1. Christian says

    Gay icon??? Queen of fabulous?!?!?!! I almost fell out of my chair. What a shame. Can we just retire the phrase “gay icon” all together, I really can’t deal with it nowadays.

  2. FernLaPlante says

    This is a joke right? Gay icon? She is one of the most loathsome, ignorant, homophobic, racist, hateful see-you-next-tuesdays that has ever lived. GOProud is a joke.

  3. paul says

    Grover Norquist ??? Ann Coulter ? How disgusting. What an absolute bag of sick. Filthy stuck up rich arrogant arseholes who care about absolutely nothing except money. What the hell is GOPproud ?

  4. jason says

    We need Ann Coulter. She’s witty and effective. OK, she’s not the best exponent of gay rights but she’s also not the worst. Keep in mind that the Leftist media is full of people who talk about gay rights but never want to admit to being gay. They’re hypocrites there on the Left.

  5. Polyboy says

    Jason, no one needs Ann Coulter and if your justification is “they do it too” then there really isn’t a leg to stand on.

    Be better, not petty.

  6. luminum says

    @NSROB: To be fair, I’m sure GOPRoud never cared about gay rights to begin with, so I think she’ll be fine. She doesn’t want to hear about gay rights and they don’t want to talk about gay rights. A match made in Hell.

  7. Jack says

    I think what GOProud has honed in on is the fact that Ann Coulter does not believe 90% of what Ann Coulter says. Ann Coulter admits to being an entertainer, who feeds on pissing people off. Her extreme views are a form of making a more subtle point by way of hyperbole.

    Do I like her or agree with GOProud’s decision here? No, not really.

    But I also think that the likes of Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, etc… are a lot more *actually* anti-gay than Ann Coulter is.

  8. jpeckjr says

    I’m sure the primary purposes of the “Board of Advisors” are to give GOProud credibility in the conservative political world (cause it sure don’t do that in the LGBT world) and to raise money. It might actually help with the money part. Looks mostly like a list of people who are famous for being famous.

  9. Rowan says

    Well that’s just peachy. Words mean nothing as we know JACK, so it’s just a ok that Ann makes money from humiliating and demeaning gays because she doesn’t really mean it does she?

    Damn, I’d hate for you to have my back if I needed some help down the line in my life. Sheez.

  10. JoyZeeBoy says

    My ex, the Republican Citibank lawyer from Hell, served as a military prosecutor of gay guys in the Naval JAG office in Boston, back in the 50’s. He thought NOTHING of stringing up poor, found-out, unfortunates during the day, while he was living a very closety life at night.

    He had *no* problem in rationalizing that if you were stupid enough to get caught, then you deserved what you got.

    I will never forgive myself for having slept with that odious toad once — let alone for 15 years.

    I *know* how self-delusion works. So does Chris Barron and the fools who belong to GOProud. The only people they’re fooling, though, are themselves. Quite successfully.

  11. Jack says


    Words mean different things in different contexts. I never said I liked what she says, I just said that as I (and apparently GOProud) have understood it, she is being purposefully hyperbolic to make a point, rather than literal.

    But of course, you hear things you don’t like, and your brain probably shuts off except for the part that screams “homophobia” and “wicked witch of the west.”

  12. Dale says

    GoProud has lost any legitimacy it may have had. This was definitely a bad move on their part. They need someone with integrity and conviction of truth.

  13. Artie Rimbaud says

    Anti-gay-Ann-Coulter joins up with anti-gay-GoProud? This whole thing is starting to seem just weird and creepy. Definitely not for the squeamish.

  14. Philippe says

    The Right is missing a golden opportunity by not embracing GOProud and using them as a golden, glittery example of how even the Gays hate gay people.

  15. walter says

    goproud is not gay just a cover up run by the repuks by a group of self hating people. these people are looking for love in all the wrong places. maybe mommy should have breast feed them they would have felt some love. mommy and daddy and the repuks will never love you no matter how much you try.

