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Thomas Roberts Scrutinizes Michele Bachmann's Husband Marcus, and His 'Ex-Gay' Therapy Theories: VIDEO


MSNBC's Thomas Roberts takes a closer look at Marcus Bachmann, the strategist and husband of Michele Bachmann, and his theories that homosexuals are barbarians that need to be disciplined,

Roberts talks to The Daily Beast's David Graham about what that means for her campaign.


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  1. Clyde and I have talked and even from the grave we can feel Marys, I mean Marcus, Homo vibes

    Posted by: J.Edgar Hoover | Jul 23, 2011 9:45:01 AM

  2. Bravo to Thomas Roberts for taking on this story, and in an unflinching way. As a political power-couple, the Bachmanns seem more ludicrous than dangerous; that doesn't mean they AREN'T dangerous (at least in potential). Roberts is clearly not afraid of potential blowback from this story---which could include a sniggering-campaign about whether he's really gay. Sadly, that sort of thing still gains traction in certain quarters. I profoundly hope that MSNBC management is smart enough, and brave enough, to support this talented, tenacious reporter.

    Posted by: Theo J. | Jul 24, 2011 2:40:51 PM

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