1. Ted says

    When Laurence first hit the scene abotu a year ago, I have to admit I didn’t like his in-your-face style. But I have come full circle and think he is a terrific, well-spoken journalist who effectively helps balance Fox non-News. Kudos LOD!

  2. walter says

    mike huckster as a former baptist preacher is well versed as a snake oil salesman. the use of a bush sound alike to imply that bush caught bin laden is another piece of history retold. bush launched a war and never caught bin laden. this is a piece of repuk wishful thinking.

  3. Bart says

    Well, when you create the DVDs on your home computer and have your family and friends do the voices, it won’t be hard to make a buck. And there’s enough retarded evangelicals who will buy them for their kids who will one day turn on them and hate their parents for making them so regressively stupid that they’ll spend their young adult lives drinking instead of going to college or making meth in the garage. Now there’s a legacy Mike Huckabee can be proud of…dumbing down America just that much further.

  4. Lazlo says

    I guess if parents want to buy their kids this mess so they can be laughed at, ridiculed, and thought to be not so smart. More power to them. LOL!

  5. Dback says

    Don’t you love the way the video makes Bush look like a strong, decisive, in-control leader, instead of a dipshit who nearly soiled himself while sitting in a classroom during the attack, then attacked the wrong country and bankrupted our nation over the next 8+ years?

  6. Daniel says

    Like the part where President Obama annouced the death of Osama bin Laden… what that was just in my head, oh. Well at least he didn’t cut to an image of Saddam Hussien to imply there was a direct connection… oh, he did? Well I guess he’s just an ass then.

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