News: Rick Perry, Hunger Games, Michael Fassbender, Elephants

Road Janet Mock: Don Lemon missing "sensitivity chip" with regard to trans people? Clip.

Washington_monument RoadMore cracks found in Washington Monument.

RoadVIDEO: Michael Fassbender drag scene cut from X-Men.

RoadNPR on Dominionism and Rick Perry: "An emerging Christian movement that seeks to take dominion over politics, business and culture in preparation for the end times and the return of Jesus, is becoming more of a presence in American politics. The leaders are considered apostles and prophets, gifted by God for this role."

RoadDick Cheney says his book will have "heads exploding" in D.C.

RoadLeonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire tool around in vintage car on set of The Great Gatsby.

Road1978 murder cold case of gay Utah man reopened: "Tony Adams was the campaign manager for the Socialist Party in Utah and a gay-rights activist when he was stabbed to death in his Salt Lake City apartment. His murder was never solved and was just one of several violent murders of outspoken gay people in Utah during a short period of time."

RoadLady Gaga leapfrogs Oprah Winfrey in Forbes' Most Powerful Women list.

Miniter_bachmann RoadWhich one of these men is gay?

Study shows elephants capable of insight.

RoadJesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita vacation in Maui.

RoadNorman Rockwell White House painting sends rare message on race. "His choice of the Rockwell painting was a more private statement. Obama has never mentioned it in a speech or public event. And while White House aides confirmed that Obama approved bringing it to the West Wing, they declined to discuss how the decision was made or why.

RoadVIDEO: First footage of The Hunger Games released.

Road Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind may suspend his party allegiance over his hatred for same-sex marriage: "David Weprin, Hikind's fellow Assembly Democrat, supports the right of gay couples to marry, and that's a main reason he lost Hikind's support for the Sept. 13 special election."

Rousseau RoadFrancois Rousseau is all wet (some images not sfw)

RoadBinational couples await relief under Obama policy change.

RoadTabloid alleges Russell Armstrong, the Housewives of Beverly Hills husband who recently took his own life, did so in part because he was going to be outed.

RoadThe Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell: HBO documentary on military gay ban to premiere on repeal date in September.

Road Who knew the white Michael Vick looked like Brian Austin Green?

RoadGay Elle writer Seth Plattner makes out with girls for attention: "Although my motivations may have been convoluted, in a weird way canoodling with women kept me alive to the fact that it's foolish to shut down my sexual self in the company of the opposite sex. It can be useful, even at work. Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to kiss my way to the top. It's more subtle than that. I work at a fashion magazine, where women are my bosses, colleagues, friends. And with all of them, I'm aware that my masculinity, my attractive guyness, is part of what I offer. Obviously, my professional skills are more important, but if a coworker or superior thinks I'm cute or captivating in some way, great! That gravitational pull is mine to leverage as I can."


  1. walter says

    the answer to the question which one of these men are gay is a trick because they both are.

  2. Rick says

    “And that’s the bigger issue here: Lemon symbolizes many of our gay brothers and lesbian sisters, who just don’t get us trans people”

    That is because we are NOT your “brothers and sisters” and have nothing more in common with you than heterosexuals and bisexuals do. If you want to make your case to the world, go ahead, but you are not one of us and we have absolutely no special obligation to either help you or attempt to “get” you simply because we happen to be sexually attracted to individuals of the same gender AS OPPOSED TO being fundamentally unhappy with our gender or confused about our gender. Maybe you should try to “get” that before you start criticizing Lemon or anyone else…..

  3. Derrick from Philly says


    The first Gay people to call themselves “Gay people” were mainly Transgender folk. Do some research on the beginnings of the Gay subculture. Guys like you were in the closet until the Transgender folk made it safe for you to come out….unfortunately.

