At Lawrence King Murder Trial, Killer’s Iraq War Veteran Brother Testifies That Nazi Materials are His: VIDEO


Brandon McInerney's Iraq war veteran brother Brian testified at the teen killer's trial yesterday that Nazi materials, including an Iron Cross medal and a video called, "Shooting in Realistic Environments" belong to him and not his brother.

Kingmcinerney The Ventura County Star reports:

The prosecution is arguing Brandon was a white supremacist who shot King because he was gay. The defense has argued the various drawings Brandon had of Nazi symbols merely reflected his interest in history.

Brian said some of the doodles found in Brandon's room seem to incorporate historical symbols of swastikas and eagles. But Ventura County Senior Deputy District Attorney Maeve Fox also showed him one that had the swastika with the words "white pride world wide" on it.

Brian also testified that he and Brandon had taken the .22 revolver used in the murder of Lawrence King with them to target practice, according to the Star.

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Watch a MyFOXLA report which says the jury was very responsive to Brian McInerney's testimony, AFTER THE JUMP