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The Right Way to Insult Lesbians: VIDEO


YouTube activist Zinnia Jones offers some advice.


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  1. The Fran Lebowitz of the new(ish) millennium she's not, but she has taken deadpan humor to a level previously experienced only by hospital interns and undertakers. I like to picture her on her high school debate team. I like to imagine her responding to a shouted "Dyke faggot!" in a suburban shopping mall. I like to think of her drunk and unable to enunciate.

    It's downright tragic she's too young to have gotten any mileage out of mocking Gerald Ford.

    I would, though, like to hear her address the fact that I've never in my life heard of a single guy who left his boyfriend to go back to his wife. The more fluid nature of women's sexuality isn't just a pun, Zinnia knows it, and if she wants to go beyond comedy, she'll have to ditch being so disingenuous.

    Posted by: Bryan | Aug 4, 2011 4:19:12 PM

  2. I am disappointed, Towleroad. To echo another comment, if we can't get it right, how can we expect others to?

    Zinnia, you are amazing. Bravo.

    Posted by: Charlie | Aug 7, 2011 8:47:19 AM

  3. While your analysis is both insightful and, I believe, accurate, I would respectfully suggest that you consider getting some coaching so you look more human rather than robotic. Humans show emotion when they speak. You did not. Your voice is monotone. Your lack of blinking is uncomfortable.

    In short, you get an A for concept and an A for the word choice. You get an F for presentation. Take some classes in acting or public speaking.

    Posted by: Don108 | Sep 8, 2011 6:26:12 PM

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