1. neverstops says

    these people will only get the message if we fight with gloves off

    take her to the damn whipping post – hopefully the gay community will make an example out of her

    good piece from Cooper’s team

  2. say what says

    really starting to think Marcus and her are into S/m + D/s

    what is with all the DISCIPLINE, BONDAGE, etc

  3. Matt26 says

    Well done AC! Keep working on this, please.
    Her answer “I am running…” already became a joke itself. And she is a joke, a serious joke.

  4. says

    @DAVID EHRENSTEIN: I’m not sure Anderson Cooper really needs to come out of the closet. His closet has been slowly vanishing on its own. Although he keeps his professional and private lives separate, the paparazzi have published lots of photos of him in the company of boyfriends, and he’s made no effort to DENY the fact that he’s Gay. It’s just common knowledge. For him to make a big production of “coming out” would be, well, a bit REDUNDANT.

  5. just_a_guy says

    Maybe that’s the story her husband told her about HIS gay past?!! He could’ve just come out to her as bisexual like a REAL man.

    I hope they get called on the carpet on this stuff until they get the heck out of politics.

    Good work, Mr. Cooper.

  6. Chadd says

    I don’t care if Anderson Cooper comes out. It is his choice although he is not exactly IN either. What is important is that he remains a strong advocate for our issues. If he came out then all of his reporting could be spun by Bachmann and those like her as just being attack pieces by a gay reporter and then dismissed by some rather than keeping the focus on the actual content of the piece.

    Keep up the good work Anderson.

  7. Jeff Atwood says

    While I am really happy to see Michele Bachmann called out on her statements, I have an uneasy feeling of sexism in the MSM (Main Stream Media) when I see Bachmann or Palin confronted. My sense is that the MSM doesn’t go after white, male, authority figures as persistently. Does anyone remember Anderson’s challenging Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina? Why doesn’t Anderson challenge Rick Perry (closet case?) or Mitt Romney? I have the sense that the wealthier campaigns make “deals” (access, exclusives, firsts) with the MSM which benefits both sides (the candidate is protected from embarrassing questions while seeming to be open to the press, and one news organization gets [carefully engineered] “scoops”. There is big money in politics and the press (just ask Rupert Murdoch).

  8. WebHybrid says

    An exceptionally clear exposure of the some of the most blatant hypocrisy ever foisted on the American populace; this would be both Bachmanns’ primary claim to fame. As their foolish campaign continues, media will hopefully bring this issue up again and again, and Anderson Cooper will have set the standard for clarity about it.

  9. Bart says

    I think because Bachmann just had her moment in Iowa and has consistently avoided answering any question about her comments concerning gays (or anything she doesn’t want to answer…this woman only parrots what she’s rehearsed to say to the media, Stepfordianly so…)and so has her husband, she’s the focus now.

    Personally, I wish they’d leave her alone. This woman plays very well with a small sliver of the population but will never win in a general election and will get killed in an actual debate with someone other than that sad sack Tim Pawlety whining at her. Let her get the nomination. We should be welcoming this dimwitted, ideologically crazy woman as the front runner Republican nominee. Because, like she says, she doesn’t back down from her “core values” which, thankfully, are nothing like most Americans’ values. She the best hope for Obama’s second term (George W. Bush, the second – Ricky Perry – would also be great because he’s a lying sack of swaggering idiocy that could easily be taken down.)

  10. sparks says

    Yet again, this is why I don’t care whether or not Anderson wants to open up his personal life for discussion, and why I believe as a journalist he’s not hiding in the closet so much as simply trying to keep from becoming part of the story.

    Coop has consistently and expertly remained a strong, very OUTspoken opponent of anti-LGBT sentiment. Rarely does a gay-related issue slide by without him at least commenting on it. He has in fact done far more to bring light to these specific issues than a lot of ‘out’ celebrities and journalists.

    And I love it when he giggles.

  11. Christophe says

    Entirely and utterly shameful and anti-democratic, Mrs. Bachmann – and that goes for the rest of your “field” too, especially “Mr. Perry.”

  12. says

    Take a look at this… another christian homophobe trying to get Ron Paul to say something he will regret. Of all the Republican candidates… he seems to be the biggest ally.

  13. Really? says

    If Rick Perry is a closet case then there is at least one Texas fag out there with the power to decide the next election. All it would take is a press conference and some hard (pardon pun) evidence

  14. say what says

    James put down your copy of Atlas Shrugged

    Ron Paul is no ally of the gay community or sane america

  15. Gregoire says

    Anderson Cooper is not in the closet. He’s simply refurbished the closet with fabulous bay windows and invited the world in for cocktails.

  16. Scott Rose says

    Bachmann very recently signed the National Organization for Marriage’s “pledge” to intensify the political persecution of gay Americans. Bachmann has signed a pledge to see all gay married American couples’ marriages annulled. What more do you need to know? The statements from her past only strengthen one’s understanding of what a vicious bigot she is. But those past statements aren’t the story; Bachmann’s signing of the NOM pledge is the story.

  17. luminum says

    Oh, is she running for president? I couldn’t tell. That’s what she must have meant when she said “…I’m running for the President of the United States” all those times.

  18. Jack M says

    If Anderson is always busy exposing anti-gay politicians in our country, I for one am ready to give him a free pass for not officially coming out. He’s done more for the gay community than some who have been out all their lives.

