1. Dback says

    Cute idea, but doesn’t really go anywhere (no payoff/final twist). Glad I’ll be gone from the planet before the gingers are; I can’t imagine our beautiful world without them! (See: lead singer of Hercules and Love Affair.)

  2. PharaohNYC says

    I believe I was born too early in the history of man. I should have been born in the future when Gingers will be nothing more than fictitious characters in story books, like trolls, hobbits and gargoyles. They scare me. Look into their eyes and they steal your soul!!!!

    Big fan of “Kick a Ginger” day!

  3. testingtonr says

    I don’t understand how redheads are going to go extinct. The red hair gene is recessive so it can skip generations and still show up, also the red hair gene is dominant over the blond haired gene…if anything it would make more sense for blonds to go extinct.

    Red hair will show up if the genes are red/blond, red/red, or blond/red

    Blond hair only shows up if the person is blond/blond

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