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Senator Scott Brown Blasted for Absence from 'It Gets Better' Video; GOP Responds by Attacking Dan Savage

Last night I posted the "It Gets Better" video created by the Massachusetts congressional delegation. All members of the Senate and House of Representatives from the state participated except for Senator Scott Brown.

Brown Today, Brown was blasted by state LGBT groups on a conference call with press, Think Progress reports:

The LGBT leaders, including two Massachusetts lawmakers, agreed that Sen. Brown’s refusal to participate in the video sends a disturbing message to the staggering number of LGBT youth who are being bullied and harassed every day. They also said the snub was simply the latest in Brown’s long record of “being anti-LGBT friendly,” in the words of Jennifer Chrisler.


Grace Stonewall, the executive director of BAGLEY (Boston Alliance of Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth), said (she) showed the Massachusetts delegation video to young people in (her) support organization. “They were all aware Scott Brown had not participated and had the same reaction that we’re having, that he didn’t support [them].”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee went on counter-attack, with a statement to Politico attacking the "It Gets Better" project founder Dan Savage.

If, as the old saying goes, you’re known by the company you keep, than the voters of Massachusetts deserve to know who Democrat Party operatives are teaming up with to spread outrageous attacks on Scott Brown’s character.

It’s truly reached a new level of desperation in their efforts to tear down Scott Brown, but we look forward to hearing whether state and national Democrat leaders agree with Dan Savage’s long history of lewd, violent and anti-Christian rhetoric. Given their press conference call today, one has to presume at this point that they do.

Savage Savage responded to the attacks in an email to Politico.

I am not the IGB project. The project has had the reach and impact that it's had thanks to tens of thousands of people from all over the world who've participated. [A]nd no one who participates is required to crawl into bed with me. ..:

It is interesting, though, that not a single GOP elected official can bring himself or herself to make a video, or participate in the creation of one.

Read Savage's entire email at Politico.

I've reposted the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. While the core message of stopping harassment against children is admirable, Dan Savage is not. He spews forth some of the most vile, vulgar, crude, anti-Christian hate in the public sphere. I would not want to be associated with someone who acts so vile and imprudently. Savage is a harasser himself.

    Posted by: Javier | Jul 28, 2011 9:31:54 PM

  2. So, according to the Republicans, doing an 'It Gets Better' video means you are "lying down" with Dan Savage. What exactly does it say about the GOP that their chosen Senator from Massachusetts is a former porn model?

    Posted by: CPT_Doom | Jul 28, 2011 9:55:40 PM

  3. @Javier: What is the source of much of the anti-gay bullying and hatred in the US? People who call themselves Republicans and Christians. Dan Savage's remarks haven't happened in a vacuum, and I'm sure not everyone who's participated in the It Gets Better Project supports everything Dan has said and done. (I know I don't.) But there is good reason to speak out against how right-wing religious zealotry damages our young people. He isn't trying to prevent schools from protecting Christian children.

    But, let's set Dan aside for a moment and ask how many Republicans would participate in a pro-gay-children anti-gay-bullying project that had nothing to do with Dan Savage? The answer would most likely be the same: None. No one's stopping them from speaking out in other ways, and yet the Republicans and the so-called Christians who back them are silent except to speak out against gay youths and families.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 28, 2011 10:01:30 PM

  4. May I politely add that Scott Brown has got to be one of the top three most vulnerable Senators in the 2012 election. And I don't know who the other two are.

    I'd bet that the RNC and party fathers will end up giving him only a perfunctory amount of election money. You don't get away with something like that twice in Massachusetts.

