Lovely video but it drives me bonkers when folks, ESPECIALLY gay folks, equate being gay with “what you do in the bedroom.” Being gay is not a sex act. It’s an orientation.

    Do they serve corndogs in Montana?

  2. Girl Please Stop! says

    I attended a summer session at a Geology Field Camp in the Tobacco Root Mountains near Whitehall, Montana. The mayor of Whitehall was gay.

    Some of the people there said that he had been elected because he knew how to take care of the flower beds that lined Legion Avenue. They said that was the main job of the mayor of Whitehall.

    The flower beds are gone now but they still have a mayor.

  3. KevInPDX says

    Well Marcus, the churchie folks focus on the “man laying w/a man as he would a woman” (paraphrasing there) refrence in the bible as their proof that ‘mos are bad and going to hell so says their god. The Montana dude was pointing out that contrary to what everyone would think the folks in his area (state?) are more concerned in that “content of your character” thingie than who and how yer poking someone.
    I often wonder why we never hear about them same churchie folks picketing resturants that serve shell fish (or loudly proclaim they don’t eat shelly fish) since according to that same book it’s a similar level “sin” to eat steamer clams as having a good bout of man sex. I do both :)

  4. Dback says

    Major WOOOOOOOOF!! Damn, they grow ’em HOT in Montana. (Don’t think I’d like being an hour or more away from a movie theater/bookstore/hospital though…)

  5. BobN says

    “I’ve run into more bigotry in big cities” followed by stories about slurs on the streets and fights in bars involving your wheelchair-bound mom makes me wonder what sorts of things the guy runs into when he’s visiting NY or Chicago…

  6. Robert says

    I’ve had a few comments tossed my way when holding hands with my boyfriend in Chicago (usually very harmless) but I’m not stupid enough to think that it wouldn’t have been a million times worse if I had even *attempted* that sort of thing when I lived in Kansas. I think he’s equating a lack of neighbors with a lack of intolerance.

  7. Kel says

    Having lived in Helena for 7 years (1978 to 1983) and in Billings for 12 more (1983 to 1995) where there has been a successful gay bar for over 20 years, I miss living there. What Mark doesn’t say clearly is that Montanans tend to believe in the philosophy of “mind your own damned business”. He’s telling the truth that if you are good to your neighbor, and contribute to your community, you have a place in Montana. Hate crimes happen everywhere–don’t assume that “rural” means “bigot”.

  8. Darrell says

    Reminds me of the movie Brokeback Mountain. It shows you that places like Montana and Alberta (next door here in Canada where the movie was filmed) can be a paradise either if your gay or straight. Since I live in Edmonton Alberta’s capital being gay is not a problem. Western Canada home to hot cowboys etc is a very tolerant and a fantastic place to live both in society and physically!

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