  16. RIck says

    “This is a joke right? Gay icon? She is one of the most loathsome, ignorant, homophobic, racist, hateful see-you-next-tuesdays that has ever lived”

    Yeah, but she is a bitchy, obnoxious, self-involved straight woman (the definition of a gay male icon), so who cares?

  17. Michael says

    GOProud needs help nothing redeemable or PROUD about any of those hypocritical gay americans they continue to side with the enemy turning their backs on what really matters: equality helping to make a change for all these LGBT teens who continue to be harassed mocked terrorized bullied and sadly also take their lives.

  18. TJ says

    JACK – interesting hypothesis, that Coulter is purposefully hyperbolic in order to make the opposite point. And if she only went on more mainstream outlets rather than FOX, and didn’t write her books, and all of her audience thought past the words and speculated about hyperbolic intent, I might consider that you have a point. But Coulter makes money by preaching to her choir. She affirms, rather than challenges, beliefs. She entertains her base and annoys and outrages the rest of us. I don’t find feeling annoyed or outraged entertaining.

  19. ChrisMe says

    @Robert in NYC, Ron Paul does NOT support DOMA. He also always says that being gay is NOT a choice and that states should be able to legalize marriage equality.

    I don’t agree with Ron Paul on everything, but lets be honest. His position (even as a republican) on gay rights is better than that of a lot of Dems.

  20. luminum says

    Also, JASON, I love your logic:

    Better to have an unapologetically anti-gay woman to serve on your “pro-gay” organization than to have someone who doesn’t take any action on gay rights.

    So you’d rather fly on an airplane with no engine instead of an airplane with no engine that looks like it has one?

  21. Hollywood, CA says

    “Stockholm syndrome is a term used to describe a real paradoxical psychological phenomenon wherein hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors” – GeTHelp!

  22. RJVegas says

    I hope no one has said this before, but I vote that GOProud have their gay cards revoked IMMEDIATELY! They’re a disgrace trying to make this witch (and that’s kind) an honorary chair and gay icon. To think that she, in their eyes, belongs in the same breath as Barbra, Cher, Patti,Diana,Bette AND, for God’s sake, JUDY…it’s appalling!

  23. Jack says

    Ah yes, the call for revocation of the “gay card.” That’s a good one.

    I don’t agree with this move by GOProud, and I don’t care for Ann Coulter, but you only give credence to the argument that left-leaning gays are close-minded when you call for revocation of the “gay card” as if you have the right to determine what “gay” is and who gets to claim the title.

  24. BRENDA says

    I saw it said “50 comments” and I raced to read ’em. I knew this thread would be full of justified venal barbs at the ridonkculousness of anything related to GOProud. I love the bickering between self-hating gay Repubs in this thread or apologists for gay-hating Repubs and the champions of reason. So much fun to read!

  25. Jollysocks says

    What’s next? Charlie Sheen the head of Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Warren Jeffs the head of Miss Teen USA? Michele Bachmann the head of the United States of America?

  26. Thunderboltfan says

    In the video, she openly states that she and GOProud oppose same sex marriage. And she insults single mothers. This is naked cynicism about equal rights for LGBTs, in hopes of attracting conflicted bigots and the gays in their thrall. What a sad joke.

  27. says

    This makes perfect sense.

    GOProud members have families that are utterly ashamed of them, unsupportive of them as gay men, and only tolerate them as long as they suck up to the GOP in every possible way.

    Don’t bring up gay issues! Hate blacks! Hate Liberals! Hate Unions! Love guns! Use buzzterms that make no sense! Hate Other Gays!

    So of COURSE they’re gonna think Coulter is a gay icon – they stupidly still convince themselves that their parents love and accept them. They Don’t.

    And they never will. Not because they’re homosexuals, but because they’re such insecure gutless little wimps about it.

