Anderson Cooper Takes On Michele Bachmann's Gay Question Runaround: Video


As we know, Michele Bachmann has a habit of dodging questions about her past anti-gay remarks.

Well, Anderson Cooper is not buying it, and last night called Bachmann out for her sudden shyness about same-sex equality.

Cooper points out that Bachmann is likely avoiding such questions because she's running for president and such anti-gay notions won't go over well with the American voter. He also notes that Bachmann was invited to join in the conversation, but no one from her camp returned CNN's calls.

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Well, what if Anderson Cooper married Rachel Maddow? Would they be straighter or gayer?

    Posted by: Fair Question | Aug 16, 2011 9:46:36 PM

  2. Queen Anderson Cooper has his audience but it is not among Republicans.
    The ad hominem attacks against Bachmann by media jackals have boomeranged against the Left and hugely helped Bachmann.
    Whenever the press attacks Bachmann, she gets a flood of support and money. She becomes ‘Every Woman,’ a misunderstood Tea Party mother of five facing down an elitist, arrogant, Obama-leaning press corps" The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
    8/14/11 Bachmann wins Iowa Straw Poll.

    Posted by: Derek Wain | Aug 16, 2011 9:48:37 PM

  3. The big irony here is that by emulating Palin in avoiding (repeatedly) any question she doesn't like, Bachmann is actually shooting her Dominionist ambitions in the foot, because each time she dodges this issue, we get another chance to repeat the brand-spanking new mantra "too homophobic to win the presidency" (a welcome turn around from the old-standby "too gay-friendly to win the presidency"), thus reinforcing this idea as conventional wisdom.

    Which is to say I do believe we're finally past the tipping point.

    Posted by: Shelly | Aug 16, 2011 10:59:44 PM

  4. Shelly is dead on target. Anderson Cooper is exposing Michelle Bachmann's obvious fear of her past anti-gay statements. This convinces middle America that Michelle Bachmann, or anyone like her, is too anti-gay to be president. Job well done, Anderson Cooper.

    Posted by: Artie Rimbaud | Aug 16, 2011 11:56:09 PM

  5. Too bad she isn't a Canadian we would probably ducktape her mouth shut if she was trying to run for Prime Minister like that. You can tell she's a anti-gay bigot period. While I'm sure some people support her. I think most Americans realize it is the 21st Century and most US citizens want to join those of us in some other countries who have adjusted our own societies to reflect current modern progressive values.

    Posted by: Darrell | Aug 17, 2011 2:09:19 AM

    Do not disrespect Mr. Cooper by calling him queen. Not every gay man is a queen as it appears to be the case in your universe. If you are a queen, more power to you, Derek, but do respect others who find the term castrating.

    God, some people are so filled with self-hatred that they feel the need to denigrate anyone who is successful!

    Posted by: truthteller | Aug 17, 2011 3:18:09 AM

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    Posted by: zhongrro | Aug 17, 2011 3:43:00 AM

  8. Ha! Was watching some Madonna videos on YouTube yesterday and a "Bachmann for President" showed up during one of the videos. Now they're showing up on your site and on the Boy Culture blog. Not cool. As a friend of mine noted, she's probably also trying to find new clients for her husband's clinic. I'm guessing they're trying to kill two birds with one stone.

    Posted by: andregide | Aug 17, 2011 5:27:58 AM

  9. that statement of hers is classic psycological projection. it is the bigot such as herself who is in bondage and despair yet is incapable of grasping that.

    Posted by: ian | Aug 17, 2011 6:13:32 AM

  10. Has anybody considered that maybe the reason Cooper is such a great ally to our cause is because of his brother's suicide? Such a personal loss can be highly motivational.

    Posted by: Beau | Aug 17, 2011 12:14:46 PM

  11. I have to agree with the commentors about Anderson coming out - isn't this really a fait accompli? As said, he is about as out as one could be and who really would be surprised if he made such an announcement. I think we have ridden this horse to death. AC is out for ALL intents and purposes.

    Posted by: J H Robbins | Aug 18, 2011 6:26:47 AM

  12. Someone should shove a pie in this b*tch's face. It shut that lying c*nt Anita Bryant up. such a simple solution.

    Posted by: Frank Sellers | Sep 13, 2011 11:58:54 AM

  13. I wish she would have stood up for her past comments. They were right on. The gay lifestyle is one of dysfunction and goes against the natural order.

    Posted by: Jedediah | Nov 6, 2011 12:48:58 PM

  14. I don't believe Anderson Cooper is gay whatsoever, I love him very much and I am the President of Straight Pride.

    Posted by: Queen Senath CarMel Anderson | May 10, 2012 8:20:27 PM

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