  4. Nick says

    The NPR piece is compelling and should be listened to—because Ricky Bobby of Texas is surging in the polls and he makes Dubya look like a Phi Beta Kappa.
    The extreme right Christianists are terribly frightening and they are who bubba listens to and were the prime backers of his little soiree down in Reliant Stadium. Chilling….

  5. FernLaPlante says

    “Rick” sounds just like the transphobic guy “Billy” who posted hatred on the Elmhurst College news item here earlier today. Get over it, Rick, you don’t run admissions to the LGBTQ community.

  6. Chitown kev says

    Maybe Andy should havve posed the question, “Which one of these men looks gayer?”

  7. Chitown kev says


    in terms of playing style we’ve already had a “white Michael Vick” and he’s in the NFL Hall of Fame.

    His name is Steve Young.

  8. Chitown kev says

    In fact, I could just as well say that Michael Vick (and pretty much any black QB that came after S.Young, really) is really the “black Steve Young.”

    It was Steve Young that really made the running QB in the NFL popular; though I give Vick some credit for taking it to another level.

    It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when running (and usually black) QB’s are only compared to other black QBs and not to Steve Young.

  9. Derrick from Philly says


    you’re lucky my mother (not Drag mother) can’t get to you. She is a diehard Randall Cunningham fan. She never accepted anybody after him–not McNabb, not Vick. I’d like you to meet her IN PERSON and tell her who was the greatest “running quarterback” of the late 1980s and early 1990s.

  10. ohplease says

    Rick, get over yourself.

    It has been shocking to be made aware of just how ubelievably ignorant Don Lemon is of absolutely everything to do with trans people. This is a man who demands acceptance of himself and he refuses to even acknowledge that trans people exist because he claims he can’t remember the letters “LGBT” and, when confronted with trans people, he behaves as if he’s never even heard of them before and that they’re being ridiculous by demanding that he accept them.

    Don Lemon, knock it the hell off. Stop being a major ass about this. Whatever it is you need to do to start sounding like you have a brain in your head when it comes to trans issues, do it and do it NOW.

    Or do you really prefer to stand with dumbasses like the Ricks of this world?

  11. Zlick says

    I don’t watch Don Lemon, so I have no idea about his statements re trans people, but apparently they could use more sensitivity.

    Perhaps mine could as well, because I’m sorta with Rick. Non-acceptance of or satisfaction with your birth gender is NOT at all, remotely, minutely similar to sexual attraction to members of your same gender.

    I have no problem supporting equal rights and respect for trans people, but no more than I support the same for black people, Latino people, Native American people and every other people in this world.

    So I agree with Rick that we have no “special obligation” to help them in their cause, though I personally feel the same obligation I have to help everybody in their quest for freedom and equality and respect.

    Just don’t get why the “T” in LGBT, and I doubt I ever will.

  12. Chitown Kev says

    Derrick from Philly

    Well, as far as all time rushing yardage for a QB:

    1. Randall Cunningham
    2. Michael Vick
    3. Steve Young

    Steve Young would probably still hold the record had he started out in the NFL (Young started in the USFL) AND not been the backup of Joe Montana for so many years.

    Now I really, really don’t like Donovan McNabb in spite of his Chicago roots.

    There’s the matter of a lil’ ol’ game in 1998 in The Big House when McNabb ran all over my Michigan Wolverines (in fact, Tom Brady was booed of the field in that game).

  13. Peter says

    These people have become like a band of nagging wives, and if I wanted to put up with that I would have married a woman. Now they are attacking Mr. Lemon, who is a fine example and role model to gay men all over the country. Back off, b*****s!

  14. Zlick says

    There’s a paragraph in the article about Lemon’s transfauxpas that really caught my attention (Rick’s too, apparently, though perhaps not for the same reason):

    “And that’s the bigger issue here: Lemon symbolizes many of our gay brothers and lesbian sisters, who just don’t get us trans people. … Until we are able to actually be open to the gender-variancy that is in nature, naturally, we’ll never be able to move forward and not only demand gay and lesbian rights, but transgender rights; civil human rights.”

