GLAAD Condemns Adam Carolla's Anti-Gay, Anti-Trans Rant

Carolla I have heard some pretty disturbing rants in my years reporting on LGBT politics.

Politicians call us deviants, others say we're pedophiles or liken our relationships to bestiality. And still other opponents claim we're part of Satan.

Few diatribes, however, are as despicable and repulsive as Adam Carolla's remarks about LGBT -- particularly transgender people -- on last Thursday's episode of his podcast.

Discussing a petition calling for Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie to get married, and the term LGBT, Carolla commented, "When did everybody get fucking lumped in with the gays? Really? What percentage is transgendered?"

He then went to asked, "When did we start giving a shit about these people?"

The former Man Show host even wondered about the various permutations of trans-identity, like post-op female-to-male, at which point he took a cheap shot at Chaz Bono: "Every time I see Chaz Bono, my cock looks at me and says, 'Wha?''

As if that's not enough, he also says that LGBT people need to "shut up" about equal rights.

Ug, it's all so gross. It's not even as if Carolla's making a self-aware joke. He's just being hateful. (If you have the stomach, you can listen to the audio here.)

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You can bet your bottom dollar that GLAAD is all over this, and this after released a statement not only condemning Carolla's remarks, but reminding readers that the "comedian" has a history of anti-gay language: he has previously said that same-sex couples are not as good at parenting as their straight counterparts. What's more, GLAAD points out that Carolla derides other social and cultural groups, as well:

...LGBT people are hardly the only community about which Carolla has made ignorant remarks. In the past, Carolla has called the people of Hawaii “dumb,” “stupid,” “in-bred,” and “retarded” people who are among the “dumbest people we have.” Last year, Carolla referred to a Filipino boxer as being illiterate, having brain damage, and someone who prays to chicken bones – and stated that this boxer was ‘all the people of the Philippines have.’

In the group's statement on the matter, Herndon Graddick, GLAAD's Senior Director of Media Programs, remarks, "Given his history of anti-gay and racist comments, networks and advertisers should know what their money is supporting if they choose to hire Adam Carolla. The gross intolerance that he tries to pass off as comedy should not have a place on our airwaves.”

These sorts of comments don't belong on our airwaves, in our latrines, or anywhere else. Sadly, they do, and you can hear his audienec yucking it up in the background.

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    Posted by: Shannon | Aug 16, 2011 1:39:08 AM

  2. I listened to it. It wasn't anti-gay. He was attacking the ridiculous development of lumping gays in with every gender or sexual subgroup that is different. He asks why gays are lumped in with people who identify as heterosexual and who are in the process of surgically altering their genitals. He also points out how there are so many variations pre-op, post-op, etc., that it has become ridiculous.

    He shouldn't apologize to anyone. He's right.

    Posted by: Valerie | Aug 16, 2011 2:25:03 AM

  3. So, speaking of the trans-folk, hey, did you guys ever notice that Genesis 2:21-23 is really a trans story of sorts. It's like a little trans fairy tail.

    It's kinda cute for tran folk, ya know. Ancient trans mythology; who knew, right?

    Yeah, there aren't a lot of 'em...why is that any more a reason to excuse yourself from giving them any respect?!!

    Especially when it's straight dudes like you, Mr. Carolla, who primarily who such intense fantasies about em, u know.

    Use a condom the next time you f*** a t-girl, Mr.'s time you started treating them with respect.

    It doesn't surprise me that it just took a real man to tell you that, of course, li'l hater-Carolla. I'm afraid you insult that Toyota model, dude, sorry...

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Aug 16, 2011 2:46:26 AM

  4. Chaz has more real balls that Adam Corolla has during this entire segment.

    Grow a pair, Carolla.

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Aug 16, 2011 2:52:47 AM

  5. He's not even funny. And I just watched Louis C.K.--who uses the Fa word offensively repeatedly...whose overall act is still FREAKIN FUNNY. THis dude...nope.

    Just slow. C.K. at least talks intimately about himself, which is his funniest stuff. This dude just comes accross as CRAZY-INSECURE and hateful. He's not even open about his own insecurities AT ALL.

    I'd gong this dude off stage for boringness alone, to be honest.

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Aug 16, 2011 2:57:07 AM

  6. @Jake, hahahahah. Ya effin redneck, lol.

    It's so sweet of you to bring up the only gay man you knew and to stress that he died of AIDs--and say it was cuz he was gay (not because he, say, was too permiscuous because your family was ASSHOLES to him, say??)

    Why you seem like an upstanding gentleman, dude. If it weren't for my uptightness beating up on an innocent comedian, then maybe I'd appreciate that. :----)

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Aug 16, 2011 3:08:56 AM

  7. I think GLAAD has a place. I'm not for thought police, but I AM for THINKING.

    Plus, it's not for nothing that most lgbt folk tend to inherently distrust straight folk.

    Life's a whirl, people. But to make an impact, you sometimes have to see it as more than a zero-sum game: Words mean things...yup.

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Aug 16, 2011 3:12:25 AM

  8. @Val. Hmm. If ur saying what u say as a transgendered or transexual person, do you give him way too much credit?

