1. qjersey says

    Marcus Bachmann is totally an “ex-gay” himself. If he ever actually “acted on his sinful desires,” I would hope one of his former sex partners would come forward!!!!

  2. Gay American says

    Bachmann is as gay as christmas…High Heels Come flying out of his mouth when he talks.

  3. thom says

    …yep, taking federal funds (Taxpayer’s money…you and me, folks) to “counsel” “troubled” people who have sexual issues. SO very, GOP, isn’t it? Michelle Barfmann wants less government in our lives???!! WTF?..and abortion, please. The government mandating what a women chooses to do with her pregnancy? Uh, “less government”, Michelle Nutjob? Idiot… You are both trolls and anyone who supports your hideous campaign/s should be ashamed. Disgusting.

  4. mstrozfckslv says

    Chenk Uygar yesterday with 2 quests skirted really close to saying that he is probably a closet case & there will be a scandal

    I swear it was the closest I’ve seen msm people saying such without actually saying it

  5. Chris says


    I didn’t hear the whole clip – when he began speaking and the purse flew out of his mouth, whacking me on the head, I was momentarily stunned…

  6. MacroT says

    It is telling that the major networks are giving Bachmann a pass on this issue.

  7. Wayne says

    Wow. His voice sends my Gaydar ringing like church bells! And his flamboyant movements and gestures at her rallies… well, I thought I was watching a Pride parade… wait, that’s not a float, that’s his body!

  8. dc20008 says

    C’mon. Can we focus on issues that MATTER??

    What about HER fiscal position on taxes and the debt? How would she manage the wars?

    This other BS is nothing but powder puff fluff.

    Let’s get serious already!!!

  9. ewendel says

    @ Sparks, David Graham is a friend of mine, and I am totally telling him you said that. :)

  10. Matt26 says

    Marcus Bachmann is a doctor and therapist?! Where did he study?
    My prediction is there will be number of crisis and scandals on their way to the Bachmann campaign.

  11. Paul R says

    She is the GOP’s worst nightmare. She has zero—ZERO—chance of being elected president. The GOP simply has no viable candidate. Americans don’t trust Mormons, thank goodness. She’s from Iowa. Those are the two factors carrying her. Can you imagine her debating Obama? I would almost feel pity for her.

    Nice to hear a network say marriage equality, even if the graphic didn’t.

  12. says

    The major networks — and the “Mainstrem” media in general — ALWAYS “give a pass” when it comes to Teh Ghey. But the whole multi-facted subject is reaching critical mass these days. With out celebs (NPH, Ellen) the Big Gay Marriage Win in New York, and the fact that the majority in the latest polls favor gay marriage, plus a younger generation (obviously trained on Michael Cera movies) doesn’t find Teh Ghey “icky,” closet cases like Marcus Bachmann and Rick Perry are in DEEP DOO-DOO. Marcus especially.

    Loved that line of yours, Chris.

  13. mstrozfckslv says


    it is relevant in that if he is a closet case it shows that she is delusional

    a delusional person running for POTUS is extremely relevant

    anyway; romney with his 200+ Million $ personal wealth has tons of detectives on the case I’m sure and if the guy is a closet case it will come out

  14. Ed says

    Is it just me, or is there kind of a dom-sub thing going on between Thomas and David during that interview?

  15. John Patrick says

    Matt26, I had the same question as you when I watched the video. I wondered what Marcus’ degree is in.

    I also wondered whether he is licensed to do therapy, why there are Medicare funds going to counseling by a man who apparently does therapy that has been discredited by counseling organizations.

    And I could not believe his voice and his campy mannerisms. He certainly looks like a big queen. Maybe that is why he thinks the gay “barbarians” need to be “disciplined.”

  16. Jim says

    Oh, I think he must have been referring to the sinful urge to VOTE REPUBLICAN!!!

  17. Jim says

    On a more serious note, I just had to add, Thomas Roberts is becoming a pretty serious force to be reckoned. Yes, he’s nice to look at, but his presence on the TV Journalist front is becoming stronger. With him, Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper (although closeted) there are several powerful gays in powerful places in TV Media. Go Thomas!

  18. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Did you know that all 23 of the Bachmann foster children were girls? I wonder why no teenaged boys were welcomed into the Bachmann home?

  19. MrJ says

    On a more serious note, I want to seriously get into an Anderson Cooper and Thomas Roberts sandwich.

