1. Kevin_BGFH says

    Hmmm. Methinks they should do a full frontal outtake or easter egg on the DVD. Maybe only on DVDs available for sale, not rent? Bet they’d sell a lot more that way.

  2. JoshG says

    He made an announcement at one point that he would no longer be appearing shirtless as his agent said he was being typecast.

    Mr. Evans, I’d like you to meet Mr. McConaughey and Mr. Reynolds…

  3. fred says

    Chris would be thrilled to know that, in the interest of fully and properly servicing him, I am willing to set aside my anger at him for shaving that gorgeous belly fur of his and trimming his chest hair.

  4. Doug says

    I really am so not above watching this video over and over, and repeatedly trying to pause it to catch a glimpse while he’s walking back to the room (even though I know it’s still covered). I want to be that towel, hell, I’d even be the apple. I’m so glad his publicist failed the shirtless photos/movies ban, it clearly didn’t stick, THANK THE 9!

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