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Entire Lutheran College Men's Golf Team Suspended After Dropping Pants for Team Photo: VIDEO


The entire men's golf team at Bethany College, a Lutheran college in Kansas, has been suspended after dropping its pants for a team photo in which they covered their man parts with golf clubs.

Hicscock Yahoo reports:

Jon Daniels suspended every player on the Fighting Swedes for three tournaments because of the photo he called, "a case of young people who just don't think beyond the moment and don't realize who they're hurting."

"Until someone sat them down and explained that they did something wrong, they didn't have any idea," Daniels said. "But I think they understand now."

Team captain (pictured) Jack Hiscock (for realz), a Brit, insisted it was all in good fun:

"It was only intended as a bit of fun with the lads."


And check out the full photo above over at Deadspin (possibly not sfw).


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  1. @Anastasia Beaverhausen: Best comment so far.

    Posted by: Randy* | Aug 24, 2011 1:23:16 PM

  2. This is a case of punishing the endowed to save the endowment. The elderly Lutheran donors to the school are likely not amused. Too bad. The young men are generating interest in the school.

    Posted by: djcchicago | Aug 24, 2011 1:46:12 PM

  3. Their nudity is hurting meh.

    Posted by: Yonkersconquers | Aug 24, 2011 1:50:15 PM

  4. Anyone at Bethany take into account that the captain is a Brit and over there the "lads" go naked often as a bonding thing. Just do a YouTube search on Brighton Rugby. Yes, we are not GB; we are the USA, United "Stick-up our" Ass. The punishment is way out of line to what was actually done; no property damaged, no alcohol, no one hurt. Yup, another good Christian model of behavior...

    Posted by: Daya | Aug 24, 2011 2:12:34 PM

  5. OMG. Someone finally did something to actually make golf interesting, and they are punished for it.

    Posted by: Olive Yurdic | Aug 24, 2011 2:17:18 PM

  6. It's Andy's new banner photo for September!

    Posted by: johnny | Aug 24, 2011 2:37:00 PM

  7. Seriously? no one is going to provide a link to the full-sized, full res picture ?

    Posted by: Dego | Aug 24, 2011 2:45:50 PM

  8. All it takes is a single golf club to cover up their manitalia? Must have been a cold day.

    Posted by: tweedle | Aug 24, 2011 4:07:51 PM

  9. I guess now they'll change the name to the Fighting Prudes.

    Posted by: prophet | Aug 24, 2011 5:02:48 PM

  10. Golfers have the oddest tans...

    And a few of those boys have had the grass trimmed around the tees.

    Posted by: Ted B. (Charging Rhino) | Aug 24, 2011 5:19:23 PM

  11. Lutherans have no sense of humor- the photo is rather harmless.

    Posted by: jaragon | Aug 24, 2011 5:50:03 PM

  12. When I looked at the full photo, I admit I did suffer some discomfort. I wouldn't go so far as to say it "hurt", though I did have to shift things around to relieve the problem.

    Posted by: BobN | Aug 24, 2011 6:24:35 PM

  13. Aren't we missing the real story here? Yes, I agree that this poor boy has been the subject of lingering parental abuse, considering that his parents named him "Jack Hiscock"--no wonder he's clearly morally insane, as we used to say in the 19th century. And yes, of course, these boys deserve punishment for flouting the authority that makes tens of thousands of dollars per year trading on hot, sweaty images of collegiate sportsmen--as long as they're clothed. Yes, it's sad that they and others do not recognize the harm done when young men display their nearly nude-bodies. (If you're unclear about this, just send me several nearly-nude--oh what the hell, totally nude--pictures of yourself, and I'll explain to you how they've harmed me.)

    No, the real scandal is evident if you look closely at the picture--painful as that may be. These boys have been cruelly exploited. There's not a hair to be seen anywhere on their bodies! They've clearly been shaved from the neck down!

    Posted by: coolbear | Aug 24, 2011 6:55:44 PM

  14. Seeing a naked guy is hurtful? This Jon Daniels is one of the biggest morons of all time. We need tp get some naked protesters outside his office, I sure he'll be really hurt when he sees that.

    Posted by: Ken | Aug 24, 2011 10:45:37 PM

  15. "a case of young people who just don't think beyond the moment and don't realize who they're hurting."

    "Until someone sat them down and explained that they did something wrong, they didn't have any idea," Daniels said. "But I think they understand now."


    However.... Best name ever! Just too funny ;)

    Posted by: DeeperStill | Aug 25, 2011 3:31:38 AM

  16. You know what? I don't have a problem with this. It's a suspension, not an expulsion, firing or criminal conviction. These boys engaged in too much youthful silliness and they were given the appropriate punishment.

    Maybe naked pictures shouldn't be a big deal but they are. It's better for these boys to learn that in school, where the stakes are relatively low, then to work their way up at a company for five years only to get fired for a drunken snapshot or end up hounded by the media like Congressman Weiner.

    Posted by: DRF | Aug 25, 2011 10:01:33 AM

  17. They made me laugh, and I'm a naturally morose and ornery person. What the hell is your problem Mr Jon Daniels?

    Posted by: Manny Espinola | Aug 25, 2011 2:15:07 PM

  18. Interesting. They didn't realize they were doing anything wrong until someone told them. I guess that's how innocence is destroyed. I hope these guys all boycott the next 3 matches that they're able to participate in.

    Posted by: LongByNight | Aug 25, 2011 2:59:22 PM

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