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Rick Perry Can't Handle Evidence in Epic Fail of Abstinence Question: VIDEO


Evangelical beliefs trump logic most of the time for Rick Perry, particularly in this jaw-dropping clip of his inability to answer a question about the disconnect between abstinence education and teen pregnancy rates.

Writes Steve Benen at Washington Monthly:

The problem here isn’t just that Perry has the wrong answer. The more meaningful problem is that Perry doesn’t seem to know how to even formulate an answer. He starts with a proposition in his mind (abstinence-only education is effective), and when confronted with evidence that the proposition appears false (high teen-pregnancy rates), the governor simply hangs onto his belief, untroubled by evidence. As Jon Chait put it, Perry seems to struggle “even to think in empirical terms.”


(unreasonable faith via reddit)

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  1. Oh my... He sounds justs like George W. to me. No wonder he is a conservative favorite. They idolize ignorance a.k.a. "faith".

    Posted by: Stephen | Aug 23, 2011 6:43:50 PM

  2. It was the late, lamented Molly Ivins who said something along the lines of 'Please listen to me when I tell you never to elect a Texan to the White House,' and who referred to the current Governor as "Rick Good-Hair Perry".

    Posted by: Piet | Aug 23, 2011 7:10:16 PM

  3. GOP seriously elect these people? God, his accent sounds just like W and THAT is SCARY! These people are utter LOSERS!

    Posted by: Kyle | Aug 23, 2011 11:17:21 PM

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