1. Nuflux says

    Meh. I know I’m in the minority but I tend to think Robyn is never really as good as I want her to be. Her voice is nasal, she meanders around a melody and never really conjures much emotion with her singing. (The only exception for me might be her single “With Every Heartbeat” but I attribute at least half of that song’s success to Kleerup’s excellent producing work.) As a person, I think she’s awesome, just not that into her as a singer. Certainly not the same caliber as, say, Roisin Murphy.

  2. Ben says

    @Nuflux I’m with you. I don’t really get it.

    In fact, that point at 2:46 is fairly painful. I agree that she’s great as a person. But, this is… kinda boring.

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