Towleroad Guide to the Tube #957

THE SMITHS: A recently uncovered 1992 press video.

THE WILDLIFE OF BANFF, CANADA: The latest from Randall of Honey Badger fame.

JAM: Kim Kardashian tries to make a music video.

IRENE: More videos of the flooding in Vermont, the worst since 1927.

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  1. JWL says

    PLEASE stop reporting on the Kardashians. If you do, they just might go away like Paris Hilton.

  2. Marc C says

    Okay. The honey badger thing was amusing. Admittedly I laughed at it but Randall has become a poor imitation of a one-trick pony. It’s old.

  3. Simon says

    Thank you Andy for the Smiths promo video. I love it… I know a lot of people don’t like Morrissey now but his collaboration with Johnny Marr and Mike and Andy will always be the most extraordinary time in music for me.