1. alguien says

    not much of a lady gaga fan but i still gotta give her props for rockin’ the hound’s tooth like that.

  2. james says

    I like her but she sounds very vapid and and all about “me” on the show. It was just basically an interview not a co-host thing.

  3. will says

    It’s clear she has some musical talent (though this performance screams mediocrity) but the parade of costumes and attitudes and outright “borrowings” from previous artists have left most of us with a “so over that”, “meh” feeling.

  4. topsyturvy says

    Wish she had come out in “real” clothes when at the table with the ladies (like she wore for her first interview with Walters on the Fascinating People special) then worn the “costume” for the performance. Would have given us some variety and created more of a WOW factor.

  5. JCMILES says

    “wish she would just go away. She disgusts me”


  6. B says

    Will, I’m not sure who this “we” you are referring to, but her latest album sells beg to differ.

    Laugh Out Loud at “some” talent. Stay delusional, buddy.

  7. k says

    Is it just me or does she seem to shy away from making eye contact with Elizabeth? It’s almost like she connects so much better with the other three — and there is an icy wall between her and EH… because EH’s conservative social views disgust her. Love it!! You Go Gaga!

  8. Brion says

    Her ridiculously inflated album sales were predicated on the fact that her album was sold for 99 cents. The decline in sales post first week were over 85% with nary a blip above that since. The singles have all been met with gigantic industry and radio yawns.

    Definitely not the album of the decade B.

  9. Jeff says

    One thing I can never understand is how people who dislike and are “disgusted” ALWAYS seem to go out of their way to bash someone. If you don’t like Lady Gaga then why waste your time to click on the page AND make a negative comment? Just spend THAT time watching someone you want to watch.


    Love this preformance! wish she would’ve put the piano version on her album (at least on her Bonus cd)!

  10. B says

    Except, dear Mikey, the promo was for two days on one site, also various artists have done the same, and they contributed MAX, 400k in sales out of the 1m+ copies sold. So 700k albums sold and then, if you say, take half of the consumers who helped purchase 400k 99cent albums since they more than likely would have purchased for full price. About 800k first week album sales don’t seem too shabby there, pal. The only artist album to consistantly sale relatively high post 1st week, was Adele. Enjoy.

  11. Paul R says

    Any LGBT person who hates her needs to really examine why. I don’t care much for Barbra, Liza, and other icons, but I don’t bash them.

    Seriously, get a life. They were interviewing her, so of course it was about her. She’s done a whole lot more for LGBT rights than any of us have. Please try to give up your hatefulness. Her talent, empathy, and efforts cannot be denied, and I’m really tired of trite critiques. They say a lot more about the bully-ish tactics of sad people than they do about her.

  12. jnyca says

    Regardless of whether or not you love her music…. the fact that she is a real, active force for getting people on board with equality and gay rights, and informing people in a fun way is super important and very honorable. Her work may not appeal to you, but it is definitely appealing to the minds of children, and many who might not hear this message almost anywhere else. She’s definitely done a lot of good for future generations and equated glamor with equality. That’s big.

  13. Shane says

    Love her! She’s a true glbt advocate, and a real talent – how many “artists” these days can play, write, and sing (without autotune)?
    P.S. Brion, everyone bought it the first week, hence the stellar sales numbers. Duh!

  14. Christian says

    Umm….many artists these days can play, write, and sing without autotune. They’re just not on the radio. I think it’s sad that we’ve elevated someone to the status of icon/legend/greatest voice of this generation soley because they’re not 100% manufactured. I’m not knocking on Gaga or her popularity (and certainly not her devotion to gay rights), but many people hype up the very mediocre vocal, lyrical, and musicianship of this person simply because they’re not entirely devoid of talent. Writing and singing your own songs do not automatically make them great.