    So, here’s what I don’t get. I’m all for people being free to be whatever gender they please, but it strikes me that a good many trans people are simply not “open to the gender-variancy that is in nature.” It’s one thing to feel you’d be happier as the other gender, but quite another to feel you were born into the “wrong” gender.

  15. Chitown Kev says

    let me rephrase this:

    In fact, I could just as well say that Michael Vick (and pretty much any black QB that is a running QB came after S.Young, really) is really the “black Steve Young.”

    Because not every black QB is a running QB [i.e. Doug Williams, David Garrard (who runs but is more of a Ben Roethisberger type than a Young/Vick type), Byron Leftwich]

  16. Brian in Texas says

    Simply stating that Trans folks and Gay folks have nothing in common anymore than straight and trans folks as Rick and Billy did is not hate. It’s just a fact.

    This is why we did away with the term “Transsexual” and replaced it with “Transgender”. Because trans issues have nothing to do with sexuality or sexual attraction. It’s gender identity.

    The only reason I see that T is attached to LGB, is because many trans folks identify as “gay” before coming out as really being trans.

  17. Rick says

    @Zlick Just to be clear, I have seen documentaries about transsexuals and I do not doubt for a minute that most of them are sincere about feeling “trapped” in their bodies….and I am sympathetic towards them in their quest to change their gender, as far as that goes…..even though I don’t really understand it and cannot relate to it in any way. My belief in their sincerity is in part based on the fact that I don’t see how one could go about having one’s genitals (and one’s entire body” altered, given the expense and the physical and emotional trauma associated with such a change, unless they really and truly were totally miserable with the status quo.

    But associating them with gay people in the public mind is not only unjustified in terms of commonality–it also reinforces the confusion in the popular mind about what homosexuality is–We have labored for decades to convince straight society that “No, gay people are not gender-confused”……and when we allow transsexuals and transvestites to be lumped in with us, we undermine that message and make it much more difficult for society to accept us and be comfortable with us.

    Activists who insist on lumping us together and trans people who try to piggy-back on our quest for acceptance (while putting it at risk) are alienating many of us who might otherwise be more supportive of them….and if they now start attacking gay people, the way they did with Don Lemon, then you are going to start to see open hostility of the sort that “Peter” expressed in this thread.

    Enough is enough.

  18. says

    Not being able to understand transgendered people is not unlike straight people who don’t understand why a man would want to have sex with another man. They can’t relate to that, either. But, if we’re decent human beings, we attempt to walk in another’s shoes, especially if they are being denied civil rights, which transgendered people certainly are, as are we.

    And there is an obvious link between T and LG people in that all are often bullied and targeted even if they are not out, and often the reason for that targeting is due to gender nonconformity, the fem boy, the butch girl. Does that mean that all gay people are gender non-conforming or that all gay people have a lot in common with trans people? Of course not. Many gay people feel a close affinity with trans people, many do not. But a lot of the societal prejudices against us come from the same discomfort towards “other”. (And that discomfort with the idea of 2 men having sex doesn’t evaporate if the 2 men happen to fit the societal norms of malehood–just try kissing in a homophobic locale.) The most despicable thing is those who blame gender-nonconforming people for somehow setting back gay rights, an accusation that is both false and irrational.

    If you–or Don Lemon, or whoever–don’t have anything in common with the transgendered, fine, but that doesn’t exempt one from the ability to empathize with them, and they should have the same empathy towards us. But in an imperfect world, there are narrow-minded people across the gender and sexuality spectrum, and their own internal conflicts and phobias will prevent them from understand anyone who is unlike them. It’s the narrow-minded lack of empathy that prevents equality, not the T in LGBT.

  19. Nat says

    “We have labored for decades to convince straight society that “No, gay people are not gender-confused”…..”

    But we’ve also laboured to deconstruct gendered differences as well.

