Michele Bachmann Won’t Address ‘Frivolous’ Gay Issues

NewsweekBachmann Michele Bachmann has made a habit of avoiding inquiries about marriage equality and her husband's homophobic professional work.

The Republican presidential candidate dismissed one Iowa news station's questions about her husband's ex-gay clinics, later stonewalled a reporter from that same channel and then dodged related questions at the National Press Club.

Now it appears Bachmann has done the same thing to New Hampshire's Concord Monitor, via Politico.

Bachmann cut off an interview last week as she was being asked a question about gay marriage and emphasized that she is focused on rebuilding the economy and repealing federal health care reform.

"I'm not involved in light, frivolous matters," she said. "I'm not involved in fringe or side issues. I'm involved in serious issues."

Alexander Burns seems to think that Bachmann is trying to move away from divisive social issues — part of the elusive culture war "truce" — but it seems just as likely she's trying to avoid a Pandora's box of a negative news story about her discriminatory politics.

Speaking of Bachmann, she's all over the cover of Newsweek's latest issue.


  1. mike128 says

    i seem to be hearing this around. i think that’s going to be a new talking point – gay issues are frivolous issues. we dont have time for them. it’s going to be easier to put forward that point than to continue to push an explicit anti-gay message.

  2. Mark says

    Let’s be honest here: Aren’t we all waiting for the hustler or patient to come forward and admit they had sex with Michele’s husband Marcus?

  3. walter says

    fringe issues seen to be the only thing she talks about. she refuses to talk about anything she doesn’t have the answers printed for her. her health issues, her husband, taking federal funds for sham clinics are off limits to reporters but have been used by repuks against other candidates.

  4. Thom Watson says

    It’s such a fringe issue that she nearly wet herself about being the first to sign not one but two pledges committing herself to oppose it, not even bothering to read the fine print in the first one noting how much better Black families were under slavery given that their parents couldn’t legally divorce one another.

  5. Derek Wain says

    MB has no intention of being sideline by the Demented Media Left. They will not be able to pigeon hold her. Neither her husband nor his business is running for President. The ad hominem attacks against Bachmann by the media jackals have boomeranged against the Left and hugely helped Bachmann.
    Whenever the press attacks Bachmann, she “gets a flood of support and money. She becomes ‘Every Woman,’ a misunderstood Tea Party mother of five facing down an elitist, arrogant, Obama-leaning press corps.” The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
    8/2/11 Rasmussen Poll: Romney 44% vs. Bachmann 42% in a two-way race.

  6. Derek Wain says

    Juan Williams wrote: “Whenever the press attacks Bachmann she “gets a flood of support and money. She becomes ‘Every Woman,’ a misunderstood Tea Party mother of five facing down an elitist, arrogant, Obama-leaning press corps.” The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on.
    7/19/11 A national poll from Public Policy Polling shows Bachmann: 21% of Republican primary voters vs. 20% for Mitt Romney.

  7. RyanInSacto says

    @Derek Wain: First, welcome to Towleroad. It’s always nice to have a brand new commenter here. Now that these pleasantries are out of the way…

    “MB has no intention of being sideline by the Demented Media Left. They will not be able to pigeon hold her.”
    – I know that you Tea Party types are not really into grammar or spelling, but I think you should know that the term is “pigeon hole” not “pigeon hold.” Also, it’s “sidelined” not “sideline.” If you remember this in the future, your argumentation will be more effective. I’ve helped you be a better Tea Partier. Dang, I’m nice.

    “Neither her husband nor his business is running for President.”
    – She co-owns the business. It’s her business too. I’m going to assume you didn’t know this. Now you do.

    Finally, you’ve admirably provided links to polling to help substantiate your claims that the left’s criticism helps Bachmann in the Republican primary race. What you have not shown is whether or not criticism of her and her husband’s ex-gay clinic helps her in a general election match-up against President Obama. It’s not clear that independent voters, who are actually the people who determine election outcomes, will be particularly enthralled with a presidential candidate who co-owns a business which receives medicaid funding to provide quack ex-gay therapy.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Max says

    Wtf? She and her closet-case husband have been ranting about gays forever. Anti-gay fanaticism has always been her core platform. Suddenly she wants us all to disappear so she can run for prez? Ha!

