News: Samoa, Pride Pooch, Matt Bomer, Treehouses, Scorpion

Road Obama to hold first Twitter town hall

Treehouse RoadCurbed checks out some cool treehouses.

Canadians are celebrating Canada Day with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

RoadMan stung by scorpion on Alaska Airlines: "In the movies, scorpions kill people," Ellis, 55, said Thursday. "I was just nervous, on edge, making sure that my heart was beating normal, that I wasn't sweating."

RoadMichigan House Committee tables anti-bullying bill until the fall.

RoadEffort underway to shutdown doomsday radio host Harold Camping: "Several people have filed complaints with the Federal Communications Commission demanding that the licenses of dozens of AM and FM radio stations owned by Family Radio, Camping’s broadcast ministry, be revoked. Copies of the complaints were obtained by The Bay Citizen using a federal Freedom of Information Act request."

RoadBritney Spears releases remix video for "I Wanna Go".

RoadJoe Manganiello and Matt Bomer, together at last.

Pridepooch RoadStaffordshire bull terrier named London's first-ever 'Pride Pooch'.

RoadWoman charged with assault for kissing Bible-waving preacher: "He was just waving his arms and has a Bible in one hand, up and down, and screaming at the top of his lungs, 'sodomites' and 'you're going to hell,'" Parker said in a phone interview. "I thought he needed a hug. So I gave him a hug."

RoadAbortion technically banned in Kansas.

RoadProp 8 supporter Doug Manchester planning 50-story hotel in Austin, Texas.

Road LISTEN: Mika's new French language single.

RoadSamoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi praises trans community: “You are adamant that you are a special gender, That is why some of you have spent considerable money on special operations. Every year you all look very different. Blonde hair, glossy lipstick sporting Gucci handbags and us men continue to be taken in by your looks. It is only your thick muscular carves, bulked up after years of playing rugby, that give you away. But it is not your will that you are the way you are. You are just another shining example of the glorious miracles and creations of our Lord. I applaud you on your charity work in our communities and may you continue to pursue it. I also applaud you on your pursuit of your human rights and I encourage you to be vocal on any issue that touches, encroaches on your rights."

RoadAndrew Cuomo hit by liberal backlash?

RoadVIDEO: Beyoncé surprises fans at Target in Harlem.

Circuits RoadNew pen can draw functional electric circuits on paper.

RoadDan Savage on the virtues of infidelity: “I acknowledge the advantages of monogamy, when it comes to sexual safety, infections, emotional safety, paternity assurances. But people in monogamous relationships have to be willing to meet me a quarter of the way and acknowledge the drawbacks of monogamy around boredom, despair, lack of variety, sexual death and being taken for granted.”

RoadNate Silver updates his look at the future of same-sex marriage ballot measures across the States.

RoadBrad Pitt talks about Terrence Malick and The Tree of Life: "Watching the film, and I've seen many cuts, I'm a guy who fights the idea of heaven but what I do respect is that there is a greater power than anything we understand, and for me the film is about that. Perhaps we don't need these religious concoctions to pillow the fear of death. Just the fact that there is an unknown, and something greater, can bring a feeling of peace. That's enough for me."


  1. Grover Underwood says

    Matt Bomer is hot blah blah blah. Wake me up when he officially comes out. I’m tired of all these closet queens. We have young people dying because of being bullied and whatnot. They need to see gay men and women who are proud of who they are. Be a role model for them instead of hiding who you are.

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    “…It is only your thick muscular carves, bulked up after years of playing rugby, that give you away…”

    Was the Prime Minister doing stand up comedy? Could you imagine the faces of all the Samoan Transwomen (Fafafine) when he said that?

  3. Paul R says

    His sexuality is no secret. He and his partner have kids, for chrissakes. He’s not half as closeted as most actors. I don’t defend the closet for nearly anyone, but he was worried that coming out too publicly would jeopardize the livelihoods of other people working on the show. Might sound like a lame excuse, but he is a sex symbol. Rightfully so, because he’s hot as hell.

    Just as Anderson Cooper worries that coming out will jeopardize his ability to get interviews and be safe in certain states or countries. But they both appear in public with male partners, so it’s not exactly a secret to anyone with Internet access. They don’t play pretend and have beards.