    Posted by: Russell | Jul 28, 2011 10:34:16 PM

  5. As a guy from the Netherlands it never ceases me to be surprised/shocked about the whole equal rights issue in the US. Here in my (little) country, lgbt folks have been able to get married for a decade now. It`s a total non-issue, even the Christian-Democrats (slightly on the right, politically speaking) are ok with it.
    Paradoxacilly, the extreme right wing party here, is defending gay rights, since they perceive muslim immigrants to be a mayor threat. In reality they don`t give sh... about lgbt rights, it s just an excuse to attack muslim immigrants.
    Nonetheless, it is a very different climate, right wing nutters here, shouting that all things muslim should be prohibited, in defence of liberty (and with that, rights and respect for the lgbt com. included.) Here in western europe, many countries have become truly equal, I wish you folks on the other side of the pond the same!!! Keep fighting for your rights, it will happen!

    Posted by: Jan | Jul 28, 2011 10:48:19 PM

  6. Dan Savage kind of does hate (or at the very least, REGULARLY hate on) bisexuals, which is my biggest problem with him, despite the fact that he has done some really great things in terms of advocacy for our community. I can forgive that he has the one flaw of many a brilliant and highly intelligent person--believing that he is right in all things and that his personal experience combined with his intelligence gives him a corner on the truth for all or at least most--but in a world where we're all fighting to keep gay kids from feeling like they are outcasts with no futures, he freely criticizes and attacks bisexuals, warns gay people to never date them, spouts completely untrue crap about how they're pretty much guaranteed to cheat on you, and questions whether people really even are bi, it's hurtful to bisexual teens--stuff like that when I was a teen, realizing that I would never be fully accepted in the gay community or the straight community kept me in the closet with friends and families longer than I should have been. It also made me so depressed feeling like no gay man or woman would ever want to be with me. When I hear one of the leaders of our movement say the kinds of things he's said about bisexuals and bisexuality, I think of the teens--and how he's telling them that if they're bisexual, it does not get better, it just gets lonely and more complicated. So I don't hate him, but I don't support him. I do support IGB, however, because some of those spots have been more inspiring and open-minded than Savage himself.

    Posted by: breckroy | Jul 28, 2011 10:50:16 PM

  7. @ Mike: more than a few contributors have been sent tonight. Actually, they are all over the net, hissing at Dan. It's quite interesting to see what happens as the Dorian Gray paint flakes away on mean spirited, selfish thinking. To consider as the old order crumbles and flails about: "What a smell of sulphur! You have no power here, be gone."

    Posted by: Rocket J. Squirrel | Jul 28, 2011 10:59:48 PM

  8. Anyone who says, Oh no, I'm not going to participate in telling young people that they matter and they deserve happiness, is simply hateful and disgusting.

    Who are these self loathing gays posting on this site? Or perhaps they are not gay at all, just hateful and disgusting.

    Posted by: Steve Pardue | Jul 28, 2011 11:10:42 PM

  9. dan savage's often vulgar and immature comments and behavior give ammunition to the enemy. i am a lifelong democrat and a gay man and i sometimes think with friends like dan savage, we don't need enemies.

    Posted by: john leddy | Jul 28, 2011 11:24:03 PM

  10. I think some comments here are from GOProud. Or maybe not. Just saying.

    Posted by: brndn | Jul 29, 2011 12:10:42 AM

  11. Maybe? Those self hating, gay kid hating monsters are out in force tonight.

    Posted by: Polyboy | Jul 29, 2011 12:25:59 AM

  12. There is nothing more evil than a gau person defending the Republican Party and demeaning Dan Savage.

    Remember his is famous for his Santorum redifinition --- which was inspired by Straight Supremacist bigotry.

    Lets hope the pro-Repbulican comments are not really from gay people --- and if they take that as a lesson that within the pretensious elitist gay playgrounds right wing elitism is spreading as acceptable. Which it is not - gay or straight.

    Posted by: ralph petrucci | Jul 29, 2011 12:40:43 AM

  13. FYI ... just a little inside politics here ... one of BAGLY's BIGGEST FINANCIAL "ANGELS" is a Republican.

    These Gay Elitists REALLY NEED the status quo elitist to accept them as equal. So he hands out lots of cash to BAGLY and Republican politicians ---- including Brown.

    Seems Brown is not playing well. I know that the BAGLY Board Chairperson REALLY thought BROWN was going to be supportive of Gay Rights during the election and even voted for him. HA !

