Marcus Bachmann Okay with Being Called ‘Silver Fox’ as Long as it Doesn’t Mean He’s Gay

The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza profiles Michele Bachmann in this week's New Yorker. There's also a section on her husband Marcus, who reveals to Lizza that he's extremely concerned about appearing "gay".

Marcus_bachmann Marcus Bachmann plopped down on the seat next to me, in the back of the plane. He pointed at my laptop and asked if he could take a look. “All I want to know is what they’re saying about me,” he said. “Newsweek came up with the word ‘silver fox.’ Tell me what ‘silver fox’ means.”

“Do you want me to tell you honestly?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t tell me it’s something gay!” he said. “Because I’ve been called that before.” Marcus is a psychologist who runs a clinic that employs people Michele described in 2006 as “Biblical world-view counsellors,” who “reach out and try to bring the medicine of the Gospel to come and heal people.”

I explained that “silver fox” probably had more to do with the color of his hair.

“O.K., I can handle that,” he said. Tera, the assistant, assured him that it was a positive term.

“It’s better than Porky Pig,” Marcus said, with a laugh.


Suddenly, his face appeared on Fox. “Look, you’re on TV,” I said.

“It’s the Silver Fox!” he exclaimed as we descended into Manchester.

(via ny mag and wonk room)


  1. ChrisMe says

    Not knowing what “silver fox” means is just the beginning of a long list of things Marcus doesn’t know.

    But ask him to “speak in tongues” and watch him go!!

  2. Dogstar74 says

    I realize that “silver fox” is just slang, but it is slang that has been around for a very long time. Though we may not think this man lives up to this knick-name… I think it’s more frightening how out of touch these two boobs are.

  3. TampaZeke says

    I don’t know why people say he looks gay. He doesn’t look gay to me. I think he looks and acts just like Liberace; and as we all know, Liberace wasn’t gay. Heck, he won three lawsuits that proved he wasn’t gay.

    Relax Marcus, you aren’t one bit more gay that Liberace! 😉

  4. Brian says

    You can speculate all you want, but no one will know for certain without irrefutable proof and that’s unlikely to surface, if it hasn’t already. Of course, if Bachmann is a “Silver Fox,” I need to get my eyes checked.

  5. Brian says

    A silver fox is a handsome, confident man with gray/graying hair and he’s either gay or straight. Marcus Bachmann is not a silver fox. He’s a pathetic, puffy, self-loathing, closeted homosexual who happens to have some gray hair. He’s repulsive.

  6. jerry says

    Brian is correct, a silver fox is a really hot guy, with salt and pepper hair or grey hair, and doesn’t matter if they are gay or straight. bachman is in no way, shape or form 9 especially form) a silver fox. He is a fat, lisping, posing queen

  7. Mike in the Tundra says

    Silver fox?? My Great Aunt Aggie! Actually he looks like my Great Aunt Aggie. I don’t know why he mentioned Porky Pig. He sounds like Daffy Duck.

  8. says

    @matt26: “What a horrible cou[le the Bachmanns make”……….

    Maybe you meant the perfect couple for each other….
    But i keep thinking of the sex thing… they or don’t they…….or is it just for procreration and they have given it up…..
    Or is it like the movie “Beginners”……and he’s going to come out at 75 ?????

  9. Dastius Krazitauc says

    I think Marcus Bachmann’s appearance gives him false confidence in how successful his techniques are at curing men of same-sex attraction.

  10. ohplease says

    “You can speculate all you want…”

    Gee, thanks. While I’m at it, I’ll also speculate that the sky is blue and grass is green.

    I don’t need (or, in this case, want) to know the details of a screaming old queen’s sex life in order to know whether or not the screaming old queen is gay.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    “Just how did they meet? What was she thinking when she married him?”

    According to Michelle, they met through visions shown to them from the Lord. Michelle had multiple visions, and Marcus was working on a farm when the Lord showed him a vision of Michelle as his wife, which did not please him. He did not want to marry her.

  12. Lonewillow says

    Mr. Bachmann is more like an “OLD ROOSTER” in a hen house, and the FOX is looking for a lot younger chickens, POOR MARCIA(cus) !!!!….I am 72+ and my gaydar has been accurate over years and Michele got herself a Queer Husband….Maybe she’s a lesbian???,,,Maybe!!!

  13. ohplease says

    “Slam the guy for his beliefs and actions.”

    We are. His beliefs and actions are even worse because they come from a man who is flamingly gay in every way, down to the molecular level.

    Religious morons insist that being gay is a choice, so, even if you’re born super-super-super gay like Missy Marcus, they’ll pretend you’re straight if you will. We in the reality-based community are not playing their game.

    Michele Bachmann is married and utterly subservient by religious choice to an immediately identifiable gay man, even though she hates gay men. Per their own statements, Missy Marcus controls every part of Michele’s existence, so everything about him — including the fact that he’s living a pathetically obvious lie that she can’t detect — is relevant.

  14. Nyrkr says

    I wonder if he and Michele have ever done it ?
    I just can’t picture it ( not that I want to ) but I do not see how a woman could ever be sufficiently aroused by his looks, mannerisms, voice etc to want to do it, doesn’t compute on so many levels.

  15. mark says

    OMG is there anything more perfect in this world than Michele Bachmann being married to a ‘mo? Its so f’n perfect. I bet she hates sex too so him never touching her works out SWELL. LOVE the BACHMANNs. This shit is sitcom funny fellas. Enjoy it.

  16. Brian says

    How on earth is the Bachmann campaign going to keep that queen hidden from public inspection? They’re going to have to — any sentient human being, gay or straight, is going to take one look at this sad man and think “closet case!” He’d be pathetic except that he works to bring the rest of us down with him. Dangerous.

  17. Chaq says

    I seriously thought that was a photo of a lesbian pastor the first time I saw it, and I was thinking “what’s she got to do with some ‘silver fox’ politician guy?” Hehe 😀

  18. AnotherG says

    “If you’re happy and a homo clap your hands!
    If you’re happy and a homo clap your hands!
    If you’re happy and a homo
    And you watch gay porn in slow-mo
    If you’re happy and a homo clap your hands!”

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