California GOP State Convention Lets Gay Candidate Fred Karger In

Yesterday, I mentioned that gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger was being shut out of the California GOP convention and he had been told that the schedule was "completely filled."

Karger The burst of publicity spawned by media attention has caused officials to backtrack, and now Karger is invited, the SF Chronicle reports:

After initially giving Fred Karger what he called "the cold shoulder'' in his attempts to speak at the upcoming California GOP state convention, the party has now apparently decided to welcome the only openly gay GOP candidate in the 2012 presidential race.

"I'm thrilled and I'm glad they came around to let me participate,'' said Karger today, who credited the party's shift to a Chronicle story published Tuesday about his case.

The latest developments came after our report that Karger said he was being shut out by his own party in his efforts to attend the California GOP convention planned Sept. 16-18 in Los Angeles.

Michele Bachmann is the keynote speaker at the convention on Friday night, and Ron Paul has plans to attend as well.