1. Dale says

    We saw some of the best theater offered by the British by Murdock and son. The 80 years old acts like he is this feeble simple-minded old fart. But in reality is a mega empire ruler who touched everything within his corporation. My god he talked to Pearse Morgan weekly to find out what was going on at the British paper. He knew exactly who was doing what and how much damage control would cost. Nothing moved within the empire without Ruppert knowing about it.

  2. robert in nyc says

    He and his son were coached all through last weekend and monday by their legal team. You could tell it was rehearsed, pleading no knowledge of just about everything asked of them. As one of the MPs correctly asserted, this was about corporate governance. Nobody can convince anyone with enough intelligence that Murdoch et al didn’t know anything, especially when large sums of money were exchanged between hackers and the upper echelons of management.

    Roger Ailes at Fox News must be quaking! He’s next.

  3. wimsy says

    Can’t get enough of this….just can’t get enough. Wonder why
    Fox News is willfully avoiding……