1. So Left I'm Right says

    I’m confused, is he condemning the Iranian regime, or expressing his admiration? But for the religion in question, it seems a model for the type of repressive government Mr. Froth and his religion-deranged counterparts would love to have, so long as they were in charge and their batshit version of Christianity was the one forced down out throats.

  2. says

    Meanwhile, here’s the cacophony inside his head:

    “Economy? It’s the gays, stupid.”
    “Nobody could possibly think I’m a homo.”
    “Paper towel…napkin…what was I thinking?”
    “Man’s best friend? Even my dog hates me. I wonder why?”
    “Inner demon…destroy…me…PLEASE!”

  3. walter says

    old frothy mix is really confused . he doesn’t think it is okay from iran to persecute gays but for him it is not a problem. the man should use a roll of paper towels and get himself cleaned off or maybe a napkin. it is amazing how the primary thing on repuk minds is defeating gay rights. we must be very frightening.

  4. Attmay says

    He condemns in other countries what he wants to do himself in this one?

    That settles it, I am voting a Gay Ticket in 2012: I’m writing in Fred Karger for President and gays and lesbians for every other office.

  5. Andalusian Dog says

    Nice. “I hate them gays but I hate Mooslims even badder. Yoke-dee-yoke-dee-yoke-dee haw haw haw.”

    What a moron. He’s not even as intelligent as the bacteria in a frothy mix of lube and human crap.

  6. josh says

    Oh so now Iran is a threat bcoz they “trample gay rights”..who is this guy pandering to?
    You know his last name in Persian is the same for the SANTOOR, a hammered string dulcimer. If played on a melodic scale it produces sublime music. In the hands of a tone deaf “musician” it can be irritating & downright annoying

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