1. Matt26 says

    “I don’t judge them. I’m not judging.” The biggest bulls*** I’ve heard from her so far.

    Wonderful the popular MTP took this issue and asked the questions. DG is an excellent journalist.

  2. Guy says

    When is a journalist going to force her to answer the question instead of allowing her to avoid the question? We need the real Michele Bachmann to speak up!

  3. RONTEX says

    Would someone please call her on her bullsh*t answer to all gay questions, “I’m running for the Presidency of the United States”? As president she will represent every citizen, even gay ones, so ALL of these questions are relevant and need to be discussed and answered.

  4. kodiak says

    She dresses better than Palin. Other than that it’s hard to tell the difference sometimes. She doesn’t judge, yet she will make decisions based on her religious and conservative beliefs, which will in essence, be judgments. She will remove “activist” judges, judges who interpret the law fairly, instead of based on conservative, religious beliefs. The whole judge not lest ye be judged is thrown out the window. So tiring.

  5. Scott says

    We need to work our asses off to make sure this woman, Santorum and Rick Perry don’t EVER sit behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office. Obama may not always be the balls-iest- but this ***** wants to reinstate DADT and re-criminalize us. We can forget even dreaming about marriage if she gets in.

  6. bill johnson says

    She is completely clueless. I had to spend the first 4 years of my military career under DADT and that policy did not work at all. Now I am openly serving with no negative reactions at all from my unit and she wants to reinstate the policy? Against the will of over 70% of Americans? How about she actually serves in the military before she tells me that I’m not fit to serve our country just because I’m gay.

  7. says

    “Bachmann also told Gregory that she would have no problem inviting an openly LGBT person into her cabinet: “I would look, first of all, will they uphold the Constitution of the United States? And, number two, are they competent to do what they need to do? And are they the best at who they are? That’s my criteria, nothing more.”

    And in STEPFORD WORLD gays are unconstitutional.

  8. says

    So she thinks she’s going to reinstate DADT? Good luck with that, crazy eyes. She has about as much chance of being in the White House as Marcus has of appearing butch, which is to say, none. I hope the media stays distracted by her for as long as possible, though if this keeps up Sarah may pull a Tonya Harding. Watch your knees, girlfriend!

  9. johnny says

    What really makes me angry is that usually-competent journalists are LETTING HER GET AWAY WITH THIS CRAP! Mr. Gregory should have not let this go without at least exposing her to the fallacy that these issues are not important. It would have been easy:

    “All due respect, Mrs. Bachmann, but these ARE issues which affect a huge number of Americans and you can’t just hide behind a scripted quote and expect the issue to go away while you talk about something else. The nation wants to know what you think on these things and sooner or later you’ll have to answer whether you like it or not. Now, what is your answer to the question???”

  10. walter says

    is her only answer to questions i am running for president of the united states? she avoids giving answers. is she going to say david gregory ambushed her. she should stick to fox news they ask question she can answer.

  11. Gregv says

    Bachman also told Gregory that she would have no problem inviting an openly LGBT person into her cabinet.”

    That’s not really accurate, since BT people never came into the conversation. I highly doubt a transgendered person would ever get anywhere close to her cabinet, and I also think that under her breath she’s mumbling to herself in her own mind that, since a gay person would never really “uphold the constitution” or “be the best that she/he can be,” (being a “part of Satan” and all that) that nobody who’s even accepting of gay people would be accepted into her inner circle. When she talks about the best and brightest people, the unstated end of the paragraph is “….who all would reject homosexuality, of course.”

  12. jaragon says

    She is obviously homophobic but will never admit to it-after all she is running fro President of the United States and we know there are no gay people living here- the real question is will she appeal to a wider less right wing voters?

  13. Brains says

    This is the face of Lucifer, the Devil, before your very eyes.

    Feast on her face and remind yourself that if you do not vote-you vote for her, and if you vote Republican-you vote for her type.


  14. Pete n SFO says

    So how/why did this happen?
    a. increased media access b/c she won straw poll?
    b. NBC decided since Perry’s in the game, it will be days b4 she’s ‘over’ & better get her now?
    c. Gregory decided to grow a pair? This was still weak, but it’s a clever use of her own quotes, & some of the only push-back to date from media.
    It’s a regular election cycle migration; court the super-conserves, then back-peddle for the general elections.
    Seriously, what is wrong w/ MN & IA???

