Florida GOP Senate Candidates Vow Gay Marriage Opposition


If you need proof that social issues will play a role in the 2012 national and state elections, look no further than the Republican Senate debates in Florida yesterday.

All of the candidates, former U.S. Sen. George LeMieux, former state Rep. Adam Hasner, retired Army Col. Mike McAlister and business man Craig Miller, all came out against gay marriage, according to the Tallahassee Democrat:

When asked about New York’s recent legalization of gay marriage, the four Republicans said they supported the federal “defense of marriage act,” which defines marriage as a union of one man and one woman.

“I think that’s how God intended it to be,” said Miller. “This direction, this slope we’re on, takes our country in a direction that we need not go.”

McAlister said that, as a 10th Amendment advocate, he would prefer to leave marriage to the states “but it has to be protected.” He said variations of the issue have been on the ballot in 32 states — including Florida, which outlawed gay marriage in a 2008 referendum — and that “tens of millions of people have voted” to define the union.

Orlando attorney John Stemberger, a founder of the Family Policy Council, ran the constitutional amendment campaign on marriage three years ago. He said the four Republicans articulated strong conservative positions in the debate and that support of social conservatives and tea party activists was crucial to electing Gov. Rick Scott and Rubio last year, along with some members of the U.S. House and local governing boards.

“If history is any indicator, if the social conservatives and tea party can get on the same page as a candidate, they can determine the nominee,” said Stemberger. “They are the largest and most cohesive voting bloc of the Republican Party.”

And, yes, you can be sure all four candidate blasted so-called “activist judges” who would approve equality. Remarked Hasner, “I’m just very hopeful that we’re going to have a Republican president who’s going to appoint strict constructionists.”

Remember that glimmer of hope when Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels called for a truce on social issues? Yeah, that ship has clearly passed. The libertarian Tea Party and the traditionally anti-gay social conservative movements are now working in tandem. That doesn’t mean, however, that such blatantly discriminatory politics will necessarily win over voters.


  1. jason says

    These anti-gay marriage Republicans are probably all divorced. So much for the sanctity of marriage. They’re all hypocritical Republican sleazeballs who visit prostitutes and then cosy up to their wives in a phony display of marital sanctity.

    We should get some detectives to follow some of these perverts around. Compiling a dossier on their behavior would be a great way of holding them to account. Every time they utter their opposition to gay marriage, we should place into cyberspace a file of their extra-marital activities.

  2. Chris says

    the curtain has been drawn. The Tea Party running on defecit and tax reform in 2010 is really the Far Right Religious fascists that we have always known as bigots and haters of anything gay. Voting (R) is tantamount to voting for the slavery of everyone who doesn’t think and act like these religious fascists. They must be defeated everywhere as they trample the constitution in the same way that they take passages from the Bible and turn the words against people and foster hatred.

  3. Nick says

    It is Florida after all-what do you expect?

    The TP and the religious reich have an alliance and will prevail in many parts of the country unfortunately as the electorate is ill-informed and easily swayed by these patriotic parrots.

    A very sad time-

  4. says

    Why are these people seemingly incapable of evolving. They seem stuck in some kind of time warp where “evolution” is considered a dirty word.

    And when they talk about appointing judges who are “strict constructionists” in regards to the constitution, what in the hell does that even mean? Are they advocating we eliminate all the amendments to our constitution to include their beloved second amendment, or just the ones they don’t like. Either way is absurd.
    I think I just answered my own question.

    And we all know what they mean by “activists judges”. They’re only talking about those judges who tend to have a liberal bias, you know the ones who might come down on the side of the people. They have no problem with “activists judges” who lean conservative, such as those who now populate the majority of our Supreme Court, who time and time again come down on the side of Corporations, even to the point of ruling that Corporations are “Human Beings”. It bogles the mind.

    Yet somehow, this all makes sense to these people. Go figure.

    Oh, if I may indulge you a bit longer. This whole debate regarding same sex marriage and the argument that it’s one man one woman as God intended.

    I’m inclined to believe that “If it’s LOVE, God won’t mind”.

  5. Robert in NYC says

    Since when is “God” involved in civil marriage I’d like to know?

    No matter who gay oxymoronic republicans vote for,be they tea party or civil libertarian scumbags,they’re still voting for and supporting a party that is against their equality but then, most of them really don’t care. What matters more importantly to them are their fat portfolios, paying less taxes or none than the rights of the rest of us, selfish, self-loathing bastards.

  6. Dback says

    Remember when the Tea Party folks were claiming to be for “smaller, more limited” government and “more freedom?” Did they ally with religious conservatives, or were they lurking in the shadows all along so that now “freedom” is defined as what they say it is, i.e. limiting our right to marry (or serve in the military, or teach school, or, or, or…)in the name of their “religious freedom?” This is flagrant hypocrisy and discrimination, pure and simple.

    I think I’m going to do some searching to find out the next time a Tea Party rally/meeting is going on so I can attend and call these people out on their crap. It’s really as simple as saying, “You people claim to worship the Constitution–which says nothing about marriage–yet you’re very willing to say that as a U.S. citizen, I don’t deserve to have the same rights and respect as you. Well, to hell with that–and you.”

  7. Redebbm says

    @Dback The Tea Party is just ingenious branding, some sort of cover to excuse their extremist and ignorant views. They try to pull on a veil to disguise it by saying they have democrats and only care about economic issues, but pull it off and you have the same Radical Right you always had. I guess you can call the veil the constitution, they pick and choose what they want just the same with the bible. They care not for the economic well being of this country. They want to dismantle our government, impose their agenda, and collect Social Security/ Medicare while doing it. It is a reactionary movement to the election of our President that always questioned his authority. They fundamentally opposed government intervention in Healthcare despite holding signs saying “Keep your government hands of my Medicare” Not to mention their movement is funded by dangerous special interests who only care about bottom lines. The charade is nearly over, just don’t tell the beltway. They love to cover them instead of the jobless and underpaid. You know, the people we really should focus on instead of the crazy hat party.

  8. NY2.0 says

    Is anyone really surprised? There is no dignifying aspect of the Teaparty, none!

    The only reason the Teaparty exist is because of Barack Obama who happens to be black. They are Republicans that sat quietly for eight years as Bush greatly expanded the powers of government and ran the economy into the ground. They are equal opportunity bigots and their mantra for fiscal responsibility and smaller government is just a cover to advance their fascist, far-right agenda.

    Not all Teaparty members are hateful, a lot of them are just naive in their belief that this organization will set America on the “right” track. In fact, the Teaparty is just a face puppet for the Koch brothers and contains many far-right, racist, homophobic elements.

  9. prophet says

    This country is doomed, I suggest you begin making plans to leave now. Remember Germany in the 1930s. People didn’t think it would happen then either.

  10. Attmay says

    We need to get Christians out of power in the private and public sectors by any legal means necessary. They are like cancer. They have been a parasite on the GOP for 30 years and they are infiltrating the Tea Party.

    If we leave this country, it means they have won. Stay and fight. By any means necessary.

  11. Vince says

    Now, while I don’t necessarily agree with this article, I would like to comment on the opposing viewpoints. Those of you who personally attacked the senators themselves rather than their ideas have no more valid of an argument than they do. If you wish to prove that these senators are incorrect in their thoughts, then prove it with logic, not attacks against their marriage and personal lives.