heading down the same path too….

  6. Eddie says

    Well, only two years ago (730 days) Madonna wrapped up the top grossing tour ever by a solo performer. I mean… define ‘relevant’.
    And btw, Diana Ross never won an Academy Award.

  7. SKOC211 says


    “Evita snub by the Oscar Committee”

    Was that really considered a snub? She was absolutely terrible in Evita. I can’t imagine it being considered a snub, despite her inexplicable Golden Globe win.

  8. says

    Gaga didn’t steal Madonna’s career, father time did. And that’s assuming Madonna’s career has been “stolen,” given how much $$$$$$ she pulls in when she goes out to tour.

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