1. Marc C says

    How does this celestial body affect NEOs, comets and they like as they pass near the Earth? Would something like this be too small or too far away to even have an effect? Or, would it have just enough of a gravitational pull to affect an NEOs trajectory such that it would keep us safe or result in a cataclysmic event?


  2. BaconBacon says

    1000 feet in diameter is too small to have much gravitational impact on anything.

    Is there another earth-sized planet hiding on the other side of the sun? Why would you think there was? Why not an earth sized meatball, or a giant mass of teletubbies?

    Another earth sized planet in our system would have some fairly obvious gravitational effects, even if we couldn’t see it.

  3. Paul says

    It would be a good idea to colonize this “Trojan” with an alternative colony of progressive minded people. Then we’d have a good place to escape to when things start to get really crazy here.

  4. Chicken Little says

    First Congress can’t get its act together and now THIS!

    At its furthest point this piece of rock ends up just opposite to the Earth at the other side of the sun. Then it swings back like it would smack into us. I dunno, I’m not sure I like that. Can’t we just blow it up?

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