1. Curtis says

    Marcus uses the classic technique of a closet queen to refer to the glbt community as some very distant and alien people: “homosexual com-mun-it-ty” and “I have never turned away a gay”. This is almost identical phraseology to what Larry Craig used in order to create a facade that gays are something very foreign, strange, and unfamiliar to him.

  2. Codswallop says

    He’s flat out lying about conversion therapy but he *might* be technically accurate about the “barbarians” comment. Based on what I’ve read he frequently refers to children as barbarians, not gay people. The question he was answering about gay children so he brought out his stock “children are barbarians that need to tamed” answer.

    But no matter what, both he and his crazy wife are dangerous ideologues who need to be kept as far away from the White House as possible.

  3. ohplease says

    Seriously, who knows what Missy Marcus was talking about when he went on about “barbarians” — and are we really going to debate the meaning of the ravings of a lunatic? He and his insane fake-wife have got rich from trying to destroy LGBT Americans. I couldn’t care less to whom he exactly directed a particular crazy comment, he’s still what he is and does what he does.

    Got to love the Republicans. When you present them with video evidence, they just say you’re wrong. In the same scenario, Democrats quit. And there you have one reason why we are where we are.

  4. Paul says

    Regardless of the lies he continues to spread, the blood is on his and his wife’s hands.
    We all know what their views are.
    We all know that they’ve gone to countless religious conventions where “ex-gay” was the centerpoint.
    Based on what we’ve heard him say, and especially what we’ve heard his wife say about how people need to know the “truth” about homosexuality–how it’s “bondage” and blah blah blah–it’s so obvious that he runs a clinic in which reparative therapy takes place.
    Call it whatever you want. Counseling is very much a form of reparative therapy, and I’ve witnessed it myself.
    It does just as much damage as any other variant of the evil practice.

  5. john patrick says

    Does anyone have a transcript of this interview? It was too difficult trying to understand what the conversation was with all the loud speaker calls for people to vote for Michelle Bachman.

  6. FunMe says

    OK, that this is the one photos where Miss Marcus look SO MUCH gayer than most of my gay friends and people I know.

    As the saying goes, DENIAL is not just a river in Egypt!

  7. walter says

    it didn’t work for marcus so why inflict it on anyone else. he is going be her biggest problem. every time he opens his mouth he puts his foot or something else in it.

  8. uffda says

    All this gay furor, Bachman, Pawlenty, now Hinkle is too pathetic to witness anymore. Their all going down the tube, or soon will be, sad stories indeed of self immolation.

  9. Jim says

    Just listened again to the “barbarians” tape and there’s no doubt he was referring to gays as “barbarians who need to be disciplined, they need to be educated.”He said the tape was doctored – he’s lying. When the Christofascists think they are speaking within their own bubble and that only like-minded people are listening, they speak their truth. When they are called on the carpet about it, they whitewash it, say it was out of context, or flat out deny it.

    “If Jesus Christ came back and saw what’s being done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”
    – Max Von Sydow, “Hannah And Her Sisters,” written by Woody Allen

  10. Chitoen Kev says

    Ok, does Ladybird know how to take a picture WITHOUT gay face?

    Actually, this picture here is pretty butch and manly compared to many of her other pictures

  11. Jay says

    Believe me, his day will come if she receives the nomination. No reason to expose him now while she’s not a serious threat. Same goes for Rick Perry. If either one of them are on the GOP ticket, then that closet will be blown open for voters to judge.

  12. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I’d seen so many clips of he and his wife running away from people, I have to give him credit for actually having a conversation with someone who is challenging him.

  13. Artie Rimbaud says

    Marcus Bachmann is putting the country on with these photo poses, right? In the picture above, he’s not so much channeling Liberace as Shirley Temple. Please note the saccharine way in which he tilts his head to the side and the beauty queen simper instead of a normal smile. It seems like he’s threatening to break into a chorus of “On the Good Ship Lollipop”.

  14. Karl says

    In a narrow historical sense where “reparative therapy” is defined as “showing pornographic images of both sexes, but giving the subject electric shocks with the same-sex images” they don’t practice reparative therapy. That’s because their practice involves daddy figures badgering/lecturing clients, not giving them electric shocks.

    In the sense that everyone understands “reparative therapy” as “therapy to change sexual orientation”, they do practice it.

  15. Karl says

    .. that is, unethical so-called therapy condemned by every relevant professional organization which seeks to change sexual orientation but has never been shown to do so.

  16. Bob says

    These two, (Michelle & Marcus), kinda sounds like a bad TV sitcom,huh? are the most dispicable, disgusting and vile people I have ever seen. He is obviously a HUGE closet case. He is extremely feminine looking, with all of the mannerisms to boot. He runs his “Pray the gay” clinic probably to meet guys! They spread hate and fear in God’s name everywhere they go. Hopefully she will not get the nod. Iowans are a stupid lot I guess. Speaking of praying, we all better do some to keep Michelle and her wife Marcus out of the White House!

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