News: Survival, Mike Huckabee, Westboro, Gay Television

RussellDavies  road Rudolf Brazda, possibly the last gay Holocaust survivor, just published a new book outlining his ordeal. "People need to know that we homosexuals were persecuted by people who themselves were also gay," said the 98-year old.

 road Homophobic conservative Mike Huckabee isn't running for president, but he still plays a formidable role.

 road Russell T. Davies, creator of Queer as Folk, Torchwood and the Doctor Who remake, is working on a new Showtime series about gay men. It is called Cucumber, which sounds promising.

 road Here's a reason to relocate to Cambridge, Massachusetts: the city council approved a stipend for married LGBT public workers who pay federal taxes that heterosexuals don't have to pay.

 road Glee actor Darren Criss jumps for joy. And why shouldn't he?

 road Eagle co-owner Robert Kelley reacts to the APD dismissal of six officers over the 2009 raid on his bar: “I feel like I've been punished for doing absolutely nothing wrong while these people are getting a little letter stuck in their file saying everything is OK."

 road Westboro Baptist Church continues protesting at soldiers' funerals.

 road A species of stick insect is facing extinction after 1.5 million years of asexuality. Coincidence?

WillKateHollywood  road About 1,618 couples have filed for civil unions since Illinois' new law went into effect last month.

 road The leftist International League of People's Struggle reiterated its support for LGBT rights. Homophobic Representative Steve King will love that.

 road Ordination of clergy in same-sex relationships officially begins for the Presbyterian Church here in the States. Remarked one pastor on the historic move, “The Presbyterian Church is best when we live in unity amongst diversity… This will truly give the church equally to all ordain people.”

 road Will and Kate look right at home on Hollywood's red carpet.

 road So does Jason Bateman.

 road Another strong earthquake struck Japan today. No injuries have been reported, thankfully.

 road New Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta says defeat of al-Qeada is "within reach." Wonderful, but that won't end terrorism.

 road Former football player Akil Patterson knows the relief of coming out.