Towleroad Guide to the Tube #944

BARNEY FRANK: Lets one rip on MSNBC.

RAFAEL NADAL: A behind-the-scenes clip from his forthcoming Armani Jeans campaign in which he is chased, and strips in a parking lot.

JUNO: "Last week included one of the few times in history that humanity launched something completely off the Earth, moving away so fast that it will never return. Well, almost — Juno's planned trajectory actually brings it homeward bound in about two years, zipping by, this time using the Earth's gravity to pull it to an even higher speed, high enough to reach Jupiter."

PINBALL NUMBER COUNT: Iconic Sesame Street short remade in stop-motion animation.

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  1. Matt26 says

    Nadal surely is one hot and handsome guy! I’d love to having him running after me and taking off his clothes. I am sure he’d catch me.
    So nice he is not speaking English.
    They put lots of money and time to these ads.

  2. Gianpiero says

    My husband is the Project System Engineer for the Juno mission. The launch on Friday was spectacular, and the spacecraft has been operating excellently since then. It will finally reach Jupiter in 2016.

  3. says

    I was watching Rachel Maddows show last night and remember thinking when he did that, “Did he just fart?”

    Gotta love Barney Frank even though he’s a little uncouth at times. You get what you see. And I was impressed that he never missed a beat!

    Reminds me of an episode on Becker, where he visits a patient in a hospital and ends up reading the Bible to a bunch of elderly people. When he got back to his office, bitching as usual, Margaret asked him if he learned anything by the experience. He said “I learned that old people fart and they don’t even know it”! Cracked me up.

  4. TyInTenn says

    Thank you “so” much for my early Christmas gift. The Rafael Nadal video is almost as hot as he is. Does he not have an ass you could just stare at for days? Damn!

  5. Kyle says

    Um…yeah that version of the Pinball Song is…well…let’s just say it doesn’t hold a candle to the original version with The Pointer Sisters which can be found here….

    I am all for a good remake and while the stop motion is really cool looking, I hope that Sesame Street does not replace the classic with this new version….and I am saying this as a 30 year old single gay male with no kids haha.

    It’s iconic — in my opinion.

  6. Bob R says

    Well, I guess Barney was really speaking his mind! The budget deal gave me gas, too.But he is a pro, never missed a beat!

  7. uffda says

    Gianpiero@ Are you really the wife, or maybe “husband”? I’m impressed that you read this site. Why?

  8. Esurb says

    Yes, Rafa has a nice ass; it makes me long to send him a carton of baby wipes that could eliminate that habit of pulling at his crack in front of millions of TV fans.