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Czech President Won't Condemn Aide's Remarks That Gays Destroy Society, Family, Elevate Deviation to a Virtue

Czech President Vaclav Klaus is standing by his deputy chancellor Petr Hajek, who condemned the mayor of Prague for his support of a Gay Pride parade there, the AP reports.

Hajek Said Hajek, according to Ceske Noviny:

"The homosexuals' pressure action that will take place under the 'pretty Czech name' gay parade in Prague is not any innocent entertainment...It is a serious demonstration of a certain vision of the values in the world. It is a world in which traditional family plays no role...In this world, the monster of multiculturalism devours deep national traditions and cultural roots...It is a world in which sexual or any other deviation is elevated to a virtue, abnormality to a norm, the destruction of society to holy progress...A white man, heterosexual and Christian [is typically the endangered species in the world the participants in the event advocate]."

Klaus The AP reports that Klaus has defended his aide's remarks, despite calls from the Social Democrats and Public Affairs party for an apology: "Klaus refused to distance himself from Hajek's words and said he was not 'proud' of the event. The Aug. 13 parade is part of the first Prague gay pride festival that begins Wednesday."

Ceske Noviny adds:

Klaus writes in his statement released on his website that the carnival is not a manifestation of homosexuality but "homosexual-ism" which he fears similarly like any other modern "-isms." ... According to Klaus, Hajek is not protesting against the march alone but against the fact that this event is held under the auspices of the mayor, and possibly some political entities in the country. "One thing is to tolerate it, but to express public support on behalf of a significant institution is something completely different," Klaus writes. It is a mere quibble to demur at Hajek´s use of the word "deviation" in connection with homosexuals, Klaus notes, adding that he considers the word deviation neutral. "In any case, homosexuality is a considerably minority phenomenon, and it deserves our protection as such, but not necessarily our apotheosis," Klaus writes.

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  1. @Rick aka DB: What a sad, miserable case you must be. I wish you were a parodist, but, alas, I suspect your homophobic and misogynistic ramblings under various anonymous screen names are sincere.

    BTW, I can assure you KevinVT is doing just swell, with exactly the kind of mainstream success you believe is impossible for a big flaming queen like him. (He's really not that flaming, actually, just flaming enough to be fun.)

    The truth is, among contented people, there is room for people all over the gender/sexuality/queer/straight spectrum. The important thing is to be able to live one's life in a dignified way that is natural to you and suits your inner being, whatever that inner being happens to be like. It's why, in the tolerant places (one rural, one urban, both with full LGBT equality) where I live, as long as you treat others well, find a career path that is meaningful, and surround yourself with loving friends and family, you can be anywhere in the LGBTQ lineup and thrive. I was at an outdoor drag extravaganza hosted by the Queen of the city last weekend, attended by 15,000 happy people. I'll return to my home state next week and greet fondly my circle of mostly straight neighbors, friends, and colleagues. The point is, where there is equality, there is tolerance. Where there is tolerance, there is equality.

    The deserved repercussions you speak of, in an enlightened culture, are for those so disgruntled, bigoted, and narrow-minded that the can't envision a world beyond their pathetic little boundaries. No one who has a good life judges others because they, gasp, are wearing a skimpy outfit or a boa in a Gay Pride Parade (which, BTW, is theater, like Mardi Gras or Carnival--it is not reality).

    Enjoy your life, Rick! Don't worry about the rest of us. We're doing ok. Now, which dress to wear out tonight?

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 5, 2011 5:02:10 PM

  2. @LEO Effeminacy and weakness among men can never be accepted because of the critical role that masculinity plays in protecting the society--at both the micro level and at the macro level.

    Accept effeminacy among men and it becomes acceptable to run from fights, which, at the macro level, means running from battle.......and ultimately that would translate to a society that could not defend itself from attack because all of its men had become cowards.....You see, not being a coward requires some effort; it is much easier to be a coward than it is not to be one, so without the social pressure on males to be strong and courageous and brave, presumably a large proportion of them would take the easy way out.....with disastrous consequences......

    Nobody really likes to fight or be shot at, but sometimes it is necessary, and without a masculine ethic, that will would be seriously undercut......

    As for the 13-year-old boy who prefers dolls to trucks, his preference is not natural--it is traceable to the same cause that always attaches to effeminacy in gay men--internalization of the idea that homosexuality equates to lack of masculinity and heterosexuality equates to presence of masculinity.

    The solution to that is to alter the male culture in such a way that no stigma of un-masculinity attaches to homosexuality, on the one hand, and heterosexuality is not seen as a badge of masculinity, on the other. That would free all men from the crippling effects of the current culture--and arrest the development of effeminate behavior in homosexual men, which would accrue to the benefit of us all, regardless of sexual orientation......

    Those of you fighting for acceptance of effeminacy are not only fighting a losing battle, but are also under-cutting the legitimacy of our movement....and you are going to have to acknowledge that, sooner or later if you want real change and if you want that change to be lasting rather than temporary....

    Posted by: Rick | Aug 5, 2011 5:14:36 PM

  3. "sooner or later if you want real change and if you want that change to be lasting rather than temporary...."