  20. WildGift says

    DC20008: This matter is ABSOLUTELY relevant. It’s a clear demonstration of her disconnect from reality and her disregard for the truth.

  21. Matt26 says

    @John Patric, according their own site, MA – Regent University, VA, PhD – Clinical Psychology, Union Graduate School, OH
    I don’t know this school or university. Someone?

  22. says

    “A man we need to learn more about . . . ” Thomas says at the end. Indeed.

    Bachmann will never win the nomination, but the twisted psychology within the Bachmann clan should make even the teabaggers take notice if Marcus gets more media attention. (Though I suppose one can’t underestimate their ability to ignore that anti-gay Michele is married to an obviously self-loathing gay man who’s inflicting his diseased views on who knows how many victims. Hilarious except for the fact he’s allowed to call himself Dr. of anything but delusion.) FOX will surely avoid him like the plague.

  23. Matt26 says

    @Mstrozfckslv, really? This is very interesting. PR’s own school, talking about science.
    The only universities I know in US are like Harvard, Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Berkeley etc.

  24. mymy says

    @MATT26, Regent University Cristian University founded by Jerry Farwell. This university is best known for their 20 something graduates, replacing career diplomats at the state and justice departments during the Bush Administration. Many of them moving on to make some horrible decisions in regards to Iraq.

  25. anon says

    This is where standards and practices runs counter to the needs of investigative journalism.

  26. Matt26 says

    On-line school, Cristian University, oh dear.

    In my country to become a doctor and therapist means 8 to 10 yrs serious studies in medicine at the university. MA takes at least 6 to 7 yrs, again at the university.

    Thanks for the info, I had no respect to Marcus Bachmann and now even less (if it’s possible).

  27. PSDenizen says

    What a lady. It’s always the ones that bark the loudest that turn out to be the poodles.

  28. Lonewillow says


    Those who are most homophobic and speak the loudest are just trying to hide their own desires.
    The more Dr. Bachmann spoke the more the GAYDAR became RED HOT and honed in on this QUEEN!
    If Michelle were elected as President, I think we would still have a FIRST LADY and not a FIRST DUDE…..

  29. jerry says

    He is totally gay and self-loathing. In one respect I feel bad for someone that has locked themselves in that kind of prison on the other hand as he is attempting to inflict misery on anyone he possibly can, he should go to hell.

  30. mstrozfckslv says


    u are thinking of Liberty U = jerry fallwell
    regent is pat robertson

    bob jones is bob jones U

    oral roberts is something that escapes me at the moment

  31. BobN says

    Anybody wanna bet on how many paddles hide under the Bachmann marital bed? My guess… seven.

  32. equality now says

    Those 23 foster children were a source of income for the Bachmanns. They really know how to feed off of the gov’t.

    I can’t wait for the 23 to start showing up on tv.

  33. Paul R says

    No one of her age and profession (or at least ambition) could possibly look after 23 foster children properly, even if they had each one for just a year. That sounds rotten in many ways and doesn’t make her sound caring in the least. It makes it sound like they stacked kids like boards to, as someone else said, collect income.

  34. Rob says

    Her wikipedia page says that they got paid a higher daily rate for their foster children because it qualified as therapy for eating disorders. Odd, since he obviously has an eating disorder.

  35. Ire on E says

    Ah c’mon, you KNOW that all he wants in this big, wide world is to be First Lady; just a gurl with a dream.

    Sooner or later, however, SOMEONE is gonna recognize him at the glory hole and the jig, as they say, will be up. Oh sure, we’ll get lots of angry denials first and then…when the vids start showing up…tearful confessions.

    It would be SO fun to watch (the aftermath, not the whole creepy glory hole thing) that I almost hope she had a snowball’s chance of getting nominated so we could keep up with the events. Instead, she’ll take her hate, he’ll take his self-loathing, and they both will slink off to the sewer of their ignominy.

  36. J.Edgar Hoover says

    Clyde and I have talked and even from the grave we can feel Marys, I mean Marcus, Homo vibes

  37. says

    Bravo to Thomas Roberts for taking on this story, and in an unflinching way. As a political power-couple, the Bachmanns seem more ludicrous than dangerous; that doesn’t mean they AREN’T dangerous (at least in potential). Roberts is clearly not afraid of potential blowback from this story—which could include a sniggering-campaign about whether he’s really gay. Sadly, that sort of thing still gains traction in certain quarters. I profoundly hope that MSNBC management is smart enough, and brave enough, to support this talented, tenacious reporter.