1. Steve says


    Alex – forced or not, and regardless of their motives for doing this, it’s still a good thing because it raises visibility of the issue of teen suicide.

  2. Rick says

    In the overall scheme of things, these matter about 10,000 times more than anything Lady Gaga or Madonna says or does. Change the attitudes of straight men and all our problems are solved. By contrast, we could have the sympathy of every woman on the planet and it would not make beans worth of difference if straight men were adamant in their homophobia.

    Straight men are the key to change; indeed, they are the only group that really matters.

  3. adam says

    Yes, where are all the other players from the Boston Red Sox? Seems they might be hiding behind the bushes.

    As for this campaign, it would be much better if players themselves were to come out of the closet as gay or bisexual. Having all these players talk about it but not want to admit to being gay or bi looks pretty weird.

  4. chris says

    @ Rick…try posting this on a straight baseball blog and see what kind of reaction you get…I don;t think you’ll get much in the way of say understanding…

  5. Michael says

    @J.P. and Adam:

    As I mentioned on another blog that posted this video, this clip is 60 seconds long. Were you expecting the Sox to put their entire 40-man roster in there? The fact that they got the team manager, team captain, and one of the more prominent players on the team to appear in the video speaks volumes.

  6. GEG says

    The spots are not good, believable nor carry any weight or depth. Glad they are trying.

    While the whole effort promises hope (It Gets Better) it doesn’t tell a person how to hold on until it does get better. I almost choked when Youk suggested therapy as a solution. Youk, we weren’t talking about physical therapy.

    I applaud these efforts. No one has hit the bulls eye. And I don’t have the answer. Thank you for continuing to search though.

  7. Rick says

    @Chris I actually post on sports blogs quite a bit, sometimes including the “General Chat” section, as well as the sports section. No question the veins of homophobia remain deep in the sports world. But I have gotten SOME positive responses from some straight guys, believe it or not. And I have to believe that there are many others who think the same way but who are still too intimidated to say it publicly.

    I think one needs some perspective here. Even 10 years ago, it would have been unthinkable for professional athletes to do ANYTHING or make any kind of statement in support of gay rights. 20 years ago, you would have been laughed out of the room for even suggesting it. 30 years ago, you would have been kicked out of the room for even making an issue out of the word “faggot” being used routinely in practices, team meetings, etc.

    Progress comes gradually.

    Yes, some straight men remain hard-core homophobes. But many are genuinely changing. And we have to meet them halfway and be patient with them. This is a mighty struggle for them because the link in their minds between masculinity and heterosexuality is so, so ingrained and so central to their identity. They can get past that, but we have to change our culture as well–which would be for our benefit, anyway–by giving up the culture of effeminacy that was a product of oppression and replacing it with a more naturally masculine culture that is closer to that of straight men.

    There is a happy medium for both and it will be hard to get there for us all, but it is doable–and essential for all of us if we are to be healthy and happy.

  8. JOE 2 says

    @RICK: “Culture of effeminacy”? There have always been “effeminate” men and “masculine” women, since before the dawn of recorded history. And “effeminate” men – straight, gay, and bi – as well as “masculine” women – again, straight, gay, and bi – have just as much right to exist and to be themselves as do “masculine” men and “feminine” women.

  9. BEAHBEAH says

    Rick, you had me until that “culture of effeminacy” BS. So some of us should force ourselves to act “straight” so heterosexuals will feel less threatened? If you want to abide by archaic gender roles, have at it. And that’s exactly what they are, gender archetypes, there is no genetic makeup in men that makes us butch, macho and like football. That BS is imprinted on us by society and our parents. I’m perfectly fine being me, and if I can accept straight men and their machismo, then they should get over me being feminine.

    And the sheer sexism of that argument… the mentality that everything associated with femininity is weak. Which is exactly why women have been so behind the bar in terms of rights and why we live in a culture of rape and female exploitation.

    Ugh… self-loathing homosexuals… get a life.

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