1. Matt26 says

    Oh lovely, good idea. Hopefully lovely golden lady Betty says yes.
    Ray seems lovely and handsome, too.
    Go for it, Betty!

  2. Continuum says


    I’m over 60 and I’ve loved Betty White since I was a little kid. Who could forget “The Happy Homemaker” on Mary Tyler Moore.

    Hope she accepts.

    Kudos to the marine.

  3. Andy says

    This inviting celebrities thing is sort of getting out of hand. Betty’s old and doesn’t get around like she used to, so I would understand if she declined.

  4. Gay American says

    No Offense to Betty – we Love her…but she needs to take it easy…according to the Golden Girl Rules (thus far) – every 3rd yr – one of them dies..and well Betty’s 3rd year is about here…. :(

  5. corny says

    He’s ruining the FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS publicity stunt. Surprised he could get any traction in the media.