1. SacredPipe says

    What a terrible, hard to read, basically illiterate web site. Your design choice reads very poorly and who ever writes for you seems to barely understand the language. Perhaps the beauty and integrity of your message is being lost because of these problems. This is an important subject. It would be better if you had a design that works across all browsers and had a writer who understood how to form accurate sentences.

  2. LiamB says

    Wow, SacredPipe. Who pissed in your Wheaties this morning? Sorry that you are so more refined than the rest of us, that you find yourself incapable of making sense of the site. I’m sure there are other sites better geared to serving your elitist, and frankly, pretentious nature.

  3. The Iron Orchard says

    @Ian I was able to watch the videos…at both sites.
    @sacredpipe you should make your own website then….

    @everyone… I really wish the reporter had asked the people at the food court why they were not fasting, especially since it’s Ramadan, and Muslims seem able to fast from sun up to sun down everyday for a month.

  4. Guy says

    I fail to understand what these protestors are afraid of? Separation of church and state, sounds so cliche this nation was founded on God we trust. Our for fathers founded this nation on Bible princples. Perry is a man not afraid to stand on his beliefs and I commend him for that. Those protestors arguments make little to know sense in there stand against this man.

  5. Todd says

    Did anyone have their Grindr or Scruff apps on to see if anyone inside Reliant Stadium had theirs on?

    There’d probably high user traffic on it in the vicinity due to all the equality proponents but I bet you could nail some gay-vangelicals? Keep that in mind when you are in their vicinity.

  6. says

    “Those protestors arguments make little to know sense in there stand against this man.”

    Well, this sentence sums the intellectual capacities of the crowd. I’ve a feeling some of down-low Rick’s literacy-challenged, evangelical ex-boyfriends are in the house!

    Separation of church and state isn’t a “cliché”, but religious zealots from Texas who believe in secession but question evolution might not be the best authorities on this nation’s founding and constitutional principles. The rest of us want the theocratically inclined to stop infringing on our civil liberties and start being rational human beings, a lost cause, alas, among the benighted pro-prayer anti-science set.

  7. Abel says

    Don’t think this prayer rally, which was very well attended, will be the last of such. In fact, it would not surprise me if Governor Perry doesn’t turn all of his campaign stops into prayer services.

  8. Dale says

    @guy your facts are flawed.

    “In god we trust” was added to coins in 1864.
    Added to paper money in 1956.
    Adopted as the official motto of the United States in 1956.

    That’s a far cry from 1776.

    As far as being founded on Christian values, actually we were founded on the natural values of right and wrong for a country.

    Them nasty fact just always seem to pop up.

  9. says

    The demonstration wasn’t about prayer itself at all, nor about a day of it. It was about our Governor’s alignment with hate groups. There may not have been any anti-LGBT sentiment that day within the stadium (I don’t know, I didn’t watch it) but the American Family Association and the Family Research Council were the groups ASKED to run the show, by our Governor,

    It is these groups that empower the atmosphere that leads to suicide and murder of our community, Perry empowered these groups so, he empowered the anti-LGBT atmosphere. It’s a simple connect.

    The demonstration was to bring to the protest those who we speak up for who can no longer speak up for themselves.

    There may have been only a few hundred bodies on the streets but there were millions of souls behind us.

  10. reality says

    Could you imagine the outrage if a political leader hosted a huge Muslim event? Or agnostic event? Or anything OTHER than Christian? This is ridiculous, they’re supposed to represent ALL constituents and that includes people who worship in other ways or do not worship at all. What a disgrace.

  11. T says

    I think people who deride other people’s grammar should take care of their own. I’m a grammatical mess myself oftentimes, but even I know that “website” and “whoever” are single words, and that you should hyphenate compound adjectives such as “hard-to-read.” You know, in all my days, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of you grammar nazis use good grammar.

    The OP is not that bad. There are some typos, some passive voice, etc., but while I might not have written it using such a casual style, it’s a perfectly serviceable post.

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