    Oh, Rick, what the inside of your head must be like . . . Some of us have already enacted permanent real change, and we're living it. And we didn't have to throw any other human being under the bus to get there. It's your right to despise effeminacy and women, but it only speaks to your own insecurities. Real men, however butch or nelly, don't worry about their own masculinity (or lack thereof) or the masculinity of others, and real men aren't threatened by women. And if you think all feminine men are weak, I hope you never run into a PO'ed drag queen (see Stonewall), cause you wouldn't be pretty afterwards.

    Posted by: Ernie | Aug 5, 2011 8:30:34 PM

  4. So, Rick, you are both gay and a crazy neo-fascist?

    Posted by: Blub | Aug 5, 2011 9:06:43 PM

  5. I'm sorry, all I can hear is "Help! Help! We're being loosing our white straight male Christian cultural monopoly! We're being oppressed!"

    Poor baby, before you know it women will be able to vote and racial minorities might hold office. Maybe even both at once. Oh, *save* us endangered rich straight white Christian males from ever being on the same level as anyone else!


    Posted by: Manawolf | Aug 5, 2011 11:43:07 PM

  6. Rick -

    You never answered my question about aggressive women that are strong-willed breadwinners. Not okay according to your argument, right? Please answer that question.

    2nd paragraph - the fact that you equate effeminacy with cowardice is blatantly bigoted on its face. Also, the argument you make that accepting effeminacy will eventually lead to the deterioration of the system I would equate to the argument that gays shouldn't partner because in the long term, the world's population will suffer. Have you read studies on testosterone levels at all? I can't think of the term right now, but I do know personally of the case of a guy who was practically foaming at the mouth constantly and always looking for a fight because of exceedingly high testosterone levels that he now takes meds for. Point is, there will ALWAYS be men ready to kill anyone at any moment just like there will ALWAYS be men who prefer to fly a kite. That accepting everyone as they are will make all our nation's men cowards is patently absurd.

    "The solution to that is to alter the male culture in such a way that no stigma of un-masculinity attaches to homosexuality".

    Great, fine, okay. But - there will always be effeminate straight men (yes they do exist) just as there will always be butch gay men and no conformist manifesto of yours will ever change that.

    "and arrest the development of effeminate behavior in homosexual men" - what is your theory in how effeminacy is developed in men, both gay and straight with the insistence that it can just 'go away'? The age old myth of an absent father and overbearing mother? It's not 'going away' to please your effeminophobia Rick. So you would propose a system where effeminacy is spotted early on in a male child so he is brought into some center where he is taught never to reveal feminine qualities or preferences again? Again, Rick, they don't go away. He is not harming himself or others with these qualities, as I argued above. What is the problem? You're not answering any of my questions directly or thoroughly.

    Posted by: Leo | Aug 6, 2011 8:26:21 AM

  7. That Czech Doctors tried to get rid of the partial
    eligibility president of Czech rep. - because of the Treaty of Lisbonmentioned and hiscClimate sceptic ideas..
    Klaus proclaim the mentally ill, because they want to sign the Lisbon Treaty - an idea developed last fall, a group of doctors and lawyers, who wanted the President to declare unfit to perform his office. What was that about?
    To the public recently leaked email correspondence of some Czech doctors (Dr.John Hnízdil, Dr. Martin Jan Stransky, psychoanalyst Dr.Vaclav Mikota, Dr. Slavomil Hubálek and other.../ such as czech psychoanalysts Vera Fischel, Petr Pothe), which deals with the possibilities of how to get rid of legal capacity of President. Its authenticity of some of the players confirmed. Doctors Hnízdil Stransky and the initiative even proudly reported.
    More info in Web journalist Adam Bartos:

    Posted by: Bart | Aug 10, 2011 10:54:18 AM

  8. Vaclav Klaus is now the focus of protest to support the Gay Pride parade.
    Klaus and the pen is a worldwide hit, it writes the BBC.

    Posted by: Bart | Aug 10, 2011 10:58:52 AM

  9. What these guys are missing is that it is a case of normalcy being recognized as such, as an expression of joy by those finally getting [probably only some of] their equal rights exulting in public, asserting what they have felt [and could not feel otherwise] demonstrably to a world that must be brought to realize that all is well if all feel well and comfortable in their own skins, as long as they're not hurting others. If they feel that they're hurting others or "recruiting," they should as for proof from the bigots who assert this, and thereby realize that the bigots are using fear of the unknown and the hatred that can be derived from it to gain position and money, like these two jerks are doing.

    Payment should be stopped on these two Czechs, and they should be discarded.

    [It's really sad that Leviticus was included in the Bible; it was a government edict designed to increase the birth rate among occupying Hebrews living in newly-conquered territory. The ban on homosexuality should be relegated to the same trash heap that the stoning of women who commit adultery, the prescribed treatment to be accorded to slaves, and dietary restrictions were buried in long ago.

    Better yet, just take Leviticus out of the Bible, and replace it with a retraction and an apology to the millions whose lives have been destroyed by it for two thousand years.]

    Posted by: Don Hansen | Dec 13, 2011 7:40:29 AM

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