  28. says

    as for this “gay card” nonsense uh….GOProud would be, and are, the first to not WANT a “gay card”

    they’re NOT Gay. they’re homosexuals. there’s a difference.

    you’re born a homosexual. you have to EARN being gay. earn it, claim it, own it, embrace it.

    these white moneyed wimps cant stop distancing themselves from the Gay Community.

    and that’s why their lives will be wasted. a life spent looking over their shoulder worrying what The Straights are saying about them.

  29. Mark says

    Why do I always confuse Ann Coulter with Michelle Bachmann?

    Oh wait, … they look the same!

    Well no that’s not quite all of it. They THINK the same.

  30. Scrufff says

    @Jack, I agree with you, “But I also think that the likes of Michelle Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, etc… are a lot more *actually* anti-gay than Ann Coulter is.”

    Coulter is just a self-promoting celubutard, that uses gays as a way to get some tv time to shill her latest book. I don’t think anyone takes her seriously.

    Ditto with GOProud, who cares about them? No one other than people who follow gay blogs like this one know of their existence. They’ll soon lose their 15 seconds of fame.

  31. Shelly says

    Ah, the final seal of the surrealist apocalypse! My brain refuses to comprehend this bit of information. Best guesses at the moment:

    A) Coulter is, in fact, a Colbert-style satirist but nobody on the planet understood the joke except GOProud, who are now having some incomprehensible “last laugh” at the rest of us

    B) GOProud really ARE secretly ushering in the establishment of Shariah Law in the US just like the wingiest-nuts had said and they’ve just elected Coulter Grand Imam, because, surprise-surprise, she’s been a MAN, baby, all along!

    C) GOProud are, and have always been, a sophisticated piece of truly perverse Post-Mod performance art, and stereotypically committing mass credibil-icide is their way of taking a final bow

    In any case, never thought I’d see the day, but there really IS only one wholly appropriate poetic response to something like this:

    Faggots of the world, murderers of doves!
    Slaves of women, their dressing-room bitches.
    open in the marketplace like feverish fans
    or ambushed in rigid hemlock landscapes.

    No quarter given! Death
    spills from your eyes
    and gathers gray flowers at the mire’s edge.
    No quarter given! Attention!
    Let the confused, the pure,
    the classical, the celebrated, the supplicants
    close the doors of the bacchanal to you.

    And you, lovely Walt Whitman, stay asleep on the Hudson’s banks
    with your beard toward the pole, openhanded.
    Soft clay or snow, your tongue calls for
    comrades to keep watch over your unbodied gazelle.

    Sleep on, nothing remains.
    Dancing walls stir the prairies
    and America drowns itself in machinery and lament.
    I want the powerful air from the deepest night
    to blow away flowers and inscriptions from the arch where you sleep,
    and a black child to inform the gold-craving whites
    that the kingdom of grain has arrived.

    Federico García Lorca, 1929, NYC

  32. BobN says

    “she’s not the best exponent of gay rights”

    Is an ex-ponent like an ex-gay?

    As to the “subtle” message underlying her schtick? What is that subtle message?

  33. ChrisMe says

    @ Robert, thanks for the link. I had no idea Ron Paul really supported DOMA. He’s playing politics IMO…either way I just lost a ton of respect for him for playing politics with my life. Screw him. Thanks again.

  34. Redebbm says

    Thats it *throws hands up* I’m done, GOProud. Im done trying o understand you guys. You really take pride in self loathing.

    As for Coulter, she thrives on pissing off People. So it’s best to just look away.

  35. Jack says

    Little Kiwi:

    Again, you demonstrate contempt for anyone who doesn’t fit in to your neat little definition of what “gay” is. How predictable. I bet you also think that gays who play sports and don’t have a lisp are just repressed too, right?

    Mommy and daddy were actually just fine with me as I was.

    This is why I don’t associate with the gay community at large. The inability to accept differences in opinion, and the instant ad hominem attacks against anyone who doesn’t engage in the groupthink.

    You like to think you’re better than the right-wing haters, but really, you’re pretty much the same.

  36. Joseph Singer says

    Any gay person who makes Ann Coulter a “gay icon” has something seriously wrong with them. Maybe some gays think she’s the best, but she _hates_ gays. Why would you put someone on a pedestal who hates you? Self-hate?

