1. says

    As usual I fail to understand how two women or two men marrying in any way affects straight couples marrying.

    Is Pawlenty suggesting that LGBT couples marrying will stop straight couples from marrying?

    All of these meaningless buzz-terms are making me sick.

  2. NY2.0 says

    Since when is America to be the christian version of Iran? We’re not electing a Theocrat in chief. Timmy needs to get a life!

  3. David in Houston says

    “A traditional marriage between a man and woman is a moral building block of our society.”

    So, Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh must be REALLY moral with 7 marriages between them. If they can get to 10 marriages, they automatically qualify to get into heaven.

    The fact that non-religious straight couples are allowed to marry, never seems to cross these people’s minds.

    Of course, the implication that Pawlenty is making is that gay people are immoral.

  4. Frankie says

    Wow, using the name of Jesus Christ to sell your name and to get a vote is disgusting. If you are a Christian we’ll know through your actions not your commercials.

    Tim Pawlenty, you’re making the baby Jesus cry. Shame on you.

  5. Kevin Thor says

    How anyone, in the 21st Century can seriously believe in god jesus or allah or other fictional beings is amazing to me. That they will use these fictional creations to murder abortion doctos, kill gay people or deny gay people their rights is pathetic

  6. Really? says

    “A traditional marriage between a man and woman is a moral building block of our society. It’s in the Bible”

    Or, one man and seven wives (King David)

    Or, one man, three wives and any number of concubines (Abraham)

    Or, 700 wives and 300 concubines (King Solomon)

  7. Mike says

    Wow, uhm, why not just film themselves having sex? Before sexual congress, the man/woman sex that is so good for society. Awe.

  8. Mark says

    C’mon people. What did you want Pawlenty to say on camera? That he is fully supporting same-sex marriage and that the bible is just a children’s book of fairy tales? There is not a single presidential candidate in America who will say any of that on camera today.

    Anyone running for office has to appeal to the public. The public is stupid, yet it gets to vote and if you want people’s vote you have to tell them what they want to hear. It’s as simple as that. And this is what the public wants to hear. 90% of the people believe in a god, the bible, or some form of supernatural power. Likewise a majority of the public is misinformed about and morally opposed to homosexuality. That’s just the way it is folks.

    (yea yea yea I know some polls have been showing 51% support for gay marriage but why don’t u try and see if you can get someone elected to office who is loudly and unambiguosly supporting gay marriage. We’re not there yet people, much as I’d like us to be).

  9. Erick says

    So you want to be president and you have not figured out not everyone is a “Christian” like you? And I put that in ” as not all Christians are as backward as you are. You are there for everyone and your beliefs may help guide you but not everyone shares them. I am at the point they say that Marriage is between a man and woman and push the religiousness of it so make it just a Religious ceremony and not that it does not mean anything legal and then just have the government do civil union and you have to have that to get tax breaks or do income tax with federal or state. This way you do separate the church and state best way to do it and they can get married in a church but to make it legal they have to have a civil union which all citizens can have.

  10. JerzeeMike says

    Notice how the right accuses liberals of squashing dissent yet you go to this video on YouTube and it states, “Commenting on this video has been disabled.” LMFAO!

  11. uffda says

    Really@ has nailed it. The Bible is not a middle-class American text. It’s as filled with sexist versions of marriage as it is of references to a petty, jealous and violent God. And when we come to Jesus there can be no doubt on who’s side he would be in the equality struggles. He and all of his male apostles (save Judas perhaps) would be at the front of the gay pride march where in spirit they are anyway.

  12. LACineman says

    “We hope our children will follow the path the God has laid out for each of them — um, unless, of course, their path is to be gay.”

    What astonishes me here is not that no politician would scream out his support of gay rights in front of a camera for fear of alienating voters, but that a politician would make a nearly 6 -1/2 minute video explaining why he should be president ONLY within the parameters of his faith. Is there a video with pretty music and gauzy photos of flags somewhere where this guy explains what he might do to, you know, run the country and solve our fiscal or international problems?

  13. Rob says

    Milquetoast. Culturally irrelevant, and going down in flames for it. People bashing gays to appeal to conservatives are having less and less luck with it as they seem more and more out of step, even among conservatives.

  14. John says

    Sadly, millions of bigotted Christisn Americans will vote for this bigotted Christian product.

    Between the homophobia and misogyny contained in millions of fundamentalist followers of both Christianity and Islam, I don’t hold out much hop for the future.

    These religious organisations need to be doing much much more to separate themselves from such bigotted followers’ beliefs, but they do not do this, because, I guess, deep down these organisations hold the same beliefs.

    If this is true, these religious organisation should be challenged relentlessly, like the bully in the schoolyard should be challenged, and finally, they should be let rot…