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Emmanuel Kelly, the Latest Must-Watch X-Factor Audition: VIDEO


Emanuel Kelly, a 17-year-old Australian who was born an Iraqi orphan in a war zone and saved by an aid worker, offers his audition to the British talent competition.


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  1. He reminds us of the true face of the horrors of war and of the triumph of the human spirit- his mother is truly an extraordinary woman

    Posted by: jaragon | Aug 30, 2011 5:51:02 PM

  2. While not the best singer in the world (as if it many do we actually Need?!), the story of his Survival, the brotherly love, and the wonderful Mother who Chose Them (yes, some people Choose their that all you raging Republican religious nut-jobs?!) makes his True Talent something more than song. Bravo to them all.


    Posted by: Bruce Wayne | Aug 31, 2011 1:09:06 AM

  3. This is amazing - the power of human spirit. I can't stop watching this. I forward it to everybody I know and they can't stop watching. Emmanuel more power to you, I can't wait until your album is out. You and your family are true angels in this world. I hope to see a lot more of you in the near future. Thank you for opening my eyes to all the possibilities I have! XO

    Posted by: Adriana | Sep 21, 2011 10:01:17 PM

  4. pete n sfo says: "Those boys certainly were adopted into the right nation....."

    Yes Pete; but not for the reasons you think.... It's called IRONY.

    You're 100% correct E65XA; at least some people think and keep their eyes open.

    These are the facts about Young Emmanuel

    Posted by: Kosta | Sep 25, 2011 11:53:52 PM

  5. No Words A Gift From Heaven Thank You Mr. Emanuel

    Posted by: nick ganakes | Oct 5, 2012 7:58:51 PM

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