1. BobN says

    Am I the only person who thinks it’s deeply weird that Rick Santorum finds sex with dogs less offensive, less vulgar than the frothy mix that bears his name?

  2. walter says

    he won’t comment yet he is constantly. could be dan is really getting to him. too bad. rick you deserve this and a lot worse.

  3. Gay American says

    I think Rick Santorum secretly NEEDS Gay sex……he pretends to loathe something he thinks about and drones and on about….

  4. Matt26 says

    RS gave up because he doesn’t know how to respond. RS, I have a suggestion, start to deal LGBT people with respect. Problem solved?

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    They reel out the rope and wonder why they end up hanging themselves. Don’t bigots like Santorum see what they are doing?

  6. Redebbm says

    Awww someone can’t handle the heat of the hate he throws out into the world. I’m am glad Dan Savage calls this man out though probably gives him way too much credit in this primary, Santorum becomes more irrelevant everyday along with Pawlenty.

  7. says

    Santorum and Savage are both gluttonous media whores and total embarrassments. They deserve each other. I’m all for the name “Dan Savage” being re-defined on the Web as a synonym for “Santorum”.

  8. ohplease says

    Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, but Rick could say the same thing about himself with just as much accuracy.

  9. Oliver says

    Rick Santorum can suck my left nut.
    Ugh, wait, no he can’t ….I find him supremely unattractive, both physically and mentally.

  10. Trev says

    Socially conservative Republicans will never support a candidate who can so easily be put on the defensive by one gay man. In their worldview, it’s the ultimate weakness.

    He’s toast.

  11. sleepy bear says

    I’m not “much” younger than Mr. Frothy Mix here… he’s in his 40’s, right?… but I’m supremely happy that he’s become a dinosaur and his politics are stuck in the tar pits of the Reagan years.

  12. says

    Dan Savage is the only voice in American media that offers a full-throated repudiation of the bigotry exemplified by Rick Santorum. No one else (with the possible exception of Bill Maher on a good day) calls out people like this and calls them what they are… bigots. That doesn’t make Dan Savage a whore. That makes him correct.

    God bless Dan Savage for all he’s doing for the cause. He’s not perfect, no… but he’s pretty damned awesome.

  13. jerry says

    I agree with Milkman, while at times Dan Savage goes too far, the progressives/liberals whatever we are referred to as nowadays need to come out swinging and get down in the gutter with people like Santorum/Bachman/Palin et al because that is the only language they understand and the only way they will be shown up for what they are. The high road does not work with these people.

  14. Danny says

    Thanks for reminding me to google Santorum today.

    And as for your comment, Stuffed Animal, I think Dan Savage is sexy–very sexy–much brighter than Frothy and certainly has a grasp of constitutional issues that escape Frothy. As for being a media whore, I don’t think the definition applies to either of them really. Santorum is just a whining child who wants his way and Savage is like the grown-up who has to keep setting boundaries.

    Did I mention that Savage is sexy?

  15. says

    Thanks for reminding me yet again to Google this asshat’s name EVERY SINGLE DAY to keep “frothy mix” at the top of the results returned.

  16. alexInBoston says

    Milkman +100!!! Dan is the Man and unless YOU the reader can do a better job at calling out these asswipes and dinosaurs then by all means step up!! mmmm I guess not, so to all you naysayers and Monday morning quarterbacks STFU!! Let Dan do what he does best – defending OUR Community one BIGOT at a time!!
    Dan – run with the defining “Rick” PLEASE!!!

  17. jmac says

    STUFFED ANIMAL Id like to know what more you have done than Dan Savage. If someone is going to call bullsh*t on his efforts in the gay community, then its going to take a lot more than loudmouth anonymous blog commenting to make me listen to you over him. He’s out there using the media to get his message across. Would you rather him try that by NOT using the media? Would you rather he just emailed all of us gays in the world and try to get our attention that way? Would you like him to just go knocking on queer looking doors and see if one of us answers like Jehovahs Gay Witness? Please tell us, Mr Genius Know-It-All-Knob, exactly what method of getting his message out there that you recommend that does not involve the media, yet still lets millions of folks know in one fell swoop exactly which politicians are currently trying to f*(k us over. I eagerly await your pithy and helpful reply…

  18. Steve says

    Can you stop posting stories about Santorum? Yes he’s a closet case and nuts and a rabid homophobe, but do we really have to get details on every idiotic thing he does?

  19. RJ says

    @STEVE … “…do we really have to get details on every idiotic thing he does?”

    Yes. Yes, we do.

    Did you forget he’s currently campaigning to be the Republican candidate for the next presidental election?

  20. alexInBoston says

    JMAC – +100 its people like “Stuffed Animal” and GOProud who will be our true downfall. For every one of us who remain silent 10 of them openly crusade against us. IF we do not have leaders and members who will speak up in the face of that Bigotry then what have we got???? I would give both testicles to have a dozen more people like Dan Savage taking on the Rabid Right in the manner in which Dan Does!! So if you can’t do it then STFU!!!

  21. alexInBoston says

    and lastly how many African Americans do you suppose “Went to the Back of the Bus” throughout the South, before one Woman said “Enough”?

  22. Just_a_guy says

    Dan savage is a total sexy stud!!!

    And it’s really beneath the country’s dignity to give santorum-slime ANY platform whatsoever. But soul-murderers should be exposed, and santorum-slime wants to murder my, dan savage’s, and every other gay person’s soul. SAntorum-slime doesn’t just refer to Rick santorum, but includes the bachmans, Peter labarbera, James Dobson, and others. All those who feel like they can only maintain their own personal dignity by desecrating the very existence of gay people as subhuman and “beneath the dignity of everyone [who cAlls themselves straight or happens to be heterosexual] is by definition santorum-slime.

    Go have sex with your dog, santorum sicko, or put another dead embryo in your child’s bed, psycho-parent. But leave gay people alone already!! They tend to be better people than u, better parents than u, worthy of greater respect than u, but u insist on denigrating them as deserving subhuman status.

    Stay out of public life, santorum-slime! Or have a watershed moment where u admit ur bigotry was wrong. Only then can u stop hearing about how slimy-repulsive u are… You did this all to urself, santorum-slime. When will u realize that?!!

  23. says

    “I’m not going to talk about Dan Savage. He’s below the dignity of anybody.”

    This is code for “I can’t match wits with him, so I’m going to dismiss him outright and make it look like I’m above it all.”

    Nice try Santorum. No one’s buying it.

  24. Mick says

    Am I the only person that thinks the woman in the photo above Santorum’s left shoulder looks like Santorum in drag?

  25. says


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  26. jaragon says

    Santorum will never be elected to anything but bigot of the year-I really can’t imagine anybody crazy enough to put him on the ticket even as vice president- and I doubt he is a closet case- he is just using this anti gay hate to get some money from these bigot fools

  27. terryp says

    I don’t understand why Dan Savage gets a bad rap by some. He’s better than most & articulate against our many enemies.

  28. Mike J says

    The day Rick Santorum disrespected a soldier on the front lines in Iraq (at the GOP debates in Orlando) is when most Americans, at least Americans who have a brain, lost ALL respect for Santorum. Santorum is not Presidential, by his actions has NO respect for our military members and should drop out of the race immediately! Santorum needs to disapear!!