News: Montana Oil, Gay ‘Calamity,’ The Hulk, Chechnya

Skarsgard  road U.S. Embassy in Pakistan celebrates gay pride.

 road VIDEO: NYPD explodes 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks.

 road Alexander Skarsgard offers his spoiler-heavy thoughts on True Blood character Eric's storyline: “It’s a completely different side of Eric. He doesn’t know who he is so all that baggage is gone — 1,000 years of resentment and bitterness, the whole loathing humanity kind of stuff is gone. But there has to be an element of danger there still. I didn’t want him to become too much of a little puppy…. I don’t think it would be fun to watch him for very long if he was completely emasculated.”

 road In other True Blood news, Ryan Kwanten discusses his form fitting cop uniform: “It’s even tighter off-screen. There was a good amount of laughing when I tried it on…"

 road Ick. While preaching against gay pride, Evangelical preacher John Piper called same-sex love "a calamity" that will yield death and disaster: "My sense is that we do not realize what a calamity is happening around us" he said. "Christians, more clearly than others, can see the tidal wave of pain that is on the way. Sin carries in it its own misery."

 road Karl Lagerfeld attends Prince Albert and  Charlene's wedding in Monaco, and makes it work.

 road Elsewhere in the world of royals, Kate and Will were protested in Canada, but it didn't ruin their appetite.

 road Will the Incredible Hulk survive Marvel's Fear Itself crossover?

 road Chechen journalist Marat Batalov claims there are no gays in Chechnya, "The country does not have such completely amoral phenomena as drug addiction, pedophilia, homosexuality and prostitution, which are all alien to Chechens." How very Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of him.

 road Indian companies are zeroing on the nation's increasingly visible and lucrative gay market.

TheIncredibleHulk  road Presidential candidate Fred Karger discusses President Obama's marriage stance in The Guardian: "I am puzzled that a man who is the product of a biracial marriage, whose own parents could not have married in 16 states before 1967, seems unable to understand the extreme pain that bigotry causes… I have never heard of anyone switching sides from pro-gay marriage, as the president used to be, to anti-gay marriage."

 road Bermudians have found their place at London's pride.

 road Rugby player and straight ally Ben Cohen praised New York's gay marriage law: "It’s nice to be in love with someone, and of course you want to have that extra bond of being married and not perceived to be different. [The idea that] because you’re gay you can’t experience being married is wrong."

 road Next time a snake bites you, use face cream.

 road Well, this is familiar: crews at Yellowstone in Montana are cleaning up an estimated 1,000 barrels of oil that spilled from a broken pipeline owned by Exxon. Happy Fourth!


  1. JOE 2 says

    In addition to spoiling the Yellowstone River, and causing the sickening Exxon Valdez catastrophe, Exxon is such an LGBT-unfriendly employer that the HRC’s 2011 Corporate Equality Buying Guide gives it a score of zero. Out of a possible 100. Oil companies that scored 100 are Arco, BP (ugh), Caltex, Castrol, Chevron, Shell, and Texaco. Other zeroes are Esso and Mobil. If you are dependent on a car for transportation and, like me, you can’t afford a Nissan Leaf, you might as well buy gas from the LGBT-friendly Corporations of Satan excuse me I meant to say oil companies.

    PS not to be a buzzkill, but does anyone else find it ironic that tomorrow we’re allegedly celebrating our independence from control by the British, while in reality we are now completely controlled by corporations? >sigh< Oh, well, excuse me while I get a buzz on and fire up the grill all the same. Happy 4th!

  2. Billy Wingarten says

    Just another christian minister who has discovered that the path to riches by taking the fools money is to demonize another minority group.

    Christianity is best described by the old fable…………..

    Oh whaT A tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive.

  3. peterparker says

    @ANDREW BELONSKY: Please stop referring to marriage equality as”gay marriage” or “same sex marriage”. Those are terms invented by the anti-marriage equality forces to make marriage between same sex partners seem threatening. Words matter. And in the public discourse over this issue it is important that our side stick to our message of equality just as well as NOM and their ilk have relentlessly portrayed our relationships as strange, unequal, and scary. Marriage Equality. Marriage Equality. Marriage Equality.

  4. yadda yadda says

    @andrew belonsky: also note that when you post a picture in the news series, the usual format dictates that you use the first heading beside the picture to refer to the picture itself. its unnerving to be a creature of habit but most of us are and these are little things that towleroad readers are used to.

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