California GOP State Convention Lets Gay Candidate Fred Karger In

Yesterday, I mentioned that gay GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger was being shut out of the California GOP convention and he had been told that the schedule was "completely filled."

Karger The burst of publicity spawned by media attention has caused officials to backtrack, and now Karger is invited, the SF Chronicle reports:

After initially giving Fred Karger what he called "the cold shoulder'' in his attempts to speak at the upcoming California GOP state convention, the party has now apparently decided to welcome the only openly gay GOP candidate in the 2012 presidential race.

"I'm thrilled and I'm glad they came around to let me participate,'' said Karger today, who credited the party's shift to a Chronicle story published Tuesday about his case.

The latest developments came after our report that Karger said he was being shut out by his own party in his efforts to attend the California GOP convention planned Sept. 16-18 in Los Angeles.

Michele Bachmann is the keynote speaker at the convention on Friday night, and Ron Paul has plans to attend as well.


  1. Sam says

    Its probably good that the California GOP let him in because they really need a change in how people view them. That party is literally dying out there as far as voter registration and some see the possibility of it falling below 30%. In 14 of the 53 congressional districts, there are more registered Independents than registered Republicans. It’s a wonder that every statewide office that was up for grabs went to a Democrat in one the most reddest elections this country has ever seen.

  2. luminum says

    Gay Conservatives lie to themselves and Conservatives lie to everyone else. See? I knew it would all work out; it’s a match made in heaven.

  3. Matt says


    Do you really expect all LGBT persons to be democrats??? Seriously?? There are a lot of issues besides LGBT rights. I find myself on the fence with politics and find it ridiculous when other LGBT people refuse to look beyond their own issues. Of course I am for rights for the LGBT community, but to think that elected democrats aren’t just as corrupt as elected republicans is utterly ridiculous! They lie and tell people what they want to hear to get themselves re-elected. Obama said he was against gay marriage…well at least I guess he didn’t lie…

  4. rafi says

    Of course it’s possible to be gay and Republican at the same time without actually being self-loathing.

    The problem is that GOProud is absurdly partisan — they are unrepentant apologists for any Republican, which is just stupid. They should be comfortable criticizing Bachmann and others for those candidates’ dangerous attitudes toward gays, but instead they hold them up as saviors. That *is* self-loathing, and it’s degrading. It’s insane to me that they’re dismissing their only gay candidate because they’d rather be in the club.

    There’s a difference between a true gay Republican who isn’t blinded by party loyalty, and the GOProud mentality.

  5. AnotherG says

    It was the right thing to do. Good. Let’s see if he gets any traction or is completely ignored. I think the GOP mostly just wants him to go away, but let’s see if they can give him a fair airing.