1. Chris says

    Because the bar will be packed full of drunks during school hours. Because catholic institutes have a lower pedobear concentration. Psh. Dude’s freaking out about nothing. Perhaps they can take a field trip to demonstrate how Jesus turned water into wine… oh nm that would imply a BREWERY.

  2. Jim says

    But the minute I complain about having a Catholic school/church near me or being expanded, its blasphemy.

    Well I don’t want all those bigots and pedophiles near me, do I get the same consideration?

  3. hugo says

    the diocese is probably concerned that they’ll find half of their teaching brothers and fathers hanging out at the bar after school.

    What hours do those schools operate? Shouldn’t they be done way before the bar would open?

  4. HadenoughBS says

    Uh, oh, based on the nearby evidence of existing “liquor businesses” near the school, the Papists are lying….again. Are we surprised? Noooooooooooooo!!!

  5. Francis says

    By “people complaining”, it’s probably like 4 or 5 loud idiots freaking out and thinking the worst, and everyone else not caring.

    What do they possibly think, kids will be admitted into the bar? That crazy drunken gays will be throwing up in the streets or shouting during school hours? How ridiculous. Me thinks the whiners need to get over themselves.

  6. Jesus says

    I watched this segment last night, and I was pretty surprised that they didn’t try to spin it as a gay issue, but rather as an issue of a bar being too close to the school. You could kinda feel it hanging on the lips of some of the people though, like they wanted to say “It’s because it’s a gay bar” and not just because it’s a bar, like there’s this expectation that it’s going to be this crazy, wild party place.

  7. Guy from DC says

    This isn’t unique to NYC. In DC, we’ve had an explosion in the number of small charter schools, so there now are schools EVERYWHERE. As a result, the zoning limitations of placing adult and ABC-licensed businesses near schools, playgrounds, etc. makes it just about impossible to open a new bar just about anywhere that you’d want to open one. These laws are silly, and they are anti-business. As Chris and Hugo indicated, most bars are closed during school hours, and most schools are closed during bar hours. They actually should make good neighbors.

  8. J. Page says

    I think this dumb-ass needs to pick his battles and think things through before running his giant know-it-all trap. A gay bar is by far better than a straight bar anywhere. I have lived next to straight bars and gay bars… give me a gay one any day. Usually quieter, cleaner and more respectful.

  9. hightemp says

    The bar has started a petition to gain support.

    I live in that neighborhood….or really it should be called a gayborhood at this point. Calling foul on it being a gay bar would be calling foul on just about every new business in the area.

    The point I made on the petition is that the building they want has been vacant for years and will remain so for a long time to come. There are lots of buildings over there that are just decaying (or even worse becoming infested with rats and squatters). If the Boxers guys want to clean it up, please let them…it would make a nice addition to the restaurants and wine bars already in view of the same school and playground.

  10. BigGayJason'sBigGayBusRide says

    Bloody Mary! What is the controversy? No they aren’t really going to object to 50 jobs and cleaning up that eye sore and paying property taxes, sales taxes, and employing the neighborhood?

  11. Steve says

    This is not news.

    As a former resident of the West Village, I can say that neighbors have *always* complained about bars, dance clubs, drunken patrons….if the neighborhood would rather have a gay bar than a Catholic school, well, I think that’s progress.

  12. Dan Cobb says

    UGH… how can a self-respecting gay person not LOATHE the Roman Catholic church? What a vile organization.

  13. walter says

    maybe it will keep the priests and brothers from molesting little boys. i find it objectionable to put a catholic church near a school.

  14. David says

    I’m shocked a librarian in NYC would have these views. As a law librarian myself, I decided to search in the national membership directory for her. Not surprisingly, she isn’t in the directory. I think she’s lying about being a librarian.

  15. says

    I have mixed feelings. As a gay man and a parent, I can see where some people are coming from, though I suspect their concerns are truly disingenuous.

    It’s simple, bars don’t need to be close to schools. You can’t deny that. But I suppose that if they even narrowly comply with the zoning laws then the law is the law.