  9. Bob R says

    First, this Wain creature appears to be a Bachmann troll. Maybe that is how he earns a living. Second, using Rasmussen is just a waste of time. Rasmussen is notoriously inaccurate and heavily biased toward Republican candidates. It’s a crappy poll, like Zogby. So citing Rasmussen is like asking Joe Goebbels how Hitler is polling.

    Bachmann needs to be hounded about these issues. They shouldn’t be allowed to fade away. They need to be hung around her neck til they choke her. If she refuses to answer, fine, all the better. People will recognize she has something to hide. It also allows the left to help frame the debate about Bachmann and these issues.

    She does well with the radical, racist right and the low information Tea Baggers. Head to head against Obama or even Romney in general polling, she crashes. Obama’s biggist threat right now is Romney. Even in a crappy economy, I doubt the voters will turn the country over to crazy eyes. Although, they gave it to Bush, twice. So who really knows until the final votes are counted.

  10. prophet says

    We really have moved into the era of beyond-truth in this country. She and her hubby have made their careers out of anti-gay rhetoric, and now she claims not to care about this frivolous issue.

  11. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Bob R and RYANINSACTO, google “ad hominem attacks against Bachmann by the media jackals” and see how many hits you get. Is blanketing the internet with this a job or a hobby, Derek Wain?

  12. says

    Ya. Right. Gay marriage is such a “frivolous” issue that she has spent much of her ENTIRE political career fighting against it, including leading the charge for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in MN. If it is not an important issue, why push for a constituional amendment?! If you have pushed for a constitutional amendment for years, and there is one on the ballot, how can ampolitician dodge the question and have ANY credibility!?

  13. corny says

    there’s a whole lot of intelligent stuff to say on this topic and most of it’s already been said above.

    so i’m gonna get back to the fact that she looks like an escapee from a community theatre production of one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

    seriously. i hope she didn’t pose for that picture. it had to have been taken by surprise. right? worthless evil liberal media. can’t even make the certifiably insane look good.

  14. says

    As others have said, much of her political energies have been squandered to anti-gay causes, along with rewriting history, so it’s rather hilarious that she’s suddenly calling them (and by association, herself) frivolous now that a little light has been shone on her own rhetoric and her “ex-gay” (as if) husband’s brainwashing counseling business that loves its government money. She can’t run away from her own record, which is obsessed with anti-gay-family issues.

    To the Bachmann troll, if you’re still lingering under the bridge here: You do realize, don’t you, that Michelle doesn’t stand a chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination? And it will be powers-that-be within the Republican party, if the voters don’t beat them to it, that will make sure she doesn’t get in their way. They’ll smear her themselves if need be. The last thing they want is for crazy-eyes to hand a victory to President Obama. Her candidacy will be frivolous long after gay rights remains important.

  15. Mike Triggs says

    The best she can hope for is a #2 spot with Perry. The Rove’s of the world will insure she is knee capped but they are probably just dumb enough to think she could “help” a ticket….kinda the same thinking McCain’s handler’s had with SP.

  16. djork says

    Culture War “truce” bullsh*t. This woman crazy, dangerous and, apparently, admired. And married to a big, doughy eunuch. She can only avoid questions if she’s allowed to avoid them.

  17. Jerry says

    Halloween is early this year!! Let’s get those orders in soon for your very own scary “Bachmann Mask” – be the first in your neighborhood to scare the H out of your neighbors! It’s all tricks, no treats!

  18. says

    This hateful woman built her career on being against same sex marriage, this is how she was elected to Congress. She rushes to sign two anti-same sex pledges. Now, she she blathers that gays are frivolous.

    What a nasty person. But then, everyone already knew that.

  19. Hue-Man says

    Frivolty: is that like “gay”? So she’s dismissing 20 million+ LGBT Americans as unworthy of her attention, essentially the entire population of California. If she has no respect for so many people, why does she deserve any respect from anyone? What a coward.

  20. Leroy Laflamme says

    Terrific! Just what a country needs in a leader – someone who thinks human rights are light, frivolous, fringe or side issues. Clearly, this woman cannot possibly be taken seriously. Nor can that cover photograph. Looks like she could use a husband who personally styles her hair, just like that other no-friend-of-the gays, the Australian Prime Minister.