    And that is where I’ve often found myself parting philosophical ways from some of the transgendered folks I know. Obviously they feel something is fundamentally wrong with the gender they inhabit, but the ones I know – and I am not trying to be bigoted – seem to also subscribe to a kind of gender essentialism, where men and women have prescribed roles and views which cannot be subverted, except by changing one’s gender.

    Obviously it’s not as simple as wanting to wear women’s clothing, but whenever I try to start a discussion, trans folk get offended, ephemeral, or actually start enunciating stereotypical gender traits.

  20. says

    @ NAT: Perhaps the trans folk you’ve met are so fixated on gender essentialism because they have felt so stressed by their sex. Like when a gay person comes out, they can be uber-gay. I hope that people everywhere would stop being so fixated on gender specifics and just relax.

    And I agree with ERNIE 😉

  21. Brian in Texas says

    Are there any actual Trans people reading this thread? I’d be interested to hear their insight…

  22. Rick says

    “But a lot of the societal prejudices against us come from the same discomfort towards “other””

    @Ernie You could say that about EVERY group in the population, but we as gay people are not going to bring every racial minority, every religious minority, every ethnic minority, and every nationality on earth under our wing. Why? Because despite sharing the common experience of being discriminated against for being an “other”, we have nothing in common with those groups and do not have the same issues they do. None of those groups are going to embrace gay people as one of them, much less trans people.

    I realize that living in your Far Left academic ghetto up in Vermont causes you to be out of touch with the national mainstream, but the visibility of transvestites and transsexuals ABSOLUTELY damages our public image. The very first thing our opponents do when trying to turn the population against us is provide photos and/or film of drag queens and guys wearing nothing but jockstraps and pink feather boas marching at Pride in San Francisco. They do that for a reason–because they know that if they can tar us with the label of gender-confusion, they can keep us at the social margins and defeat us in the court of public opinion.

    As I said, if they want to present their case to society, fine–they will either succeed or fail on the merits and on the basis of their own efforts. My own personal belief is that people are never going to accept the idea of men dressing up as women into mainstream society, but whether they will or not, it is not my problem or the problem of gay people in general and not something that I should be burdened with by having these people associated with us in any way, shape, or form.

    And I think the vast majority of gay people feel exactly the same way.

  23. Chitown Kev says

    but…but… (white? naaaaah….)
    gay people are supposed to know better because of their history of discrimination.

    There isn’t an argument being made on this thread that I haven’t heard in another context.

  24. says

    “I realize that living in your Far Left academic ghetto up in Vermont causes you to be out of touch with the national mainstream . . . ”

    Oh, Rick, stop being such a hysterical queen! The drag queens in the SF Pride Parade are the least of your problems. BTW, I’m not far left and I didn’t grow up in an academic ghetto. I grew up in a working class small town. But, I digress . . . You do realize that transphobia and homophobia are closely interlinked, right? Homophobes are transphobes, too. (That was my point.) And that homophobes don’t care if you’re “straight-acting” or not–if you’re a guy having sex with another guy, you could look like Tom Selleck or Liberace or Marcus Bachmann, it’s all the same to them.

    Places with strong gay rights protections usually also have strong trans rights protections (though the trans rights usually come later). This is not coincidence. People who don’t necessarily understand but accept the idea of 2 men (or 2 women–but that’s always more acceptable) having sex together are more apt to accept gender-nonconformists and trans people. Why? Because those who don’t use religion to infringe on the civil rights of others, who are secure in their gender and sexuality (whatever it is), and who believe in human rights aren’t upset by “other,” whether that other is sexuality, gender, or some combination of the two.

    I know trans issues and women make you nervous, Rick, and you think they’re the source of all your problems, but you should know that men who are secure in their masculinity and with their sexuality tend to be relaxed about sexuality and gender. So, lighten up, dear, it’ll make you feel more manly!

  25. Pierre says

    @Earnie – you are dead on with your observations and I really appreciate you standing up against hate and transphobia.

