Miami Beach Cops Accused in Beating of Gay Man Want Jobs Back

Back in February 2010, I posted about Miami Beach police harassing and arresting a gay man after he witnessed them abusing a suspect. The gay man, Harold Strickland (pictured), was on the phone with 911 reporting their assault when the cops came after him. The ACLU filed suit against the Miami Beach police last November.

Strickland In late July, the two officers involved were fired and in early August, the ACLU settled its case with the City of Miami Beach.

Now, the two officers want their jobs back, the Miami Herald reports:

Frankly Forte and Eliut Hazzi filed grievances last week with the city, demanding they be reinstated with back pay. "The investigation was unfair and tainted with bias from the outset," both men wrote in city documents filed Aug. 17-18.

The officers take issue with the victim's account:

Sgt. Alejandro Bello, president of the city's police union, said Strickland's story of what happened that night is full of holes. He said Mendoza's mug shot shows that he had no injuries to his face. He also questioned Strickland's story that he wanted to see his old home and Mendoza's statements that he was searching for his dog's missing collar after a quick walk. Bello also said Miami Beach politicians influenced the officers' firings and noted that both Strickland and Mendoza have been arrested near Flamingo Park in the past and accused of involvement in illegal sex acts.

Ex-Beach cops accused in 2009 beating seek jobs back [miami herald]


  1. Patrick Hogan says

    Are there not medical records that would indicate whether or not Mendoza had sustained injury? I know I’ve had some mug shots taken of me before that failed to show some substantial damage.

    Further: What do prior accusations — not convictions, but accusations — of “lewd conduct” have to do with the current case? At best, any ten-year-old non-convictions are irrelevant; more likely, they represent a homophobic ad hominem attack.

  2. walter says

    they were hired to protect people not beat them. if were anyother minority they beat they would be in jail.

  3. BEAU says

    They were fired for a reason other than political climate. Forte and Hazzi are nothing but thugs, and Sgt. Bello HAS to defend them because of the union. Why has it taken so long for the union to back these two? Because they were waiting for things to die down, in the hopes people would forget. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that the only reason they were hired in the first place, would be then the police force would know where Forte and Bazzi were. Everyone’s cutting back, so they can kiss their re-instatement good-bye, along with their “back pay”. Internal Affairs found them guilty, and wisely cut them loose for a reason.

  4. ratbastard says

    walter: are non ‘minorities’ ever victims? do they always get better treatment than ‘minorities’? who is more likely to get screwed over in the courts: a ‘working class’ white male with no connections,power,etc., or a middle class or above female, homosexual, black,’hispanic’, asian, who have $, connections, etc.?

  5. mmike1969 says

    Hey pigs, you are the reason as to why MANY people do NOT go to the cops and have a low opinion for our local cops. Go back to the slim pits where you belong. People like you have no place in the 21st Century.