1. Farley says

    Go ahead and deny it. A growing climate of hatred, discriminaton and intolerance has its effects, Mr. Governor. You and the rest of the rethuglican party have blood on your hands.

  2. audiored says

    That article has been removed from their website. Googling finds it is the only article they’ve had with those quotes and it is no longer there.

    Anyone have luck finding the article?

  3. walter says

    is the governor totally out to lunch on this
    issue the people iowa watched as 4 supreme court judges were all but tarred and
    over their stand on marriage s equality. people see the arguments put forth by the right wing nut jobs and feel these attacks are ok.

  4. Bad Humor Boy says

    The truly blind reach out to touch, feel & hear. Their instincts, intuitions & imagination can augment any deficit by enhancing other senses. But, even as the Good Book says, none are so blind as those that refuse to see!

    It is a curiosity – at least to me, that it is the “deadest hearts” that lay claim to the greatest righteousness; the “lamest brains” that feign moral leadership, and that those most rooted in certainty are the least likely to take any stand on the ground of reality.

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