  37. philip says

    How hypocritical. Didn’t Chris Barron marry his husband in DC? Yet GOProud and Ann Coulter oppose same-sex marriage? This whole group is one big joke.

  38. Ben says

    You have got to be kidding me!!! This creature is one of the worst that is walking this earth!!! To put someone on a gay board that talks about us the way she does is just WRONG!!!

  39. Brad Lane says

    WTF?? SERIOUSLY?!?!?!!??!? How self-loathing are these gay idiots that they would put her on their board and call her a “gay icon?” PLEASE!!!!

    I can’t believe any gay person with even just a single ounce of pride would want anything to do with that c*nt!

    I mean come on, that’s like putting Adolph Hitler on the Board of Directors of some Jewish organization! Or gay for that matter – Oh, I get it – Adolph isn’t available, so they took the next best thing.

    What a bunch of frakking idiots! Any gay person that thinks that our rights are going to get anywhere with Republicants is wrong!

    And just to p*ss them off, my partner and I got married in Niagara Falls NY on 7/27/11! Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it Ann C*nter!

  40. Chevytexas says

    You all know none of the GOProuders are gay, right? G’head, get one of them to prove it. This is a right-wing front organization… like Young Life or the Methodist Youth Fellowship (apologies to methodists).

  41. Paul says

    Of course…

    She could go on a shooting spree in a gay bar, and GOProud would be there to name her their new president. In another era, they’d be volunteering for the Judenrat.

  42. John says

    @Jack, you kinda need to belt it with the smug “sound familiar?” crap–your argument is so old.

    Clearly, Kiwi’s point is just that he thinks of GOProud as less than authentic because, in spite of their name, they clearly have no pride in themselves. Using the fame of the people who show no respect for your human dignity does not bespeak pride. It’s just pathetic.

  43. Jack says


    Old it may be, but still true. People around here have no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t hew to their political beliefs. Don’t believe it? Look at any story that mentions Republicans. Diversity of opinion is not tolerated. Ironic.

  44. just_a_guy says

    @Jack: I actually know and respect a handful of gay Republican friends. THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE ANN COULTER.

    And they have GOT TO BE EMBARRASSED at her appointment to represent them.

    I’m embarrassed for them, in any case.

    But then, maybe that was the Far-Right-Repug’s whole point in putting Ann Coulter in charge of the gay contingent: cuz the gays aren’t real people anyway, right? Just like Iraqis weren’t real people to the Bush administration — so they sent Jr. Conserva-nuts to run Iraq (i.e. waste taxpayers’ money by the bucket-loads AND make things worse in Iraq despite the gold from our treasuries pouring in).

    The Republicans once had a Barry Goldwater middle-of-the-road reasonable-pragmatic-man thing going for them. The gay Republicans I know are still holding onto that.

    And they hold onto hopes that the days of the reasonable Republicans are not over. They better keep holding on, I guess.

    To add personal-attack to any (admirably??)persisting gay Republicans, Ann-spit-on-gays-Coulter now oversees the gay Republicans.


    So much for GoProud showing at least leadership on things like Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, which Mrs. Coulter-Falwell thinks is absurd:

    She LAUGHS at the idea of gay men in combat. WHAT AN IDIOT.

    The handful of manly gay men who have persisted in allegiance (and dollars) to the Republican party should see this as A WAKE UP CALL!!!

    Boys, r u reading this??!!

  45. JackCracker says

    In spite of her anti-SSM stance, Ann Coulter is not as anti-gay as many of the commenters here believe. Why do I say this this?
    1) She in fact says she’s not anti-gay, just anti-SSM! (note: that’s quite different than the “hate the sin, love the sinner” b.s. claim made by the real bigots of the religious right).
    2) She opposes both “gays” and “girls” in the military, i.e., she thinks, or says that it should be all straight guys. (again, her view is not strictly anti-gay and does not suggest anti-gay animus.
    3) She talks about gays being “born” that way. (the religious right bigots ALWAYS stick to the claim that homosexuality is a “lifestyle CHOICE” so that they can deny that the gay rights movement is like the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s (because blacks can’t choose their skin color but gays, they claim, CAN and DO choose their lifestyle. THIS claim of homosexuality being a “lifestyle choice” is the bigots justification to continue discriminating. Ann Coulter doesn’t play that lying card!