  4. Max says

    The point Dan Savage misses completely is that if you want to get married, expect monogamy. If you don’t want to be monogamous, don’t get married.

    “Think with your big head, not your little head.”

  5. says

    “boredom, despair, lack of variety . . .”

    That’s a very good description of the drawbacks I suffer whenever I read Dan Savage’s sex column. The contrived edginess of the thing brings me down every time. For saying this sh*t, I hope Dan-O’s husband steps out on his ass, like, yesterday.

  6. Rin says

    I’m actually very disappointed. Dan’s partner seems so earnest, sweet, and …well…deserving of monogamy. :(

    Does anyone else feel that way?

    I’m now just really disappointed in Dan. Really disappointed.

  7. ohplease says

    Fictional gods forbid that I ever defend that racist, transphobic, war-loving, Bush-cheering, idiotic old leather queen Dan Savage, but come on.

    Marriage and monogamy are two different things. Neither is a requirement of the other. Two legally-married people can choose to have a non-monogamous marriage and guess what? They will still be legally married.

    Dan’s partner (the poor guy) is deserving of exactly the sort of relationship he wants. By all accounts, he wants it to be non-monogamous (and who could blame him?). Why should he be denied that in order to make you happy?

    And, seriously, NOW you’re disappointed in Dan Savage? Pay attention, people. This isn’t new and it’s not even a reason to be disappointed in him. There are plenty of real reasons.

    As to Matt Bomer, for crying out loud, how is the entire world knowing that you’re married to a man with whom you have children by any sane definition being “in the closet”? Knock that nonsense off.

    Same goes for Anderson Cooper, who the entire world knows is gay. Last I checked, “closeted” people (whatever the hell that’s supposed to be in the 21st Century) do not routinely get photographed with their gay significant others while off doing gay things. Get over it!

    And nobody thinks that a bully is going to not pick on a kid if Bomer or Cooper took out full-page ads to proclaim their already public homosexuality. Not one depressed kid would decide not to kill themselves if Bomer or Cooper gave interviews discussing their private lives. That’s ridiculous.

    This is the way the grown-up world works now. Some people choose to just live their lives, simply and honestly, without making a press event about what’s already obvious and known. If that’s not good enough for other people, too bad for them.

  8. Suffern ACE says

    @Max. Yeah. It’s not that hard of a concept. Although it’s worth reminding people of that before getting married, since getting unmarried can be quite a complicated and expensive undertaking. It is easy to have an unhappy marriage, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily hard to have a good one. It does not have to end in boredom and neglect.

  9. Denver Bronco says

    Matt is not closeted at all. He and his husband live a very open life, last seen on tv-golden globes together. He has never once denied his orientation or bearded. He and husband actually do more tangible good for our community than the officially forced out stars who do a People mag cover and think they are doing us a favor. Quit ragging and everyone live your own life.

  10. MacroT says

    The case of Dan Savage points out the dangers of having a sexual libertine become a national spokesman for the cause. He tends to think he speaks for everyone in his pronouncements, and they are interpreted and publicized as such by the opposition.

  11. says

    Re: Dan’s remarks and whether marriage = mongamy: Because we all know that all heterosexual marriages are monogamous. The fact is straight couples don’t need to pass a monogamy test before they get married; if they did, clearly many would fail. Gay couples should face no greater scrutiny, which is to say, none.

    Marriage is a serious commitment that every couple should take seriously. How each couple defines that serious commitment is up to them. I expect honesty and emotional fidelity from a long-term relationship. Openness always preferable to cheating. Some people expect complete monogamy, some don’t. But, whatever works, as long as it works for both people, works. Not anyone else’s business.

    People should worry about their own relationships and stop trying to Big Brother other people’s–there’s already enough intrusion from the moral police, the ones who always seem to be caught practicing the opposite of what they preach.

  12. RONTEX says

    Hey Dan, as parents of 10, 11 and 12 year olds and being exhausted most of the time, my partner and I still manage to stay monogamous despite being married. And our family life has only strengthened that bond. Let me know how your kid impacts your swinging sex life when he want to have his school friends sleep over, awkward.

  13. Philip says

    I originally wanted to point out that marriage isn’t “techinically” banned in Kansas, it would more appropriately be declared “effectively” banned in Kansas.