  21. Esurb says

    I want to know more about the 6th district in Minnesota: Who are these fking people who foist this insance woman on the rest of the world? What the hell do they make and sell? I sure as hell don’t want to support their judmental bent with a single of my dollars!

  22. TJ says

    On top of this, balloonhead Bachman shows even more lunacy in a statement blaming the President for the S&P downgrade, completely ignoring what was said in theirstatement.

    Batshit crazy Michelle Bachman is a big part of the problem, as are the other Teabaggers…

  23. Bad Humor Boy says

    Michele Bachmann won’t address “frivolous gay issues?” Michele Bachmann has the audacity to call gay issues frivolous when their exploitation gave her a foothold in public life and propelled her into office! As H.R. Haldeman of Watergate cover-up fame sagely observed: “Once the paste is out of the tube, it’s very hard to get it back in again.”

    Her handlers are on target. To be perceived as presidential timber, she needs to convey a grasp of weightier matters. But gravitas is not a make-over accessory. She may want to skirt “gay issues” – as she has more-or-less managed to do for her husband, but she carries only one brand in her cosmetic bag of tricks: “Anti-Equality Bigotry!”

    It’s no exaggeration to say that her political capital has been acquired almost exclusively at the expense of the gay community. That’s her track record; her history. She owns it and she’s accountable for it!

  24. Robert in NYC says

    What does it say about a party, the GOP including its Tea Party and Civil Libertarian scumbags. Bachmann, Perry, Romney, Pawlenty…that’s the best they can come up with? Not one has any intellectual curiosity about anything. Not one of them could debate world renowned economics Nobel Peace Prize winner, Paul Krugman, or even Robert Reich. I’d love to see that debate happen, but of course, it won’t. Both would wipe the floor with all of them with their eyes closed. We’ve seen over the past 30 years since Reagan, supply side economics doesn’t work and if it did, where was all the job creation under 8 years of Bush who gave the biggest tax cuts to the corporate oligarchy running this country?

  25. Mike in the Tundra says

    For a few interesting minutes, google Derek Wain. He’s all over the internet making loving comments about Michelle Bachmann. It’s usually the same comment. It’s just cut and paste with an occasional addition. There are two possibilities: one – he works for her, and two – she gives him wood.

  26. Chuck Mielke says

    Let’s not be mistaken: calling gay issues “frivolous” is an extremely aggressive tactic that magically whisks all gay issues into the closet to be ignored. This tactic, if successful, would return us all to invisibility. Don’t underestimate the power of this tactic. Stand up! March! Engage random acts of glittering. Marry loudly and brilliantly. Come out and be more than fabulous; be magnificent!

  27. jones says

    “Neither her husband nor his business is running for President.”

    Apparently the Teabaggers must have thought that Reverend Wright, William Ayers, and ACORN were on the ticket with Obama.

  28. Kyle says

    Do you all really think she is actually serious about running for office? Think of it, she may be using all this controversy to brand herself so that she can profit for her future career as an author, commentator & speaker. There’s a lot more money in that and less stress :-)

  29. Michaelandfred says

    I’m waiting for her “I’m not a witch moment.” I’m secretly hoping they’ll actually give her the nomination, what an amazing summer of SNL and a sure win for Obama. Pigeon hold….lol. Welcome to Tea Party America.

  30. Walter says

    What is it with these extreme right wing women (and some men)? They all have that same blank stare (aka rape eyes) and that creepy perma-smile. It goes way beyond the whole Stepford Wife thing…it’s getting into “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” territory. Or in her and her husband’s case, “Children of the Cornhole”.

  31. RB says

    The cover is beyond sexist! Male candidates are not pictured in such a manner. Shame on Newsweek!!! And I think she is a total loon and hope like hell that she NEVER becomes president but this cover is simply wrong!

  32. Steve says

    I’d like to know if these bigots think that inequality in the tax laws, or the use of the word “Marriage”, is their problem?

    Personally I don’t care what they call our unions, what I do care about is my bank account: Example, my partner died and since I’m the Successor Trustee of the his estate, I paid over 200,000 to settle his tax debt. Now, solely because we were a Gay couple, I’m now expected to pay a complete other set of taxes on money that has already been taxed. Women don’t have to do that and that is what really upsets me.

    feel about God anyway you want, just keep your faith out of my bank account.

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