1. Paul R says

    It’s actually spelled foreword.

    Richardson is a perv.

    People whining about Gaga need to get lives and learn how not to read articles that don’t interest them. Seriously, anti-Gaga comments are so f’ing tiresome.

  2. bandanajack says

    mark kanemura was an established respected dancer prior to his appearance on SYTYCD. what the show did do is give him national exposure and a fan base, both very useful in expanding one’s career.

  3. jason says

    Terry Richardson is trash. He sexually exploits women for the purpose of titillating sleazy straight guys. He is not on our side as far as I’m concerned.

    Go away, Terry. I won’t be purchasing anything associated with you.

  4. Mo87 says

    Guess what, Mister Paul R? I like to have an opinion and it is not you or anybody else that is going to make me feel I cannot comment on what I (did I say I?) want to comment.

    I wasn’t disrespectful with Gaga so I don’t see your “f’ing tiresome” point.

    Btw, oversensitive whining people need to get lives.

  5. NoSleep4Sam says

    I really do not get the mystique of Terry Richardson. Why is he so popular when he is admittedly a perv (not the good kind) and all around slime ball?

  6. Paul R says

    @MO87: Wow. Great points. You really showed me. Thanks. Glad that you’re part of the Towleroad community, and I hope to see more of your posts on every article—especially the ones about people or subjects you don’t care about. Your eloquence is stunning.

  7. luminum says

    Ugh, Richardson is such a sleazy sexual exploiter. Way to pick a winner…

    But, then again, he is a big name is fashion, one that she would love to add to her collection of idol associates. I’m not surprised that she’s doing this.

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