    But I just wanted to say you guys are pretty ridiculous in your ridicule of Dan Savage, and it is obvious you haven’t actually done any research besides looking at this one link. For you to suggest that his relationship is broken because they aren’t monogamous is nuts because both partners are happy and getting exactly out of it what they want. Isn’t the fact that it is two consenting adults taking part in the decision-making exactly the reasoning us gay men use to justify our right to marriage?

  14. A. says

    Andy, I am always impressed with the variety of subjects in your posts.

    Today, I thank you for the link to the article about Brad Pitt in The Guardian.

    I finally saw The Tree of Life last weekend. This is an incredible film.

  15. MrJ says

    I didn’t think Dan Savage was trying to speak for everyone, I think he was being honest about a subject that a lot of gays lie about in their desperate attempt to pretend like we’re just like straight couples. We ARE just like straight couples. We’re judgmental and self righteous and we f@ck around. Quit playing the big gay martyr with your kids and your soccer practice and your playdates. It doesn’t make you fit in any better.

  16. RONTEX says

    @MRJ, no martyr here, just the reality that when you bring children into a relationship, the dynamic shifts from being selfish to being selfless. Otherwise, why bring children into the relationship. Just FYI, we didn’t adopt kids to “fit in” to anyone’s idea of family but thanks for reminding my how bitchy and bitter our community can be. If you don’t want kids and monogamy, then please, don’t. But don’t chastise those of us who do, geez. In kindergarten, I’m guessing you were the kid that didn’t play well with others.

  17. Mike in the Tundra says

    @MRJ, well yes and no. My husband and I were together for almost 27 years when he died. We were monogamous. Our choice, and I think it made raising the two children easier. Just as in heterosexual marriage, the couple has to decide. I think heterosexuals in an open relationship are even more likely to lie than we are. If a couple decides to not be monogamous, it’s the business of no body else. If they decide to be monogamous, it is the business of no body else. So MRJ, stop judging the relationships of others.

  18. Yuki says

    Did you guys actually read the article? Savage isn’t saying that monogamy isn’t necessary, or that nobody should be monogamous.

    There’s a LOT I disagree with Savage on, but after reading the article, I see his point: be open and honest with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife about your sexual needs and desires and come to an agreement. Be open to trying new things, but if your partner requires messing around with other people–and you’re okay with that–then let them. If you’re not, then find someone who is more in line with your ideas.

    He also says we should be more forgiving about infidelity, and quite frankly, I agree. People lose control of their hormones sometimes, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship should end; it just means that people need to be open and honest about their needs, and perhaps that way it could be prevented.

    As for Savage’s husband… he clearly states in the article that he came to the agreement with Dan on what he wants, and he’s fine with it. He’s not “deserving of monogamy” if he willingly agreed otherwise.

  19. jaragon says

    Biologically men are designed to seek out multiple partners…the guy with the dog is really cute…Manganiello and Boner(oops I mean Bomer) should play lovers…

  20. Deej says

    I’m pretty tired of reading posts from people complaining that Matt Bomer is in the closet blah blah blah.

    He’s married, wears a wedding ring, appears in public with his husband, talked about his kids on TV–that is so not IN THE CLOSET.

    I think “you people” are just pissed because he’s not out there with I’M GAY tattooed on his forehead screaming for gay rights.

    He’s not an activist, he’s an actor. He and his husband want to keep thier children out of the spotlight, thier personal lives PERSONAL, and I don’t blame them. Not everyone wants to be plastered all over the gossip rags. Acting is a job, just like any other.

    He’s heavily involved in all sorts of charities, cares about the people who work on his show, and by all reports is a kind, compassionate, religious, monogomous, happily-married husband, father and human being.

  21. Paul R says

    @Deej: And also pretty the hottest gay guy I’ve ever seen on network TV.

    I posted a tame post about Dan Savage. It disappeared. Not clear why.

  22. Rowan says

    Paul R, he’s the hottest guy period. Personally I think he is the most beautiful actor out there right now. He is really very perfect-physically and personality and talent wise, actually quite startling. Not seen someone like that…for ages that has all the goods in a package.

  23. Celo says

    So tired of the blathering on bullying. Everyone needs to learn to take care of themselves and not expect others to be activists on their behalf.

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