1. RIck says

    Well, well, well.

    I will say this. One reason the sexuality of lesbians is often doubted to be genuine is that they align themselves as a group so closely with feminism. I mean, if their sexuality were as “natural” as that of heterosexuals or of gay men, then would it not stand to reason that just as high a percentage of them would be apolitical as is the case with all the other groups in the population? Wouldn’t at least some of them be more conservative in their general views, as some gay men (and straight women) are?

    That lesbians seem to link their sexuality to a political ideology necessarily makes people believe that their sexual activity is a political act rather than one that springs from “natural” attraction……particularly since that political ideology is often decidedly anti-male in tone.

    I myself have had enough direct interaction with lesbians to believe that their sexual attraction to other women is in most cases genuine, but I still have doubts about how genuine that probably parallel those of the general population, for the reasons given above.

    I would be interested to hear what lesbians themselves have to say about this, if any are reading this comment.

  2. Craig says

    Seriously, that voice alone would turn off any man (and probably most women) in 30 seconds. I’m not even sure she’s a lesbian – with her complete lack of expression I’m thinking maybe robot.

  3. RIck says

    One other comment. Perhaps the reason so many people doubt a woman’s sexual attraction to other women is that the options seem so limited. I mean, you really cannot have intercourse without resorting to artificial means (i.e. using a dildo)…..and since intercourse is the “main event” for most heterosexuals and gay men. I think they all have a hard time understanding how sex can really be all that appealing if you can never engage in it due to anatomical issues.

  4. Brad says

    Wow, Rick, being gay is only sex? Really? That’s the religious right’s argument too. I won’t pretend to understand the appeal of lesbian sex, since I don’t want any woman involved, but I think its more about who you are attracted to and who you fall in love with. That their sex is not appealing is like the religious right’s claim that gay sex is gross. It doesn’t follow that they aren’t real because they are politically active and gay men are often not. Those two things are unrelated. Except that women have long been mistreated so maybe, as a woman who likes woman you want to fight extra hard to fix that. Men haven’t suffered the same injustices. But I am very politically active, I fight for gay rights like they fight for women’s rights. Two groups historically who need it. How is it that men can love men, but women can’t love women because of politics or sexual exploits? Its crazy how judgmental gays can be when we have been the butt of so much judgment.

  5. Bill says

    All lesbians align themselves with feminism? Lesbian sex options are limited? Who reads this blog? First of all, lesbians are as diverse as gay men and straight people. The ONE thing they all have in common is their attraction to the same sex. And if you think lesbian sex is limited, you should maybe read a book or something. I honestly don’t know why we have such a hard time understanding how people can be so ignorant of who we are as a gay community. Some of us don’t get it either, so how can we expect everyone else to?

  6. justme says

    Zinnia is brilliant and her activism is wonderful, but I’m glad to see she’s fine-tuning the way she presents itself. I love the fact that she’s unique, but the first few times I saw her videos, I thought she was some sort of computer animation.

    I wouldn’t have her lose her individuality for anything, but if you’re speaking to the public, you have to make sure they’re listening to what you say — and that means removing anything about your public persona that distracts from your message.

  7. Coffee&Chicory says

    WTF, NANDO6990, Greggie, and Wayne make sure to keep up the good work in trampling over our brothers and sisters in the march for inclusion and understanding for LGBTs! Great job, assholes! 😀

    Love the video! Go Zinnia!

  8. Big Homo says

    I may not be the biggist dildo in the night table drawer, but even I can see that this “lesbian” has a big, ole adam’s apple! Wise up, people!

  9. Mary says

    Wow Rick, where should I begin – you’re wrong on so many points. “…decidedly anti-male” has someone been mean to you and you think all lesbians are mean “cannot have intercourse” that is like saying male on male sex can’t be intercourse because there isn’t a vagina in the mix. No time for more.

    Anyway my first thought was robotic unemotional. I stared at the single ear and adam’s apple (not the normal lesbian features I key into). And, I’m sorry, but my second thought was ala Austin Powers “she’s a man, baby!”

  10. Jennifer says

    As a lesbian, it kinda is a fine line to divide gay men and lesbians like I read in this comment section. Yep, lesbians tend to get favored by the straight males, but only if youre pretty, and trust me, when you gently decline any advances or offers of three ways, or “can I watch” advances you quickly become a dyke and so on and so forth. it does suck to not have your relationship taken as seriously. I have been with my partner for several years, and still get taken back that complete strangers can come up to you because they see you are gay and ask to join with a wife or gf. Not to say that doesnt happen with straights, but I hardly doubt the straight crowd gets a ton of gays getting freaky with them.

    Same with gay men. How many straight women come up to you and your man and ask to join? not many. Because its a straight world. And they dictate what makes a man manly, and what a lesbian should be. “youre too pretty to be a lesbian”. wtf is that? So if I were ugly I’d just be tossed to the wolves??

    idk. i love towleroad. But it just amazes me that a small amount of the gay men on here seem to not like lesbians. There are a few true non switching ones still out here…and arent we all fighting for the same thing?

  11. Patrick says

    Zinnia is one of my favorite YouTube posters. Love her, her sarcasm, her dry, DRY humor, and her incredible use of logic, reason and the English language to get her point across. Brava on yet another fantastic video.

    And Jennifer… Stay awesome.

  12. at says

    I think this is great.

    But does the over-pronouncing thing really reminds me of a lot of engineers/gamers/old-school nerds. Are they trying to be robots?

  13. Bryan says

    The Fran Lebowitz of the new(ish) millennium she’s not, but she has taken deadpan humor to a level previously experienced only by hospital interns and undertakers. I like to picture her on her high school debate team. I like to imagine her responding to a shouted “Dyke faggot!” in a suburban shopping mall. I like to think of her drunk and unable to enunciate.

    It’s downright tragic she’s too young to have gotten any mileage out of mocking Gerald Ford.

    I would, though, like to hear her address the fact that I’ve never in my life heard of a single guy who left his boyfriend to go back to his wife. The more fluid nature of women’s sexuality isn’t just a pun, Zinnia knows it, and if she wants to go beyond comedy, she’ll have to ditch being so disingenuous.

  14. Charlie says

    I am disappointed, Towleroad. To echo another comment, if we can’t get it right, how can we expect others to?

    Zinnia, you are amazing. Bravo.

  15. Don108 says

    While your analysis is both insightful and, I believe, accurate, I would respectfully suggest that you consider getting some coaching so you look more human rather than robotic. Humans show emotion when they speak. You did not. Your voice is monotone. Your lack of blinking is uncomfortable.

    In short, you get an A for concept and an A for the word choice. You get an F for presentation. Take some classes in acting or public speaking.

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