  19. Michael in Toronto says

    All sane on-air personalities should get together and agree to sound a bullhorn as soon as she starts in with the “I am running for…”

  20. Christopher Lines says

    I agree with Mr. Atwood above. It is good that MB is being brought to the carpet for past statements so that we can see that she does A REALLY BAD JOB OF AVOIDING THEM. The more inconsistencies that are revealed, the better. But there does appear to be a disconnect in that the Newt’s affairs during his morality campaign against Bill Clinton have not be brought up by pundits. He was not only having an affair during this finger pointing, but his wife at the time was dying or had been suffering from cancer. If these candidates are going to run on a ‘christian’ morality parade/ticket, their behavior better match otherwise their hypocritical finger pointing will come back and bite them in the media (social and otherwise) driven world. The other issue that I wish AC (and other pundits) would address (hammer) with Bachmann is her very misguided idea about slavery.

  21. walter says

    is that her answer to everything “i am running for president of the u.s.” how can anybody with 2 brain cells consider voting for this bigot. she takes money from the government hand over fist but wants to cut government spending. which way is michelle cut or take?

  22. Robert in NYC says

    I’m glad the crazies are running. Bachmann wono’t get the nod and if Perry does, well, that’s an ace up Obama’s sleeve. Perry accepted $6 billion from the stimulus package and gave huge tax cuts to the corporate elite on the back of Texan middle class and the working poor. He’s literally run Texas into the ditch economically. It ranks in the bottom 5 of all 50 states as a total failure in all areas of life, education, jobs and health care to name but a few. That’s the kind of America he wants, modeled on Texas, a third world state. It has the lowest high school graduate rate in the country.

    As for the gay rumor, I wonder if anyone in Austin knows anything about that, allegedly Texas’ only gay-friendly city?

  23. ohplease says

    Just chiming in to point out the obvious, which is YOU CAN’T COME OUT WHEN THE ENTIRE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS YOU’RE GAY.

    Marcus Bachmann? Anderson Cooper? That guy who works at the Starbucks on the corner? They can’t come out. Because they already are! You’re sexuality isn’t a secret when everyone knows what it is.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled comments.

  24. William says

    Oh Please:

    You absolutely can come out of the closet when “everybody knows”

    1 Everybody doesn’t know. People can easily deny or overlook what they haven’t been forced to confront, as any flaming gay guy with a mother can attest to. I’m sure many middle American viewers of 360 are doing just that.

    2 Even people who “know” don’t really know, because it’s about claiming your identity for yourself, owning it with pride and setting an example. I’m not saying that he has to, or that he owes the gay community, just that he hasn’t done it. And it would be helpful to a lot of young gay people coming up if he did.

  25. Fair Question says

    Well, what if Anderson Cooper married Rachel Maddow? Would they be straighter or gayer?

  26. Derek Wain says

    Queen Anderson Cooper has his audience but it is not among Republicans.
    The ad hominem attacks against Bachmann by media jackals have boomeranged against the Left and hugely helped Bachmann.
    Whenever the press attacks Bachmann, she gets a flood of support and money. She becomes ‘Every Woman,’ a misunderstood Tea Party mother of five facing down an elitist, arrogant, Obama-leaning press corps” The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
    8/14/11 Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll.

  27. Shelly says

    The big irony here is that by emulating Palin in avoiding (repeatedly) any question she doesn’t like, Bachmann is actually shooting her Dominionist ambitions in the foot, because each time she dodges this issue, we get another chance to repeat the brand-spanking new mantra “too homophobic to win the presidency” (a welcome turn around from the old-standby “too gay-friendly to win the presidency”), thus reinforcing this idea as conventional wisdom.

    Which is to say I do believe we’re finally past the tipping point.

  28. Artie Rimbaud says

    Shelly is dead on target. Anderson Cooper is exposing Michelle Bachmann’s obvious fear of her past anti-gay statements. This convinces middle America that Michelle Bachmann, or anyone like her, is too anti-gay to be president. Job well done, Anderson Cooper.

  29. Darrell says

    Too bad she isn’t a Canadian we would probably ducktape her mouth shut if she was trying to run for Prime Minister like that. You can tell she’s a anti-gay bigot period. While I’m sure some people support her. I think most Americans realize it is the 21st Century and most US citizens want to join those of us in some other countries who have adjusted our own societies to reflect current modern progressive values.

  30. truthteller says

    Do not disrespect Mr. Cooper by calling him queen. Not every gay man is a queen as it appears to be the case in your universe. If you are a queen, more power to you, Derek, but do respect others who find the term castrating.

    God, some people are so filled with self-hatred that they feel the need to denigrate anyone who is successful!

  31. andregide says

    Ha! Was watching some Madonna videos on YouTube yesterday and a “Bachmann for President” showed up during one of the videos. Now they’re showing up on your site and on the Boy Culture blog. Not cool. As a friend of mine noted, she’s probably also trying to find new clients for her husband’s clinic. I’m guessing they’re trying to kill two birds with one stone.

  32. ian says

    that statement of hers is classic psycological projection. it is the bigot such as herself who is in bondage and despair yet is incapable of grasping that.

  33. Beau says

    Has anybody considered that maybe the reason Cooper is such a great ally to our cause is because of his brother’s suicide? Such a personal loss can be highly motivational.

  34. J H Robbins says

    I have to agree with the commentors about Anderson coming out – isn’t this really a fait accompli? As said, he is about as out as one could be and who really would be surprised if he made such an announcement. I think we have ridden this horse to death. AC is out for ALL intents and purposes.

  35. Frank Sellers says

    Someone should shove a pie in this b*tch’s face. It shut that lying c*nt Anita Bryant up. such a simple solution.

  36. Jedediah says

    I wish she would have stood up for her past comments. They were right on. The gay lifestyle is one of dysfunction and goes against the natural order.

  37. Queen Senath CarMel Anderson says

    I don’t believe Anderson Cooper is gay whatsoever, I love him very much and I am the President of Straight Pride.