    Posted by: truth | Jul 29, 2011 12:47:32 AM

  14. to those of you are unhappy with dan savage look to the suicide rate of teenagers in michelle bachmann's home district and she doesn't see it as problem. i for one am glad somebody has the balls to start the project to save kids instead of funding, with federal funds, pray away the gay. who is doing more for youth. as result if savage pisses off the repuks all the better.

    Posted by: walter | Jul 29, 2011 1:45:18 AM

  15. it's a good project but dan really needs to stop being the voice of the gay rights movement. he's just not a likeable person.

    Posted by: jr | Jul 29, 2011 2:01:29 AM

  16. Who said Dan was the voice of the gay community? GOProud lovers go away!

    Mean people!

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 29, 2011 3:50:34 AM

  17. I agree 100% with Dan Savage. I don't believe you're ever going to win your enemy over by sending them a box of Whitman Samplers. Fight fire with fire.

    Posted by: Oliver | Jul 29, 2011 4:34:17 AM

  18. You ALWAYS know someone is doing the right thing when you have the GOP upset and you start seeing A LOT OF COCKROACHES come to this blog. I laugh at all the names that pop up when "they" try to bring someone like Dan Savage down


    Dan Savage has created a great project that is helping a lot of people who need. I salute him for his work and congratulate him for not being sidetrack by any of the "noise" around him. He should actually be happy as it is a sign that he is doing the right thing.

    GO DAN!

    Posted by: FunMe | Jul 29, 2011 6:20:05 AM

  19. Who let the conservative trolls out?

    Also, since when is Dan Savage "racist, genocide-loving" (as OhPlease ludicrously said).

    Please back up such a ridiculous assertion with evidence.


    Dan Savage?

    Oh PLEASE!

    Posted by: brenda | Jul 29, 2011 7:02:48 AM

  20. Isn't it revealing why not one republican participated?

    Scott Brown was molested by an adult male when he was a young boy so I would suspect this has a lot to do with his absence. He probably thinks all gay people are molesters just as many in the right wing of the GOP believe including the christo-fascists in their party. Yet the Log Cabiners and GOProuders continue voting for a party that votes against them.

    Posted by: robert in nyc | Jul 29, 2011 7:51:53 AM

  21. Here's a case where cloning yourself so you can have a "good version" and an "evil genius version" would come in handy. As much as I enjoy Savage's darker antics, I have to agree that they often seem likely to undermine our progress in winning hearts and minds, and it makes me sad to see them tainting something as wonderful as the It Gets Better project, which I think does so much good for kids and which I wish was around when I was young.

    Posted by: Shelly | Jul 29, 2011 8:31:07 AM

  22. "and it makes me sad to see them tainting something as wonderful as the It Gets Better project"...
    Posted by: Shelly | Jul 29, 2011 8:31:07 AM

    You seem to be blaming Mr Savage for the "tainting" that is being done by the Repubs.

    Posted by: Oliver | Jul 29, 2011 8:59:36 AM

  23. Asking the GOP to make an IGB video today would be like asking the Confederate government 150 years ago to make a video encouraging their slaves that it gets better. They can't. A single step in that direction undermines the GOPs entire structure.

    Posted by: Rick | Jul 29, 2011 9:38:35 AM

  24. To all you folks who trash Dan Savage, I say this: Put up or shut up. He is smart, VERY articulate, and willing to put himself out there for gay rights. I'm sorry that he's a sex advice columnist and I'm sorry that he's lewd. But in this rich, wide, beautiful, smart and effective community of ours - he's the one who has risen to this role. So if any of you can do better - step up!

    Posted by: Pete | Jul 29, 2011 10:01:03 AM

  25. amazing to me that somebody who has done as much good as Dan is the subject of so much vitriol here - it's pathetic.

    thanks Artie R for taking out the troll trash on this one.

    Posted by: ant | Jul 29, 2011 10:29:16 AM

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