1. Kevin says

    People sure have some confused notions of what it means to be gay. Sex isn’t required to be gay, just a primary emotional or affectional attraction to the same gender.
    I knew I was gay for 15 years before I had sex with anyone. Being gay is an orientation not a sexual act. Being celibate doesn’t make one not-gay, just as having sex with someone of the same gender does not make one gay.

  2. Urmensch says

    I still prefer to think that Jedward is a product of mitosis and gay would not be the appropriate adjective for their species.

    But I know that’s just the fremdschämen talking.

  3. says

    Wait a minute — they’re willing to go on TV and do *THAT* and their manager is afraid of someone calling them gay? So afraid he has to “defend” them?

    Um, he may want to defend them from tanking any semblance of a career they may have by avoiding letting them go on TV and do things like dressing up in diapers, pretending to be babies.

    I think my brain is about to explode.

  4. says

    I have no idea who these twerps are, but their manager is a moron. The proper response is to say NOTHING. By saying nothing you let people imagine what they want (which sells more ‘records’ or whatever they’re called these days) and offends nobody. The moment you say “I’m X” then all the “Y” people hate you.

    Since this is such a basic principle of management, I suspect the manager is having sex with one/both of them (or really, really wants to) and is making this idiotic statement thinking it will deflect suspicion.

  5. walter says

    who cares what they do sexually i find it kind of disturbing two grown men sitting around in diapers with baby bottles. the state of tv today just keeps dealing to the lowest common
    denominator. it was once called a vast waste land today it is totally barren.

  6. Coony says

    Yeah right! I don’t believe that for one second. I quiet honestly wouldn’t be that shocked if they are all incest-y.. They remind me of those twins that do porn together. I can’t remember their names. But, these two are that level of close. Do they ever spend time apart? Don’t they share a bed? sigh.

  7. Craig says

    Oh … dear … God. No! Pray they’re straight. Not on our team! We have enough trouble! Please, no!

    Just tell me it’s a sick pyscho-fantasy and make them go away.

  8. says

    I don’t care if their gay or not. I’ll always stay a big fan of them. I think they have the right to not have sex before marriage. Everybody does. So, people, stop saying that it’s wrong te be gay! Being gay doesn’t mean you have to apologize for everything you’re doing. Well, that’s what I wanted to say. See ya guys later :) Love and kisses

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