1. Gregoire says

    Really? That’s LITERALLY what the Talmud says? God must not be very powerful then. That earthquake barely caused any damage.

  2. HadenoughBS says

    This man is proof that Old Testament Homophobic Thinking = Old Testament Homophobic BS. There’s nothing to be learned here for the good of society.

  3. paul says

    The irony here is the quake’s epicenter was in Virginia…which absolutely has done absolutely nothing for gays!!

  4. esther blodgett says

    It wasn’t all that long ago that the Jews would have been blamed for this earthquake.

  5. Jason says

    When I shake my male member in a place where it doesn’t belong, it registers at least a 7.0. BA-DA-BING!

  6. Dastius-Krazitauc says

    Speaking of “shaking”, is this guy using homosexuality to shake down his community for money or votes? Or is he just another closet case using anti-gay causes as a way of keeping homosexuality in his life?

  7. Chadd says

    My religious book says that God sent the earthquake to DC because he was pissed off about the Teabaggers and their failure to help the poor and the needy. What makes his religious book more important than mine?

  8. MT says

    Is that why God sent an earthquake to rural Virginia? Clearly he’s mad at white trash more than he’s mad at the gays.

  9. John Equality says

    “God is mad at you freaks for being different,” says grizzled unshaven leprechaun wearing gigantic black-velvet hat.

  10. says

    The O.T. is a violent book full of hate and violence and this clown has the nerve to blame us for a shift in tectonic plates. I’ll take the N.T. any day with it’s message of love, forgiveness and inclusion by the Son of God.

  11. JerzeeMike says

    It actually took longer for some religious nut to come out and blame us for yesterday’s earthquake than I thought it would! I half-expected Michelle Bachmann to be on the FOX 5 News with this sort of dreck but I was wrong.

  12. says

    What’s really scary about people like Rabbi Levin, is that there are people out there hanging on his every word.

    I love how he follows his diatribe up with how he doesn’t hate the homosexual. Standard operating procedure for these types. It’s pure hypocracy. Nothing more than a half hearted attempt to CYA(cover your ass) for when the next gay bashing incident occurs; as it surely will.

    “What, who me? I never said anything like that.” Ah, but you did sir. Ever hear of subliminal messaging? Even though your uttered words don’t say explicitly to go and harm the homosexual, the message you convey couldn’t be clearer.

    You and your ilk have blood on your hands.

  13. Codswallop says

    Cliff’s Notes version: Man in silly-ass hat, with Cindy Brady ringlets mysteriously hanging from sideburns, lectures others about being outside the mainstream.

  14. Carmen says

    Rabbi, ok let’s talk about history. You would think that the Holocaust would have taught you the destructive behavior of blaming a group of people for simply who they are .Shame on you.

  15. Jesus says

    [“God is mad at you freaks for being different,” says grizzled unshaven leprechaun wearing gigantic black-velvet hat.]

    [Cliff’s Notes version: Man in silly-ass hat, with Cindy Brady ringlets mysteriously hanging from sideburns, lectures others about being outside the mainstream.]

    THIS is what I come here for

  16. The Milkman says

    His little hat looks like it’s on too tight, and that beard needs a hot oil treatment like nobody’s business. He looks homeless.

  17. Rob says

    Odd that there was none of this kind of idiocy of linking some event to the natrual forces of the earth and then claiming that it is proof of God’s wrath. Really – nothing about the lightning, torrential rain and strong winds that interrupted the Pope speaking against marriage rights?

    I always learned that correlation does not imply causation. I guess it is true – slower minds do keep to the right.

  18. says

    Poor Barbra (Streisand). With an openly gay Jewish son and her own devotion to the world of Jewishness, she must be livid this morning. How IS Jason doing, anyone know? Believes he lives in NY somewhere with a boyfriend or now maybe a husband? Somebody, please update us all on Jason Gould.

  19. hugo says

    what’s with the sound time-lag? Did somebody have to translate/dub him?? Great production values, though – did he just hijack somebody’s computer in an empty cubicle? There is nothing going on behind him.

    I just want to slap that man so hard with pork sausage and wrap him in bacon.

  20. bobbyjoe says

    It is written:

    “Shake your groove thing
    shake your groove thing, yeah yeah
    Show ’em how to do it now
    Show ’em how to do it now”

  21. walter says

    gays were as responsible for the earthquake as he was for the bed bugs in your beard. knew it was going to happen gays would be blamed for athe earthquake. get ready we will also be blamed for the hurricane this weekend. these clowns don’t get it most of the natural disasters this year have happened in the bible belt so what does that say about god’s revenge. also he should remember it was an orthodox hetrosexual jew who cut up the little boy in brooklyn.

  22. Brad says

    Why does God not ever bring about a natural disaster in order to purify the transgressions of his own believers? No one ever speaks to that angle.

  23. Frank says

    Well, someone isn’t getting enough nookie at home! Maybe he should step out of his extremely small world and do a little “member” shaking. Might do him a big world of good. At minimum, he should watch the film “Trembling Before G-d” and learn something that his bad translation of the Talmud doesn’t teach.(

  24. Tom says

    How many shaking penises will it take to reduce this moron’s synagogue to rubble? Surely THAT is quantifiable as well?

  25. PDX Guy says

    Will all the times I have shaken my male member inappropriately (in his view), I am surprised Mt. St. Helens hasn’t erupted again and the entire earth broken apart.

  26. say what says

    The epicenter = spot where “god hit” was a small rural Virginia town

    So obviously his gawd is a weak retard

    Duhn Dahnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  27. gayalltheway says

    Without the cloak of religion, people will immediately think that he is a fuckin’ loonie based on his appearance.