  46. just_a_guy says


    re 1): you believe her? really?

    re 2): isn’t it TEXTBOOK anti-gay to press for a strict gender dichotomy, and standardized subservience of women to men (which works against rights for even straight men, incidentally)?!

    Think on that one, man, mull it over some more, c’mon.

    They long for the days when Marriage was a wife and children as property, legally-enforceable by the man with an actual stick.

    I mean, I don’t care what S&M play u do with your dude, dude, but it’s play for you, right?! You don’t beat ur boy (or have him beat you) as your actual living arrangment do u?!! Cuz that ain’t cool to me dude. Not having it. I don’t judge consensual S&M dude, but if someone is making that another’s forced EXISTENCE, it’s not ok, man. I don’t care WHAT sexual orientation ur. NOT COOL.

    But I tell ya what, I knew more than one male-female family growing up where those beatings were CENTRAL to their lives, and they CALLED it “God’s will”–cuz it was “natural” for the women (and children!!) to deserve that treatment.

    re 3) isn’t Ann Coulter’s view of the world something like…
    Men- First Class,
    Women- Second Class,
    Gays- No Class…to be trampled on…as her BIRTHRIGHT, as, hey, they were BORN that way, we don’t HAVE to respect them. Like she thinks disrespecting and denying basic human dignities to gay poeple is somehow natural “Social Darwinism” or something.

    Boy, JackCracker, the 20th Century sure F’d up when they let Germany apply it’s stupid PERVERSION OF DARWINISM against the Jews (and gays, others).

    Do you really think it’s not that big,Mr. JackCracker?

  47. ivh says

    This is sickening. WTF is wrong with those people, she hates you and thinks you are not equal, but want you to occupy a place below those of her ilk. Just want to throw up on this news.

  48. JackCracker says

    Actually, Coulter’s views strike me as being consistent with someone who might be a closet lesbian. That’s because someone could hold those beliefs without actually denouncing homosexuality, i.e., without being a hypocrite, just someone who neither admits nor denies their sexual orientation.
    If that’s where she’s coming from, it’s more honest than the type of closet case who denies his/her own homosexuality by adopting a virulent homophobic bigotry such as the anti-gay rights senator with the bathroom “wide-stance” who was caught at the airport playing footsie with a vice cop in the next stall, or the anti-gay psychologist/courthouse ‘expert-witness’ caught vacationing in Europe with a hot and sexy “rent-boy”, or the mega-church pastor who was paying a male prostitute for the very same sinful pleasures that earned him a reputation for preaching against while standing at the pulpit.

  49. John says

    @Jack, it’s “old” because it’s useless. What you really mean to say is you’re annoyed that people disagree with your politics. I don’t see anyone blocking you from saying what you want. I even see a couple people defending, against every ever-loving iota of reason, Ann Coulter as a supporter of LGBT rights. (Although, seriously, JackCracker’s argument is that because she also doesn’t want women in the military, she’s not anti-gay?! Seriously?! You know, you can be “anti” more than one thing at a time! Being a sexist does not magically make you not a homophobe anymore–good lord! She’s quoted calling people “faggot” and saying gays aren’t qualified to be firefighters. She once said that Christians were “perfected Jews.” How is there even a debate happening here on this? This is a question of general human decency.)

    Jack, being disagreed with doesn’t mean people don’t tolerate your opinion–it just means most people think you’re wrong. Welcome to America–you have a right to your opinion, not to anyone else’s. Keep posting whatever you like, and keep getting disagreed with. Any gay, lesbian, or especially trans person has spent a lifetime dealing with Coulter-style nonsense and should have developed a thick skin.

