1. MikeB. says

    Awesome, awesome! We need many more sports teams and organizations to continue this trend!

  2. DesMnsDave says

    I applaud the effort of our local teams on this important issue. However, the only question I have is whether the “It Gets Better” video is about being gay …. or about the state of professional sports in Seattle (save the Storm.)

  3. Just_a_guy says

    I like the it gets better videos–and this one makes me jealous of my Seattle friends for their local sports franchises.

    But when NOM runs an ongoing fear campaign claiming all of moral America considers gay people objectively and rightly sub-human, and the courts repeatedly lack the will to pull the white sheets off the heads of the NOM supporters. And I’m watching way too many friends who I otherwise respect cling to the Republican party–even accepting its gay-demonizing planks–all for fear that their straight clients and community members wouldn’t REALLY respect them if they brought their partner openly as a date, or ever said anything publicly in support of equal rights for gays…

    …gosh, all that makes me wonder how much better it gets,sorry. The it gets better campaign is gonna seem more and more hollow the more things do not get-a-changin. That’s the hope that keeps ME going…that it CAN get a lot better, and that the little things we all do that make it a LITTLE better for someone or for future generations…are in the end, simply worth it