    Isn’t religion wonderful? *sarcasm*

  28. says

    In addition to telling him off, I posted the following comment on YouTube: Tell you something else, buster. When some ignorant skin head starts whining about Jews: how evil, how dirty, how subhuman, how worthy of extinction, etc., I REPORT THEIR VIDEOS AS HATE SPEECH AND THEY ARE REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE! Guess what I’ve just done to you, you rabid, bitter, sexually-frustrated, ignorant bully? That’s right, honey: I reported YOU! I HATE it when closet cases like you drool over Queers, panting, heart racing, determined to cause as much pain as possible. Coward


  29. olterigo says


    Babs probably has never even heard of the guy. I haven’t heard of him either though I lived for 7 years in the same neighborhood and my parents are still there.

  30. rayrayj says

    Where do these religious nuts come up with this crap. I prefer the fairy tale about Cinderella and the glass slipper and how Cinderella got to marry the Prince because she was nice, while her step sisters who were mean and bitter, got nothing.

  31. Aaron says

    “The Talmud states, ‘You have shaken your male member in a place where it doesn’t belong. I too, will shake the earth.'”

    Wow, I never knew the Talmud was written in 1950s slang. With contractions, no less!

    BTW, I LOVE the really bad Abraham Lincoln Halloween costume. Almost convincing.

  32. DearComrade says

    I always enjoy watching people who practice ancient superstitious rituals (and they do need to be watched closely). It’s a large scale group psychosis for those that truly believe in a magical being and afterlife. This man and his followers deserve our pity.

  33. Randy says

    Well, they took the hate speech video down, but you can always enjoy these two guys and the dogs:

  34. Oyvay says

    I for one, think he’s right! We should all grow our payos, where hippy beards, and where clothing that looks like it was wall hangings from the Sound of Music…and of course obey ALL commandments. That of course includes
    Not to stand by idly when a human life is in danger (Lev. 19:16) (CCN82). See Love and Brotherhood.
    Not to wrong any one in speech (Lev. 25:17) (CCN48). See Speech and Lashon Ha-Ra.
    Not to carry tales (Lev. 19:16) (CCN77). See Speech and Lashon Ha-Ra.
    Not to cherish hatred in one’s heart (Lev. 19:17) (CCN78). See Love and Brotherhood.
    Not to take revenge (Lev. 19:18) (CCN80).
    Not to bear a grudge (Lev. 19:18) (CCN81).
    Not to put any Jew to shame (Lev. 19:17) (CCN79).
    Not to curse any other Israelite (Lev. 19:14) (by implication: if you may not curse those who cannot hear, you certainly may not curse those who can) (CCN45).
    Not to give occasion to the simple-minded to stumble on the road (Lev. 19:14) (this includes doing anything that will cause another to sin) (CCN76).
    To rebuke the sinner (Lev. 19:17) (CCA72).
    To relieve a neighbor of his burden and help to unload his beast (Ex. 23:5) (CCA70). See Love and Brotherhood.
    To assist in replacing the load upon a neighbor’s beast (Deut. 22:4) (CCA71). See Love and Brotherhood.
    Not to leave a beast, that has fallen down beneath its burden, unaided (Deut. 22:4) (CCN183). See Love and Brotherhood.

  35. Codswallop says

    Yes the Rabbi is a schmuck, but there’s a Yiddish phrase which describes him perfectly, “shtik dreck mit oygn.”

    Translated, he’s a piece of sh*t with eyes.

  36. Pecious N. Phew says

    That wasnt an earthquake. It was Maggie falling over after slipping in bacon grease. Ohhh and nice hat.

  37. Greg says

    Uh, sorry for pointing this out… but it’s just as much bullsht to say that the earthquake happened in Virginia because it’s all full of bigoted rednecks as it is for this man to say it happened because of homosexuality.

    Some of you need a quick lesson on something called “hypocrisy”, and after that maybe you can travel to Virginia and learn about the state as well before you flash your prejudice.

  38. Dale says

    Illiterate republicans, jews, christian freaks, etc. – please adopt Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas and run your own freak show.

    Let the rest of us live in sane peace.

    Thank you.

  39. Shannon says


  40. radioredrafts says

    Can I blame stupidity on Rabbi Levin? It makes just as much sense as what he said.

  41. Liam says

    Why does any news anywhere give nutters like this free publicity? He’s not news, he’s not interesting, and he’s no threat to Gays or Gay Rights. He’s just yet another nutter angry that everyone else won’t do what he says.

  42. Gary says

    This guy would make me be embarrassed to be Jewish but hopefully enough people realize that he doesn’t represent all of us, just the fringe.
    Personally, I’m still blaming the earthquake on Michelle and MrS. Bachmann. If we aren’t going to accept real science, let’s blame it on the real American problem – right-wing, practicing radical heterosexuals (and closet cases).

  43. says

    To hear Rabbi Sol Solomon’s Rabbinical Reflection on Yehuda Levin’s video, visit or see his youtube clip:

    Rabbi Sol Solomon is the founder of Temple Sons of Bitches in Great Neck, NY. His weekly Rabbinical Reflections air on the Dave’s Gone By radio program (more info:

    Here’s a sample from Rabbinical Reflection #22 – Reb Levin:
    “Look, I am not gay, but some of my best friends have acquaintances who know people who are gay. So why can’t people live and let live? The only good thing this Jewish jughead says in the whole video is, “We do not hate homosexuals.” He feels bad for them. Well, so do I. Now that they can get married, they’ll be as miserable as the rest of us.”

  44. Michelle says

    Ah, just what we need in the world today. A vain, foolish, arrogant, backwards “rabbi”. Spreading ignorance, hate and fear. This is NOT how most Jews think or believe. This “rabbi” does not speak for me or my friends or my faith. I support gay rights and marriage. I have a real Rabbi’s that does too. LOVE is all powerful. G-D is LOVE. Love can never be a “sin”.