Hoorah For Maine Gay Activists!

MaineFT Extremely good news out of Maine:

The state's largest gay rights group EqualityMaine gathered more than 5,000 signatures on Saturday, the first official day of petition-gathering. To qualify for the 2012 ballot, supporters need to collect the signatures of 57,277 registered voters.

The proposed text of the question reads: “Do you favor a law allowing marriage licenses for same-sex couples that protects religious freedom by ensuring no religion or clergy be required to perform such a marriage in violation of their religious beliefs?”

It is clear, then, that Maine's citizens believe in equality. Well, at least those who have signed on; don't estimate the power of anti-gay activists. They can be wiley…


  1. Clif3012 says

    I know Towleroad technically doesn’t control the ads that appear, but don’t you think it odd that this post was evidently paid for by Rick Santorum and Allen West?

  2. Sargon Bighorn says

    Clergy have NEVER EVER EVER NEVER EVER been required to preform marriages for those they don’t like nor agree with. Only when Gay Americans want to marry does it all of a sudden become a hot button issue.

  3. Disgusted American says

    I agree with Sargon Boghorn…sure maybe -some-stupid people think that gays getting married forces religions to marry them….but I honestly think the ANTI’s don’t care about that as much -as they just dont want to SHARE the word Marriage with ANYONE of the same genders. (but of course they put it in a way thats ALOT UGLIER,and Hateful)

  4. K says

    I’m still uncomfortable with this. We’ve been saying for years that our civil rights shouldn’t be put up to a popular vote. Now that’s OK, as long as we put it on the ballot?

  5. JFE says

    Good, now we have a ballot measure that people who are on side can say YES to equal rights, and not NO to something else. Trust me, this will make a difference.

  6. grego says

    Who WROTE this petition? It could be much simpler. After “Do you you favor a law allowing marriage licenses for same sex couples..”, Remove the words “that protects religious freedoms by..” and leaving “..ensuring no religion or clergy be required to perform such a marriage.” End petition. Theres no need to add “in violation of their religious beliefs.”

  7. says

    Good Evening,

    My name is Jim Mosso and I am from Marlborough,MA. I did just spend a wonderful weekend in Boothbay. My reason from this message is to first say I support 100% what you are doing in Maine. I am gay and would love to see every state pass this,but I know it’s not that easy.
    I own Marlborough News a online news source. We just moved the site to a blog type site,gives readers a better way to voice what they want. I want to cover this story it’s important to me that folks hear what is going on in different states. We don’t hear a lot of news out of Maine. If the owner or someone who can help me on covering this story feel free to e-mail. I have no problem with visiting Maine again in covering this story. Thanks for your time.

    Jim (marlboroughnews@aol.com)

  8. rick says

    The most favorable people signed up 1st. It will get harder as time goes by. More and more people closer to the fence will be approched and the signatures will become fewer and fewer. I hope it works out but fans always turnout in the 1st days.

  9. Dback says

    I think this is smart. More states would be wise to emulate such language when crafting ballot measures, as it spells out right there in the language that churches will not be “forced” to perform these marriages, which is what a lot of the “squishy middle” worries about. Phrasing it like this makes it clear that folks proposing such legislation are trying to respect everyone’s rights.

  10. David says

    There is no doubt that they will get the required number of signatures. They have very large lists of supportive voters left over from the 2009 campaign, more than enough to get what they need by the end of the year.

    The big question is whether they can improve on 2009’s imperfect effort. They did a lot right, but they completely failed on get-out-the-vote. The total voter turnout was high, but that was because the other side massively increased their turnout in every single county. Our side managed modest increases in turnout in a few counties and failed in others. That cannot happen again.

  11. vunderboy says

    Knowing this is actually happening gives me hope that eventually all the states will come onboard….We really need some help here in Mississippi any suggestions..and just for the record we are not all fat, poor and assbackwards.

  12. Robert in NYC says

    The clearer the distinction is made between civil and religious marriage, the better chance of winning back marriage equality. It can’t be emphasized enough that religion does NOT control civil marriage nor does it own it, never has, never will. The sooner that is addressed, the better. It will diminish opposition and make it harder to provide one rational reason how same-sex civil marriage harms religious marriage and society as a whole. We should demand factual evidence from them. Let them ask the Dutch government, the first government to legal same-sex marriage over ten years ago to prove their claim. The answer will be a big fat zero and they know it. This is nothing more than religious bigotry, playing the victim card yet again.

  13. just_a_guy says

    I’ve got my fingers crossed: Hopefully the many supportive Mainers will turn out this time, now that they know the gay-haters will control the outcome if they don’t come out and vote!!

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