  26. Derrick from Philly says

    “@Ernie You could say that about EVERY group in the population, but we as gay people are not going to bring every racial minority, every religious minority, every ethnic minority, and every nationality on earth under our wing”

    Who the is “our”, Rick? What do Gay people look like to you? How the hell can White Gay men in their 40s or below decide what is best for Gay people around this whole world? Extraordinary arrogance.

    Rick, there was a Gay subculture long before you existed.

    From Drag queens in ancient times, to female impersonators on the Shakespearean and later Vaudeville stage, to Blues singing Drag Queens, to Quentin Crisp, to Little Richard, to Pepper Labeija and Dorian Corey, to RuPaul, Lady Bunny and Lipsinka, Corey, to Chris Croker, Christian Siriano and B. Scott. These folks are all examples of Transgender people who are also GAY…dammit!

    After 4 or 5 thousand years of Transgender/Gay existence AINT no 21st Century White Gay man going to define “Gay” for me.

  27. NorthoftheBorder says

    is it just me, or has Marcus Bachmann been taking facial reconstruction tips from Jocelyn Wildenstein????

  28. Rick says

    “And that homophobes don’t care if you’re “straight-acting” or not–if you’re a guy having sex with another guy, you could look like Tom Selleck or Liberace or Marcus Bachmann, it’s all the same to them”

    Wrong, wrong, wrong…..a thousand times wrong. Look at the gay men who have made it in network news: Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Tom Roberts, Shep Smith……What do they all have in common? They are, to use your terminology, not mine, “straight acting.” Go into any office in Corporate America and the gay men you find who have been accepted and made it to the top in some instances were and are all “straight acting.”

    People are naturally comfortable with those who they perceive to be like them…..and while they can accept a man whose only difference with them is in terms of sexual orientation, if they are properly educated……the same people can never and will never accept a man who would show up at work wearing high heels, a skirt, lipstick, and a wig, with some artificial material stuffed inside his top to make it look like he has breasts like a woman, who goes around addressing people as “Miss Thing”.

    That is common knowledge and common sense to anybody who lives in the social mainstream of this country or any other country and if you are too blind to see that or just don’t want to see it, I cannot help you, but that is the way it is and will almost certainly always be.

  29. says

    Actually, Rick, Anderson Cooper giggles (charmingly) like a schoolgirl, follows the Real Housewives religiously (how gay is that!), and has probably thrown around a few Miss Thangs in his time. But he’s also capable of being a sexless reporter who looks good in newsman drag. Guys who wear high heels and dresses aren’t going after Anderson’s job. (Where I live in Montreal they’re successful business owners who host a drag show for 15,000 fans each summer.) Different strokes for different folks: most of us can’t be Anderson Cooper (for sure, your despepsia would foul any TV show) or Ru Paul or Rachel Maddow.

    The sad thing is, Rick, your cartoonishly simplistic view of gender and sexuality has nothing to do with gay rights. I’d be surprised if you’ve ever done one thing to advance gay rights. Your views only speak to the irrational hatred of anything feminine, especially anything feminine within yourself. Alas, those suffering from internalized homophobia (and you do seem to be suffering, or else gender wouldn’t alarm you so much) are usually the least capable of diagnosing themselves, much like the down low homos like Marcus Bachmann who delude themselves by demonizing others who reflect their inner turmoil.

  30. Brian in Texas says

    @ Derrick from Philly

    I always enjoy your comments, but classifying all those people as you did as “trans” I feel is inappropriate. I’d bet a dollar that if you asked most of those people if they considered themselves trans they would say no.

    Drag does not equal trans. Trans is not a performance or form or entertainment. It’s a feeling that one was born in the wrong body. Both Ru Paul and Chris Crocker appear as MEN in their everyday lives. A trans-woman for example would be repulsed by dressing as a man.

    I’m not sure of your age, but I would assume you might be from an era where the word “transvestite” was thrown around and they lumped any man who ever appeared as a woman into that category.