    I mean, I know the basic statistics about how trans MtoF are treated by the men they'd prefere to have a real relationship with: It's not good. I don't see why trans folk wouldn't appreciate gay men standing up for them in the face of serious abuse against them.

    But I agree doing a Foucaultian over-classification thing is silliness. I think when people throw a monkey-wrench in all of that, it's good for everyone.

    It's also a scary specter to see gender in a binary or single-axis kinda way. I think it's funny the way some straight guys think they should do things like always hold the door for their gay guy friends and such, lol. Uh, we're guys, too, dude.

    P.S. @Jake: I should've said "unprotected permiscuous sex" and not simply permiscuous sex simply. It's being unwise with sexuality that is the biggest risk in that regard--exemplified by sex with a stranger without a condom.

    And hating on sexual minorities (like Carolla does) only seems to me to perpetuate the most-extreme violence on trans folk.

    Just sayin...tho I'm happy Markus or whoever bonded with his brother somehow over it all...bonding is good. content is real, too.

    Posted by: just_a_guy | Aug 16, 2011 3:38:51 AM

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    Posted by: zhonguro | Aug 16, 2011 3:47:18 AM

  10. i always thought this p.o.s. was obnoxious, but i had no idea how repugnant he could be. where do we write to complain?

    Posted by: nic | Aug 16, 2011 5:32:02 AM

  11. His face isn't fit to decorate toilet tissue. Why is it here?

    Posted by: Danny | Aug 16, 2011 6:58:39 AM

  12. Bert and Ernie can get married but Katy Perry can't show Elmo a little cleavage? Two reasons why Katy Perry matters ...

    Posted by: Soapy Johnson | Aug 16, 2011 7:03:18 AM

  13. Who ?

    Posted by: Jim | Aug 16, 2011 7:52:08 AM

  14. And the Tea Party scumbaggers are drooling over this one I bet. He's a coward, he wouldn't dare denigrate African-Americans or Jews because he knows gays are an easy target that everyone on the right loves to hate, including the majority in the GOP and their two offshoots.

    Posted by: Robert in NYC | Aug 16, 2011 8:18:23 AM

  15. This is hardly the worst I have ever heard. He's demonstrating bigotry, sure, but also ignorance about the trans community. While I would never say the things he did I admit I was pretty ignorant about them until I met a few. I second that this pales in comparison to the stomach churning stuff that religious leaders say about us on a daily basis.

    Posted by: AJ | Aug 16, 2011 9:12:18 AM

  16. Boys! Boys! BOYS! Stop that childish bickering and pipe down. Don't make me come up there!

    Honestly, those little brats find that damnest things to argue about...

    Posted by: wimsy | Aug 16, 2011 9:18:52 AM

  17. Ha!, do you understand the difference between denigrating someone for something that is not a choice, and being angry at someone for a choice to discriminate? Maybe you should do more thinking and less apologizing.

    Posted by: datlaw214 | Aug 16, 2011 9:41:05 AM

  18. He's like that other has-been Victoria Jackson or whatever her name was from SNL. Not worth the press.

    Posted by: Jeff | Aug 16, 2011 10:08:19 AM

  19. Further goes to show that we have to expose every bigot in the media, in entertainment, in politics, in every field and show the world how grossly evil and misguided they are. They seek to destroy us...then we should end their pathetic careers as well!!

    Posted by: bill | Aug 16, 2011 10:51:42 AM

  20. Adam's career peaked early and has gone downhill ever since. I last saw him doing a weird take on a home improvement show. He comes from the end of the era when MTV was a personality factory for TV hosts.

    Posted by: anon | Aug 16, 2011 11:39:49 AM

  21. Adam Carolla is a comedian who speaks his mind. Being shocked and appalled by comedy shows a complete ignorance of context. Also, as a longtime listener of the podcast, I can assure you that he's not anti-gay. His PR group is gay. He has gay employees. He has gay friends of his to bits at bars around los angeles. He's pro gay marriage. I could go on...

    Posted by: Peter | Aug 16, 2011 11:43:57 AM

  22. Peter, it's possible to be close to people and even love them but still be prejudiced against them. See: men who loved their wives and daughters but didn't think they should get the right to vote in 1920.

    On the flip side, people have every right to be homophobic. They have every right to be racist, sexist, or whatever. But they don't have the right for it to be easy.

    Posted by: Yeek | Aug 16, 2011 11:55:49 AM

  23. Every time we mindlessly laugh our asses off at a crude joke about Lesbians, Gay men or Transfolk, we encourage this kind of thing. Don't come to me with some bullsh*t argument about "political correctness"! Wisecracks told at the expense of LGBT dignity aren't cool, and it's time everybody realized it.

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | Aug 16, 2011 1:18:52 PM

  24. Did everyone actually listen to the audio. It really wasn't that bad. We have the term homophobe chambered everytime someone critisizes G&L's. The whole Sesame Street thing that started all this is as ignorant as Carolla's comments. Also, hate to say it but he does have most listened to podcast on the planet.

    Posted by: whocares | Aug 16, 2011 10:52:10 PM

  25. He's an idiot.

    Posted by: Russ Graves Jr | Aug 17, 2011 12:40:31 AM

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