  15. FunMe says

    This interview is really good! David throws her quotes back at her:

    “It’s a very sad life. It’s part of Satan, I think, to say that this is “gay.” It’s anything but gay. It leads to the personal enslavement of individuals. Because if you’re involved in the gay and lesbian lifestyle, it’s bondage. It is personal bondage, personal despair, and personal enslavement. And that’s why this is so dangerous. We need to have profound compassion for people who are dealing with the very real issue of sexual dysfunction in their life, and sexual identity disorders.”

    David asks her if that is the viewpoint that she would have as President. She responds that she is running to be US President, not to be a judge.” And David says, “but you have judged them.”

    She says, “I ascribe honor and dignity to everyone, no matter what their background.” David continues by asking her “you think gay Americans hearing quotes like that from you would say that is “honor and dignity.”

    She continues with her “I am not anyone’s judge.”

    David doesn’t stop and continues with throwing back her “views” … her anti-gay views back at her. She tries to say that she’s running for President of the United States and that Americans and not items of concern to Americans.”

    David: “THIS IS A RECORD OF YOUR STATMENT” Same sex marriage is the defining political statement of our time”

    She is toast and we need to continue to ATTACK BACK for her HATE and BIGOTED views. It’s going to get worse for her … she has no idea what awaits her.

  16. bravo says

    Is she running for President of the United States or Presen-nya-states? I swear she says the latter.

    Her views are very clear. PLEASE nominate her, Republicans. Obama will clean her clock.

    She won’t say that children raised by a gay or lesbian couple is a family, but she will say that her foster kids are part of her family. I just don’t get it.

    Please, America, reject this woman.

  17. Rick says

    This woman is dangerous, she knows how to play the game. If we do not united and get to the polls, we be back to a republican controlled world. God help us!

  18. Elliot says

    The saddest part about this interview is that we have sunk so low as a country that this Oral Roberts University alumnus is actually taken seriously enough for MTP to give her airtime. There is no substance to her – only ignorance, fear, hypocrisy, and hate.

  19. Redebbm says

    On whether or not she would pick a LGBT for her cabinet based on “whether they uphold the Constitution.” This women believes we aren’t allowed equal rights or benefits under the constitution.

    It’s just fluffy code that she would only hire closeted Gays who would be willing to give up any federal benefits and not be able to marry whom they love. Since thats how she interprets it.

    She wants us back in the closet, plain and simple. That’s why she tries to avoid talking about it. She can’t possibly let her true feelings be known.

  20. Mark says

    Bachmann and Palin are like a homophobic sorority girls who are provided cover by feminists who won’t challenge them because both are trailblazing woman in positions of power.

    Since men can’t say much without being accused of attacking, Bachmann gets a pass through to the next round.

    She is however using her God to demonize minority groups, and as usual, this says much more about her than it does about anyone else.

    So despite all her bravado Bachmann must be quite insecure.

    I have nothing against prayer. I just question the authority of people who use it too often.

    After all, if you have to pray over every decision and then wait for God’s official answer it means you don’t trust your own instincts very much.

    Perhaps her instincts got her into trouble in the past…and I don’t think it’s too far of a stretch since the sororities of the world regularly graduate girls who’s instincts got them into trouble.

    Not a new story.

  21. ewe says

    David Gregory is an idiot. We need openly gay people in his position to take that wench on. She said that she would appoint people who have the same views as her. The follow up question is ” do you think gay people have the same views as you?” This is getting rediculous. I do not need David Gregory aka a bad looking Andy Warhol poossyfooting around this vile homophobe.

  22. Craig says

    When she says that she wants to reinstate DADT the follow-up question should be: Are you willing to fire tens of thousands of gay servicemembers who will already be out to their coworkers?

  23. justinw says

    It just blows my mind that anyone at all wants to see this psycho become President of the US. I look forward to her having to actually perform in a debate against (presumably) Obama. He will wipe the floor with her.

  24. Danny says

    I’d say calling gay “satanic” is pretty judgmental.

    Meanwhile it appears that reality has finally forced-fed the Bachmann’s the information that the country doesn’t hate queers quite as much as they thought.

  25. John says

    She doesn’t “judge”, but she “will” reinstate “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. After all, “it has worked very well”.
    Guess what, Michelle, plenty of people are going to judge you.

  26. Mark says

    The Gay=Satan thing is just another Fundy code word.

    The translation goes something like–

    Repubs are the party of God…if you vote for Democrats you’re voting for Evil.

    Bachmann doesn’t appeal to the educated voters who see right through those tactics.

  27. Gregoire says

    I so, so wish Obama could debate her one on one, but she won’t make it to the general election.

    Barack Obama vs. Rick Perry – who are you choosing?

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