  50. Jack says


    I think your position is reasonable. Like I said, I don’t agree with GOProud on this.


    No, I don’t care if people disagree with my politics. I enjoy that actually; debate is a favorite hobby of mine.

    What irks me is the fact that, as you’ll read if you look back at this and other articles, is that most people around here are not interested in debating the validity of their or others’ political views. They instantly resort to ad hominem and personal attacks rather than addressing the issues. That indicates to me something more nefarious than a mere disagreement with politics.

  51. jamal49 says

    Good. I hope one of those Go-Proud Girls will give Ann some style tips. That blond-Goth-Queen-of-the-Damned look of hers is really, um, not attractive. Anyway, they deserve each other. Ann likes to kick ass and they like to, well, um, they like it.

  52. Shelly says

    Trying to look at this cooly and rationally. I joked before about it being absurdist theatre, but that honestly is exactly what it is. Both Coulter and GOProud are all about pissing people off, so much so that they’ve made wholly unproductive careers out of it.

    Comments sections on either side of the aisle are depressingly homogenous. Lots of simpleminded, black-and-white outrage and hardly anybody offering up anything that might be actually useful by means of what to do about the stuff going on that actually matters to our lives. Obviously equality is something to work for as well and as strategically/intelligently as we can, but getting all bent out of shape because professional provocateurs do what they do, over and over again, like one-trick ponies, only makes our side as low and blinkered as theirs is.

    We are, and have always been, smart and creative people. I think we’d be better off leveraging that and just letting the fools have enough rope to hang themselves for attention, cuz it’s what they do best.

  53. JackCracker says

    Hey John,
    You addressed only one out of three of my points. What about the 3rd point? You do know that the bigots of the religious right are the ones fighting lgbt equality, with their so-called ‘culture war’ don’t you? You do know that they justify this by presuming gays CHOOSE their lifestyle, don’t you? If they didn’t pretend to have this special knowledge of how gays became gays, how would they justify opposition to SSM? (I won’t rehash the 3rd point too).

    As for the 2nd point, concerning DADT, your reply is that someone can be “anti” more than one thing at a time! That’s true in general, but here it means that the validity of your claim that she is anti-gay is contingent on Miss Coulter also being anti-women. Is there any reason to suggest that she is anti-women (other than the statement in question)?

    What’s your reply to my 1st point? If she’s comfortable being pals to the gays at GOproud, maybe she’s telling the truth about not being anti-gay? Maybe anti-gay means something different to her than to you (or me, for that matter, since I do favor both DADT repeal, and SSM). I don’t care if someone personally opposes those things, even if vocal about it like Ann. What matters to me is people who try to make everyone live according to their religious beliefs by force of law. Ann Coulter says over the top stuff to make money, but as far as I know she doesn’t push for legislation to force anyone to do anything. Maybe that’s part of what she means by not being anti-gay? That and having gay friends, such as GOProud.

    by the way, just-a-guy, SSM is same-sex marriage, not S&M.

  54. Michaelandfred says

    Hysterical! An honorary chair nobody takes seriously (except to make people nauseous) for an honorary group that no republican takes seriously (except that the thought makes them nauseous). There meetings are probably held in empty rooms where everyone “honorarily” show up to talk about nothing. Gay icon? If my mastiff had a face like Coulter I’d shave his ass and teach him to talk backwards.

  55. tim sullivan says

    She’s a publicity whore…she’d be the queen of anything to get media time. I don’t want her anywhere near our movement. For that matter I don’t want any of those kiss ass gay republican near me either.

  56. Paul says

    Keep in mind that “money” motivates a lot of people to do things that they know are immoral…even illegal. Ann & Goproud make a nice pair and they’ll be good for each other…very Virgina Wolfe.
    Try to find pleasure in everything around us…use your imagination…picture Ann with a strap-on giving it to Chris Barron where he wants it most. oh god, oh god, oh jesus!!!

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