Jedward: We’re Not Gay


The Jedward twins, former X-Factor contestants seen earlier this summer meeting President Obama, are not gay according to their manager. Their manager issued a statement after Big Brother UK contestant Darryn Lyons (seen here with his prosthetic abs) suggested they were.

Metro UK reports:

The twins were defended by tour manager Liam McKenna as they took the Channel 5 reality show to an infantile low on Monday, lapping up their punishment of being dressed as babies...‘Darryn was just stirring s***. They’re not gay,’ insisted McKenna.

McKenna said the twins are celibate because they follow their idols The Jonas Brothers:

‘I don’t know if they’re overly religious, I think it’s just a conscious decision they made. They said they didn’t want sex before marriage. I think the boys live their life by these guys. They are really shy. I’m sure they do fancy girls but don’t like talking about sex as they’re probably aware that their granny is watching!’ 

Watch part of the Big Brother UK segment in which Jedward are forced to act like babies, AFTER THE JUMP...