  16. Hiram says

    I’m been involved in this issue from the beginning. Community Board 4 has no idea what they are doing. Having said that, I can tell you the problem is not that it’s a gay bar. There are simply too many bars in the area (of any kind). Of course the media and blogs get their facts wrong. The 200 foot prohibition is for bars within 200 feet of buildings used exclusively as a church or school, measured main door to main door, AND on the same street. Board 4 doesn’t understand that. Even if beyond the 200 foot distance, there is still a 500 foot limit when there are already three or more on-premises licenses. There are ways to get around that though. In the end, it depends on the place being a good neighbor.

  17. ZDR says

    For the last ten years I’ve lived two blocks from this site, and walk my dog by it everyday. There is a liquor store across the street and another two blocks away open 24hrs. The bodega across the street,Sonny’s, has drunks loitering outside it 24/7 playing they’re music and carrying on dancing drunk and harassing women that walk by(recent news is that it’s closing and the building being renovated). 10th ave is pretty quiet in this neighborhood. If the offended neighbors were smart they’d realize that more people coming to the hood means more money in the pocket of local small businesses.Those on the community board who object to this space being used as a gay bar are hypocritical bigots, plain and simple.

  18. Eric in Chicago says

    Based on the Catholic Church’s record on abusing kids and covering it up. I think the kids would be safer IN the gay bar than anywhere near a Catholic organization.

  19. John says

    Obviously the priests don’t want a gay bar so close to the church… they don’t want to run into their tricks on the street in front of the church. How embarrassing!

  20. wimsy says

    Is the car open at 11 pm., or do the children just show up for last call? Or will they open the bar at 7:30 a.m., so the children can get a shot and a better before kindergarten?

    Sorry, hateful bigots – your timing just doesn’t work.

  21. says

    Ugh. I was involved in the fight last month for Pieces to go to W. 8th Street and even though the Community Board overwhelmingly voted FOR it, the landlord reneged on her agreement just 30 minutes before signing. Apparently the neighbors who had complained (about used condoms on Gay Street, fist fights outside the bar and smokers) inundated the potential landlord with calls and emails protesting the move.

    Unfortunately we are living at a time in New York when gay nightlife is being methodically eradicated. The Christopher Street bars like Boots and Saddle, Hanger and Tys will be next so that the neighborhood can finally realize it’s dream – to be the Rodeo Drive of New York.

    What’s especially frustrating is when we talk about this problem, people in our own community simply roll their eyes and say “well it’s only a BAR”. Forgetting of course that a BAR is where the modern gay rights movement started.

    I’m of course all for making the world safe for children, but while it’s a parent’s right not to expose their children to a gay bar, it’s my right as a citizen to go to one.

  22. Vladimir says

    I don’t understand whats up with this issue and why is it so disgusting??? Do they really think gay bar will turn all of the kids gay?

  23. msone says

    I’m as liberal as they come, but why choose a location that happens to be at the southwest corner of a schoolyard, for a bar of any type?

  24. holly says

    What none of you are addressing is the fact that there are currently 3 gay bars on 52nd street between 8th -9th avenue, not to mention 2 restaurants that all have full liquor licenses. This being a straight, gay or otherwise bar is not the issue! The issue is the law states no fully liquor licensed bar can be within 200 feet of a school. This bar will be sitting on the playground of a school.This bar is planning on being open and serving liquor during school hours. This will also further congest 52nd street with drunks as they “party” up and down the street between what will than be 4 large bars. There have been numerous problems on 52nd street with the influx of all the bars and mix of clientele who frequent them. I am sure there are other more suitable spaces for this bar to open if he wants to be in Hells Kitchen. The issue is not that it is a Gay bar, but a bar itself! I agree, as a parent it is up to me as to what my kids are exposed to but on a school yard?? What kind of a message are we sending to our neighborhoods…. let’s all drink and party, or maybe we should all be exposed to people running around in their “boxers” and nothing else, I am sure the kids would love to see that!